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Wash '"8ton. LeeH . 

■$ton ■ L e 

"ZXZr 1 ** 

From the annuals of the 1927 Virginian to the 1967 
Blue and Gray, forty years of tradition have been 
molded into the character of Washington-Lee High 
School. Four decades of faculty, classes, academics, 
activities, and sports have helped shape W-L's long- 
standing heritage. 

With each passing year, additions are made by the 
student body and the faculty which contribute to the 
special spirit that have given W-L the special traditions 
we value. This yearbook will attempt to serve as a 
reminder of those traditions each of us had a part in 
introducing and preserving. 












INDEX 310 

NEWS 316 


Fall 1927-1967 
In W-L Tradition 

Sophomore Orientation . . . Club Mixers . . . Senior 
Privileges . . . Football Victories . . . College Night . . . 
Leadership Training Conference . . . Sophomore Class 
Elections . . . Student Council Charity Drive . . . Thanks- 
giving Assembly . . . G.W. Bonfire . . . Ole Oaken 
Bucket . . . Crossed Sabres Turkey Hop . . . School 
Play . . . College Boards . . . Early Acceptances . . . 
Sports Awards Assembly . . . 

Majorette Captain Donna Griffin dons her hat as she prepares for one 
of the group's many half-time shows. 

Football players break through for a victorious comeback with the aid 
of enthusiastic cheers and crowds. 

A taste of victory pervades the atmosphere as Washington-Lee fans 
gather to cheer on the victorious team. 

A moment at the Turkey Hop is frozen in the dancing shadow caught 
under the warm glow of colored lights. 

Like a bunch of circus balloons suspended in mid-air, W-L football helmets 
bob as the team huddles together. 

Silhouetting a sole W-Lite, the blaze of the bonfire stands for past 
victories over G.W. and those to come. 


Chris Joyce, playing the part of a troubled Eugene, makes an entreaty to help 
solve overpowering problems. 

.k. •• "t'l\ 

Hopeful sophomores and juniors participate in the annual event of tryouts 
for junior varsity cheerleading. 

Winter 1927-1967 
In W-L Tradition 

Basketball . . . Go-Go Boys . . . Bake Sales . . . Student- 
Faculty, Intra-Class Competitions . . . Christmas Mail- 
box, Baskets, Halleluia Chorus . . . Domestic Exchange 
. . . Valentine Mailbox . . . Wrestling . . . Charity Ball . . . 
Miss W-L . . . Class Rings Ordered . . . Snow Days . . . 

On a cold winter's day, the snow flurries fly and car engines stutter and stall 
as students push and pull. 


Bringing in food baskets during the Christmas assembly makes the 
seasonal offering more meaningful for all. 


Coach Cavallo, Ronnie Mclnturff, and Chris Midgett explain basic 
wrestling technigues to the student body. 

Plowing through the junior line, senior Sue Dunwoody gains valuable yardage 
in the annual Powderpuff game. 

As silent as the deserted halls behind him, Mr. Robert Baxter stands 
detached from the clamor of the crowds. 


Spring 1927-1967 
In W-L Tradition 

Senior Slump . . . Student Council Elections . . . Scnea- 
ule Planning . . . Easter Assembly . . . Art Show . . . 
School Play . . . College Acceptances . . . Rejections 
. . . Class Rings . . . Novelty Week . . . Junior Prom . . . 
Yearbooks . . . Senior Week . . . Exemptions . . . Finals 
. . . Baccalaureate . . . Prom, Swim Party, Breakfast . . . 
Graduation . . . 

Lucky girls take a breather after a very amateur but nevertheless exhilarating 
joust with their new foils. 


John Deadwyler experiences one of the many onslaughts of spring, 
the numerous future planning conferences. 


Junior Linda Wall cuts W-L spirit buttons during a Pep Club project 
to promote enthusiasm throughout school. 


Junior Linda Wall reilects the differing moods of life through vivid coloring in 
her painting for art class. 

I 4$BK 


Shades of Secretary Susan Speake and President David Strube haunt 
ghostly spectres of Student Forum Past. 

Business Manager Andi Lose distributes weekly Crossed Sabres, a 
regular and integral portion of school life. 


"frtftrtfUcr J*~J&er*2k% 

GfiACt STflJCKtfR. 

*w*i tot v>jtoni,« v<> 





Principal Staff Organizes All School Functions 

To keep a complicated institution such as Washing- 
ton-Lee functioning properly involved many special- 
ized departments within the school network. 

The chief executive of the entire school program, Mr. 
O. U. Johansen, had the difficult duty of synchronizing 
all the activities that took place in the school. Invaluable 
in this huge task were the vice-principals, who took 
the responsibility in certain areas of administration. Mrs. 
Doris Matthews, besides holding the position of dean 
of girls, co-ordinated the student activities throughout 
the year. Continuing into his second year as dean of 
boys, Mr. Boyd Webb had many other duties such as 
traffic control, pupil attendance, and data processing. 
Mr. Richard Blocker's duties as director of instruction 
encompassed homebound instruction, study halls, and 
the master schedule. 

The principals depended heavily on the capable 
secretarial staff to type, telephone, keep the books, and 
mail letters. Because of this laborious task, it became 
necessary to hire six additional part-time secretaries. 

Lines of students waited in the Guidance Office for 
assistance with schedules, information on colleges, or 
job opportunities. The Guidance department gave di- 
rection and counsel to make the path easier for the 
troubled students. After twelve years as a biology teach- 
er, Mr. Donald Lewis joined the guidance department, 
raising the staff number to eight. 

Often behind the scenes, but very important to school 
life was the school personnel. The nurse managed to 
maintain student health records and administered to 
sick students. Throughout the day and half the night, 
the custodial staff worked long, hard hours to keep the 
school in first-class condition. 

Eight new teachers, three in languages, two in social 
studies, one in science, a librarian, and a physical edu- 
cation instructor readily adjusted to W-L life. 


Mr. Thomas Haynie, Director of Guidance 

Mrs. Doris Matthews, Assistant Principal 



Mr. Richard D. Blocker, Assistant Principal 

Mr. Boyd Webb, Assistant Principal 

Mr. John Youngblood, Assistant Principal 


Guidance Dept. Assists, Directs Students 

Miss Sarah Cloud, Guidance Counselor 



Miss Mabel Allen, Guidance Counselor 

Miss Margaret Harmon, Guidance Counselor 

Miss Beth Drake, Guidance Counselor 

Mrs. Mary Mare, Guidance Counselor 

Mr. Lester Wilson, Guidance Counselor 

Mr. Donald Lewis, Guidance Counselor 

Mrs. Marie Peckham, Guidance 


Office Staff, Personnel Aid With School Functions 

Faculty's Self-Examination Given For Evaluation 

Mrs. Beulah Anderson, Home Economics 

Faculty Increased By Seven Teachers, Librarian 

12 Year Biology Teacher Joins Guidance Staff 

Mr. John Crowder, Social Studies 

Mrs. Mabel Dixon, Math 

Mrs. Betty Eads, Physical Education 

Miss Elizabeth Dalton, Math 

Mr. John Donahue, Business 


Mrs. Evelyn Duncan, English 

Mrs. Helen Ellis, Science 


Mrs. Shirley Fuelling, English Dr. Lenore Geweke, Language 

Mr. Benjamin French, Industrial Arts 

Mr. David Gibbs, English 

Mr. Richard Greene, Business 

Miss Jeanne Gilman, Art 


Mrs. Gwendolyn Griffin, Business 

Mrs. Louise Haack, Math 

Mr. Paul Harding, Industrial Arts 

Mr. John Harocopos, English 

£f\<&£ /Z 

Miss Freda Guinn, English 

Mr. Charles Hougnton, English 

Ot3U <>■ 


Law, Govt. Teacher Spends 6 Weeks In Europe 

Mr. Hans-Peter Klose, Industrial Arts 

Mr. Simon Korczowski, Social Studies 

Biology Teacher Takes Job With NASA Proj ect 

Mr. Robert Linse, Language 

Miss Betty Lou Ludwick, English 

Miss Ruth Martin, Math 

Mr. Samuel Mallia, Language 

Mr. Adelbert Norwood, Physical Education 

Mrs. Jay Rothouse, Social Studies 


Faculty Draws For Reserved Parking Places 

Mrs. June Shurtliff, English 

Miss Karen Sonosky, Foreign Lan 


Course Varieties Aid Teachers And Students 

Mrs. Margaret Thomas, Language Mrs. Jeannette Tolhurst, Science 

Mr. James Townsend, English 


Mr. Jack Walker, Physical Education 

Miss Charlotte Weeks, English 

Mr. Tim Wyatt, Social Studies 

Mrs. Frances Waters, Language 

Mrs. Faye Wickersham, Home Economics 

Mrs. Mary Ellen West, Language 

Mr. Hardy Wisdom, Industrial Arts 

Mrs. Muriel Zimmerman, Language 

■PMMM 1 


Mrs. Louise Allston — Alg. I; Alg. II-Trig.; Tikos Math 
Honor Society. 

Mr. Leroy Anderson — Art Department Chairman; Art II, 
III, IV; Commercial Design II; Art Club. 

Mrs. Beulah Anderson — Home Economics Department 
Chairman; Foods I, II, III; Housing; Senior Home Ec.; 
Future Homemakers of America. 

Mr. Thomas Armstrong — Geometry; Elementary Math 
Functions; National Honor Society. 

Mr. C. Snowden Arthur— English II, IIA; Swim Club. 

Mrs. Elva Aukland— BSCS. 

Miss Joan Baker — English, 2nd Lang. Basic, Advance; 
English 12; International Club. 

Mr. Elder J. Bangiolo — Chem-Study; Physical Science. 

Miss Dorothy Baumle — Advanced Orchestra. 

Mr. Robert Baxter — Girls' Chorus; Mixed Chorus; Music 
Theory; AEM Seminar; Madrigals. 

Mr. Wayne Bloomingburg — Va. & U. S. Government; 
Rifle Club. 

Mr. Lynn Bondurant— BSCS; Biology II. 

Mr. Stan Book — Social Studies Chairman; Int. Va. & U.S. 
Government; Va. & U.S. Government. 

Miss Florence Booker — Music Department Chairman; 

Mr. Gordon Bourne — Physics; Science Honor Society. 

Mr. William Brooks — Spanish II; Va. & U.S. Government; 
Student Council Sponsor. 

Col. Carl Brose — English 12; Speakers' Bureau. 

Mr. John Brumbaugh — Geometry; Senior Math; SMSG; 
Epsilon Service Club. 

Mrs. Ruth Buck— English 10X; Reading. 

Miss Susan Buck — Russian History; U.S. <S World Af- 
fairs; Va. <S U.S. Government; Ski Club; Delta Service 

Mrs. Elizabeth Carpenter— Health and PE II. 

Miss Annabelle Caulfield — Math Department Chairman; 
AP Math II, III; Elementary Math Functions. 

Mrs. Mary Causey— Adapted PE II, III; PE III; Varsity 
Cheerleaders; Pep Club; Keyettes. 

Mr. Glen Causey — Drivers' Education; J.V. Basketball- 
Rescue Squad. 

Mr. Guido Cavallo — Psychology; Varsity Lettermen's 
Club; Varsity Wrestling. 

Mr. Thomas Christie — Science Department Chairman; 
Chemistry; Bible Club. 

Mr. William Cleary — English 10; Journalism II; Blue & 
Gray; Crossed Sabres. 

Mr. Roger Coggins— Adapted PE II, III; PE III; Drivers' 
Education; Intramurals. 

Mr. Roger Cole— Health & PE II; Varsity Football; Varsity 

Mrs. Sheila Cowan — AEM Seminar. 

Mrs. Laura Crites — AP American History; Va. & U.S. 
Government; Tau. 

Mrs. Ruth Ann Crouse — English II; Vocabulary Club. 

Mr. John Crowder — Modified Va. & U.S. History; Junior 
Varsity Football. 

Miss Elizabeth Dalton — Geometry; Alg. II Trig.; Gamma 
Service Club. 

Mrs. Mabel Dixon — English 10; Senior Class Sponsor. 

Mr. John Donahue — Data Processing; Office Practice; 
Bible Club. 

Mrs. Hilda Dryer— BSCS. 

Mrs. Evelyn Duncan — English II; American Civilization. 

Mrs. Betty Eads— Health & PE II; Modern Dance Club. 

Mrs. Helen Ellis— BSCS. 

Mr. John Englishman — VA & U.S. History; Mounted Gen- 

Mr. Quinton Franklin — BSCS. 

Mr. Benjamin French — Power Mechanics I; General 
Metals I, II; Auto Club. 

Mrs. Shirley Fuelling — English II; English II Composi- 
tion; Alpha Service Club. 

Dr. Lenore Geweke — Language Department Chairman; 
German I, II, III, IV; German Honor Society. 

Mr. David Gibbs — English 12, World Literature. 

Miss Jeanne Gilman — Art I; Commercial Design I, II, III; 
Art Club. 

Mr. Richard Greene — Data Processing; Field Super- 
vision; V.O.T.; V.O.T. Club. 

Mrs. Gwendolyn Griffin — Beginning Shorthand; General 
Business; Inter. Typing. 

Miss Freda Guinn — English 10; English 10X; National 
Beta Club. 

Mrs. Louise Haack— Alg. II Trig.; AP Math I; Math 
Analysis; Math Club. 

Mr. Paul Harding — Mechanical Drawing I, II, III; Pre- 
Eng. Draw; WLNS. 

Mr. Boyd Hargraves — DE I, II; Field Supervision; DE 



Mr. John Harocopos — English II; Penman. 

Mr. Charles Houghton — English II. 

Mrs. Mildred Houser — Business Department Chairman; 
Beginning Typing; Personal Typing; Notehand; Ad- 
vanced Shorthand. 

Mr. Howard Hunter — English 10X; Reading. 

Mrs. Frances Justis— DE II; Field Supervision; DE Club. 

Mr. James Kelley — Beginning Bookkeeping; Advanced 
Bookkeeping; Beginning Typing; School Bank. 

Mr. Hans-Peter Klose — Building Trades Woodworking I; 
Woodworking I, II, III; Vocational Mathematics I, II; 
Sailing & Boating Club. 

Mr. Simon Korczowski— Va. & U.S. History. 

Mrs. Irene Kulick — Beginning Shorthand; Advanced 
Typing; Welcome Club. 

Miss Jean Lawlor— English 12; AP English 12; Elos Honor 

Mrs. Janet Lee — Child Development. 

Mr. Morris Levin— Va. & U.S. History; Varsity Basket- 
ball; Go-Go Boys. 

Mrs. Joanne Levine — Sophomore Class Chairman; Busi- 
ness Math. 

Mr. Robert Linse — French 1 1 1 J ; French V; French Honor 
Society; Pro & Con Club. 

Mr. Howard Long — Va. & U.S. Government. 

Mrs. Betty Lou Ludwick— English 10; Sigma Service 


Mr. Samuel Mallia— French IIJ; French IIIJE; Russian I; 
Russian Honor Society. 

Miss Ruth Martin— Geometry; Alg. I; Tikos Math Honor 


Mrs. Doris Moore— English 10; English 11X; Nu Service. 

Miss Dorothy Nelson — English Department Chairman; 
English II; AP English II. 

Mr. Adelbert Norwood — Drivers' Education; PE III; Var- 
sity Baseball; Varsity Soccer. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Odeen— English 12; AEM Seminar. 

Mr. Bruno Paras — Industrial Department Chairman; 
Electricity I, II; Electronics II, III, IV; Graphic Arts I, II; 
Graphic Arts Club; Sound Service Club; Transceivers 

Mr. William Pfeiffer — Reserve Band; Advanced Band; 
Varsity Tennis; Football Band. 

Mr. Dana Pond — Psychology; World History; Junior 
Class Sponsor; J.V. Wrestling. 

Mrs. Roberta Ponis— English 12; English 12 AX; Chess 
Club; Kappa. 

Mr.. Jerry Power— PE III, IV; Football Coach; Winter 
Track; Outdoor Track; Scuba Club. 

Miss Cora May Reich— Mod. U.S. & Va. Government; 
Psychology; Psychology Club. 

Miss Barbara Reinwald— PE III, IV; GAA Council. 

Mrs. Edna Riley — Chem-Study; Future Teachers of 

Mrs. Jay Rothouse — Business Law; Economics; Va. & 
U.S. Government; Law Club. 

Mrs. Frances Schoomaker — BSCS; Teenage Republicans. 

Mr. Robert Seidel— I.C.T. I, II; Field Supervision; Rocket 
Club; I.C.T. Training Club. 

Miss Hazel Sherrill— English 10; Red Cross Club. 

Miss Ruby Shreeves— Alg-Trig.; SMSG. 

Mrs. June Shurtliff— English 12; English 12AX; Two-Cul- 
ture Series. 

Mrs. Mary Skouge— Spanish HIS, III J, V; Spanish Club. 

Mrs. Ingrid Smith — Spanish IIS, IVJS; German I; Spanish 
Honor Society. 

Miss Karen Sonosky — Spanish I. 

Mr. Don Springer — Geometry; Alg-Trig.; Key Club. 

Mr. Kenneth Thiebaud — Geometry; Alg.-Trig.; Key Club. 

Miss Margaret Thomas — French I, IIJ, IVJ. 

Mrs. Jeanette Tolhurst — BSCS; Science Club. 

Mr. James Townsend — Speech & Drama; English 12; 

Mrs. Miller Vice — English 10. 

Mr. Jack Walker— Health & PE II; J.V. Football, Track. 

Mrs. Frances Waters — French HIS; IVJ; French Club. 

Miss Charlotte Weeks — English 10, 10 A; Beta Service 

Mrs. Mary Ellen West— Latin II, III, IV; Latin Honor So- 

Mrs. Faye Wichersham — Senior Home Ec; Clothing I, II; 
Future Homemakers. 

Mr. Hardy Wisdom — Power Mechanics II; Auto Me- 
chanics Voc. I, II; Auto Club; Football. 

Mr. Tim Wyatt — Va. & U.S. History; American Civiliza- 
tion; Cross Country; Rifle Team. 

Mr. John Youngblood — Athletics Director. 

Mrs. Muriel Zimmerman — German I; Latin I; French IIS; 
German Club. 


-LI « -r :>•• -l ~" 





Academic Progress Spiced Up By New Courses 

Students with a desire to achieve the high scholastic stand- 
ards of W-L listen attentively during class time. 

These boys welding metal together learn in Industrial Art 
courses practical skills they can use a lifetime. 

Forty years have seen the Academic Department grow, broad- 
en, revise and evolve into a department of high scholastic stand- 
ards and curricula. Constant evaluation of courses and teach- 
ing methods continue to insure the student body of the most 
beneficial instruction. Beginning some forty years ago with 
seventeen teachers, the faculty has enlarged to one hundred 
and nine which makes it possible to present a greater variety 
of courses in diversified fields of interest. 

A tide of exceptional courses came in this year to brighten 
up the academic programming. Keeping pace with the fast mov- 
ing occupational world the Business Department offered Data 
Processing as a yearly course for the first time. 

From the two laboratories with which the school began, W-L's 
Science Department has expanded into a wing of the building 
with modern labs containing extensive equipment. For the 
science orientated students, two new courses, Biology II and 
Physics II, presented the chance to go to greater depth in 

The American Civilization course for juniors and the World 
Literature course for seniors begun last year, attained acceptance 
and popularity which continued through this year. The English 
Department gave students demonstrating exceptional ability in 
the theatrical realm Drama II for more intensive study into 

To facilitate study, the library has developed enrichment ma- 
terials such as foreign language collections. Two microfilm 
viewers and a photocopier became proud supplements to the 
library. One interesting aspect was the art collection on loan 
from the National Gallery. 

To assist the school publications, the music and Thespian 
programs, the Art Department added a practical course called 
Design II. Both the Music and Art Departments worked through- 
out the year to brighten the halls with murals and to liven the 
assemblies with melody. 




Music rings in the night as the choir and orchestra re- 
hearse for the annual Christmas Concert. 

A new addition to the shelves of the school library fascin- 
ates a student with free time in his study hall. 

Charlie Caudill utilizes one of the traditional American rights 
of free speech in differing with a teacher. 


Clovia Chinn works diligently to complete a touch- 
up job on several still life sketches for her art 

With mischief lurking in her eyes, junior art student Becky 
Snider skillfully designs chessman out of clay. 

The California coast provides an inspiration for art student 
Marty Posiask as the canvas comes to life. 

Stopped in momentary contemplation, junior Joy Pyles de- 
cides the next stroke of the brush in her painting. 


Striving to achieve the overall mood, senior Winnie Owens 
carefully studies the details of her subject. 

Applying modern know-how to the noble art of weaving, 
senior Reid Lewis experiments with the loom in art. 

Work of Creative Art Students Aid Publications 


Utilizing hints given in a magazine, Virginia Parker puts her 
artistic talents to work through india ink. 

■i • 


Dept. Offers Wide Range Of Business Courses 

Struggling with sales prices, overhead, and percentages, 
Eddie Smith finds business math takes intensified work. 

Aware of the value of typing skills in any vocation, Linda Parrish perfects this 
important practical art. 

Working with an adding machine requires both concentration and 
understanding on the part of Larry Kaul. 

tm mm 

In data processing class, Linda Deniston explains a new program 
wiring for a 402-403 accounting machine. 

A glimpse into W-L's school store always reveals the walls colorfully 
adorned with murals and paperbacks. 

Receiving practical experience in D.E. class, Betty Watkins 
and George Cameron train for a future job. 



Change Of Pace Classes Utilized By Students 

An inspiring lecture captures the attention of Noland Mont- 
gomery during Mr. William Cleary's English class. 

Journalism student Rosemary Hamm anxiously awaits intro- 
duction into the fascinating world of photography. 

Senior English Literature student Jerry Coyne looks over 
notes in hopes of participating in class review. 

Dabbling in the arts during the AEM Seminar, Carolyn Kruse 
comments on Mary Emurian's painting techniques. 

I - Urn M* 


Situated in a journalistic atmosphere, Karen Han- 
sen plans a text to accompany her photography 

Senior English Literature student Bruce Halliburton contem- 
plates a topic for his class discussion group. 

Wandering in the playground of his imagination, 
an art student comes upon an idea he can chart. 

Gordon Macrae ponders over important information concern- 
ing German Civilization in preparation for a quiz. 


Lab Facilities Improve Foreign Language Studies 

Reviewing her text, Mary Saunders studies in preparation 
ior an upcoming tape test in the language lab. 

The long verbal drills in the lab seem to lose hold of Mike 
Martin as he drifts to unawareness. 

During French class, Nancy Shattrick concentrates on re- 
sponding with the correct verb construction. 

Considering possible translations of a phrase, Terry Parent 
and Alexa Albertson tune in to a French tape. 

Friends, Romans, and Countrymen all play an important role 
in history for Denny McAuliffe's Latin class. 

Oral work gives Martha Karas, Karen Chrisman and Gary 
Wallen listening and speaking comprehension. 

Competition gets rough and excitement mounts in a gym 
class participation unit such as this football game. 

Displaying ability in recently learned tennis skills, 
Debbie Grey gracefully executes a serve over 
the net. 

Preoccupied with the mishaps of her gym class, Miss Bar- 
bara Reinwald and feline companion muse pensively. 

Although the trees and the bushes may not survive the 
sport, archery appears to be popular with jr. girls. 


Gym Students Strain To Attain Physical Fitness 

With her bow string taut and arrow poised, a student in 
phsy. ed. aims hopefully at the intended target. 

Intent upon hitting the ball over the net, Carol Kent practices 
tennis as a means of warmth in 1st period. 

Fred Hippie races around an opponent while making a try 
for the goal during a soccer game in gym class. 


Fascinated with the professional techniques of Lana Hamil- 
ton, Julie Cooper views a new method of sewing. 


Foreign Christmas Foods Prepared In Home Ec 

Preparing to finish a dress, Sr. Angela Galante concentrates 
on threading her machine in Home Ec. class. 

One of the varied home economics courses stimulates the 
domestic arts besides the enjoyment of good food. 


; ®sr 

With an assortment of costumes and bags, the child develop- 
ment crew appears ready and eager for Halloween. 

Julie Cooper aids a junior-sized W-L student with 
his coat as the child development class comes to 
a close. 

One of the charges of the home ec. dept. finds herself the 
center of attention during a group activity. 

Louella Canody carefully measures sugar to make icing for 
the finishing touch to the cake baked in Home EC. 

With the aid of onlooker Bob Wright, electronics student 
Bill Thompson tests the resistance of a tuner. 

Wearing goggles in Woodworking I for safety, Russel Mason 
and Gerald Williams plane a surface on a boat. 

While listening to advice from Mr. Paras, Tom Russell care- 
fully checks over a horizontal circuit on a T.V. 



Industrial Arts Presents Practical Aid To Students 

Contributing practical advice, Mr. Hans-Peter Klose encour- 
ages Don Tucker on the blueprints for his boat. 

Mutual co-operation moves the wiring job along rapidly as 
Tom Russell confers with Mohamed Hadid on the next 

Learning by doing is an important aspect of the industrial 
art courses at W-L as shown in this classroom. 


Student librarians find a chance to try out the duplicator 
machine, a part of the equipment in the library. 



Student assistants in the library learn about library pro- 
cedures and help keep the books properly shelved. 



Photocopier, Microfilm, Aid Students In Library 

The library can be utilized as a place for research, study, or 
in this instance, just plain contemplation. 

Taking advantage of the resources in the library, senior 
Dave Logan devotes study hall to his term paper. 

Absorbing information for research, Tom Wachtel takes ad- 
vantage of one of the many sources in the library. 

The library, with an abundance of enrichment ma- 
terials, offers a convenient place in which to study. 


Bfc/4HBSt2iii *'■■" ILv, * M| 




Mathematics Department 

Presents Real Challenge 

Algebra student Lee Sneddon appears somewhat dazed by 
Colonel Kenneth Thiebaud's explanation of a problem. 

Jerry Bonn quietly ponders the best method of tackling a 
difficult problem at the board in AP Math III. 

Mr. Springer's geometry lecture seems a world away to An- 
nette Allyea as her thoughts drift out the window. 

Referring back to an earlier portion of the problem, Eddie 
Rejuney finishes math work at the blackboard. 

An understanding smile crosses Kathie Whitter's face as she 
grasps the meaning of a principle in Algebra. 

Relief floods over Holly Hawthorne when she discovers that 
her geometric calculations came out correctly. 

The 1966 Music Festival scene, Campbell Gym, is reflected 
in festival member Howard Bill's sousaphone. 

Brass players Al Hutchins, Alan Rinker, and Dave Mc- 
Gaffic inspire football game crowds with enthusiasm. 

School competition momentarily subsides as Mr. Weston 
Nobel conducts joint practice for the Music Festival. 

One e anda two e anda resounds as John O'Neill, Bill Weav- 
er and the rest of Uncle Freddy's fifers blow on. 


- V 



A hushed audience combines with the special voice of 
Madrigal Jeff Bestic to set a Christmas atmosphere. 

Festival Provides Free 

Entertainment For County 

John O'Neill, Valerie Hauch, and Lee Hudson pause to grin 
at the camera at the halftime of a football game. 

Senior Danny Roberts mothers a home-grown rabbit, one 
of a group of animals raised in his Biology II Class. 

Through the year, Mrs. Jeannette Tolhurst attempts to instill 
in her students an understanding of biology. 

Jan Simmons makes careful mental observations on part of 
an experiment done by her chemistry lab partner. 






Science Oriented Students Offered Biology T wo 

Using correct laboratory procedure, sr. Liston Carnie pre- 
pares a solution for an upcoming lab experiment. 

Science student classmates prepare to observe any notice- 
able reactions during Lynn Storie's experiment. 

Fascinated by the results of a chemistry experiment, junior 
Chuck Sara observes phosphorus burning in air. 

Putting to work his past experience at biology, Philip Nickle 
measures water in the making of a potato agar. 

^-V** , 



Social Studies Make Students 

Conscious Of Civil Duties 

Showing a wily grin of knowledge, sr. Richard Merriman 
waits to give his solution to a problem of government. 

During a discussion on types of governments, senior John 
Swain ponders over a thought-provoking problem. 



Social studies students Charlie Caudill, Alice Paterick, and 
Jim Helms quietly voice their own opinions. 

Disagreeing with Mr. Book's political views, Mike Neuman 
mentally constructs a critical argument. 

Senior Keen Holland gives his opinion of world affairs dur- 
ing a discussion on current events in government. 







W-L Yearbook Commemorates 40th Anniversary 

Monica Newberry, Editor-in-Chief 

Tradition reigned in the 1967 Blue and Gray. Com- 
memorating the 40th year of publication, the Washing- 
ton-Lee yearbook, today known as the Blue and Gray, 
had an anniversary theme. Photographs from past is- 
sues, including some found in the book by the old title, 
The Virginian, appeared in the 1967 issue. 

Besides the additions made to celebrate the anniver- 
sary year, several noticeable changes in format occured. 
The picture style of school staff members changed. In- 
stead of the formal pose settings, teachers, secretaries, 
and custodians found themselves caught in casual cir- 
cumstances. For the purpose of convenience both staff 
and senior sections added individual indexes. 

The subscription drive ran for several weeks after 
Christmas as Blue and Gray staff members set up stands 
at various locations around the school. 

Tension increased as the deadlines drew closer, yet 
despite all, the 1967 Blue and Gray met the final dead- 

BLUE AND GRAY STAFF— Front Row: Kathy Hunter, Anita Wolfe, 
Elizabeth Rantz, Pat Pouliot. Back Row: John Hoist, Ann Hord, Rich- 
ard Campbell, Terry Brandts. 

na Doerr, Brenda O'Grady. 

Mary Brandts, Copy Editor 

Marty Walker, Advertising Editor 

Linda Maclsaac, Index Editor 

Dave Wynn, Sports Editor 

Sheila Brannan, Photography Editor 


Penman Takes Over Football Game Concessions 

On the second floor of the White House sixth period, the 
Penman staff planned the 1966-67 volumes of the prestige pub- 
lication. W-L's literary magazine has regularly received awards 
in both state and southeast regional competition, and also had 
the honor of being sold at Brentano's bookstores during the 
school year. Penman's staff had the task of selecting and editing 
materials submitted by students and teachers for the fall, win- 
ter, and spring editions. Additions to the magazine this year in- 
cluded reviews and interviews, and the staff adopted a sub- 
scription policy for the three seasonal issues. 

After the approximately eight-hundred and fifty copies of 
Penman went on sale in English classes, the receipts still left 
the staff with a deficit to make up by other means. This year, 
Penman operated football game concessions in addition to hook- 
ing up the popcorn machine outside the main office once a 
week. Staff members upheld tradition by selling May Day 
flowers again this year. 

Lee Area, Penman Editor-in-Chief 

David Stewart, Poetry Editor 

Bruce Beckner, Fiction Editor 

Ed Rejuney, Non-fiction Editor 

Michele Watson, Assistant Poetry Editor 






\ * * 

Mike West, Advertising Business Manager 

Glenn Geiger, Advertising Busi- 
ness Manager 

Judy Huf, Art Editor 



Tom Surber, Advertising Business Manager 

Steven Grandy, Sales Business Manage! Chris Joyce, Sales Business Manager 

Bev Diggle, Executive Assistant 

Karen Hansen, Secretary 

Suzanne Bisset, Secretary 

Peggy Sawyer, News Editor 

Mac Estabrook, Sports Editor 

Sue Shapiro, Editor-in-Chief 

Denny McAuliffe, Feature Editor 

Andi Lose, Business Manager 

Angie Dahmer, Associate News Editor 

Newspaper Staff Introduces Changes In Format 


The Crossed Sabres Staff introduced the 35th volume 
of the school newspaper in September with a two page 
edition, published once a week. A change from last 
year's bi-monthly newspaper, this year's Crossed Sabres 
resulted in a timelier and more accurate account of 
the news and special events of each week. 

Because the changes required more expenses than 
previously, the staff undertook several projects. A classi- 
fied ad section gave more income to the Crossed 
Sabres, as did the traditional staff-sponsored Turkey 
Hop, celebrating W-L's victory over GW. 

A new way of club reporting replaced the beat sys- 
tem used last year. To ease the difficulties of the rela- 
tively small staff, they installed a Crossed Sabres mail 
box in the main office. This way, club secretaries could 
mail accounts of special activities to the newspaper. 
With the addition of a club news column, the system 
assured complete coverage when wanted. 

Dave Logan, reporter; Lynn Godfrey, reporter; Mary Jo Arm- 
strong, Photo Editor. 

genpohl, Missy Scharr. 

CROSSED SABRES REPORTERS: Carolyn Lanham, Susy Hes- 
ter, Diane Caldwell. 

Rick Martin, Reporter; Regan Robinson, Reporter; Curt Snyder, Re- 

Jim Almand, President 

David Strube, 1st Vice-President 


Student Council Sponsors Successful MS Drive 

MS milk bottles show signs ot class and school spirit as 
shown by the large contributions to the SCA drive. 

Each day sixth period, counting the upper floor of the 
White House, the Student Council worked hard and planned 
carefully, with the aid of a new sponsor, to set up educa- 
tional and interesting activities for the school. 

In the fall, the Student Council sponsored a leadership 
training conference opened to all interested students. This 
conference helped to bring out and develop the qualities of 
leadership found in many of Washington-Lee's student 

The proceeds from this year's highly successful charity 
drive, sponsored annually by the SCA, went to the Multiple 
Sclerosis Foundation. The purpose of this program centered, 
not only on collecting money for the foundation, but also 
to inform and to make aware the students of the symptoms 
and treatments of the disease. 

Near the end of January, the SCA sponsored an exchange 
program to Grafton, Wisconsin, on which thirty excited and 
interested students spent an informative week. 


Linda Mimms, Senior Senator 

Karen O'Donnell, Junior Senator 

Kaila Smith, Sophomore Senator 



Paul Marth, Junior Senator 

Susan Hill, Sophomore Senator 


Front Row: Valerie Hauch, Nancy Welhaf, Marilyn Johnson, 
Bob Fisher, Janet Stewart, Stephanie Burner, Christine Smith, 
Lynn Yount, Dee Avery. Second Row: R. B. Snyder, Patricia 
Hand, Sharon Brown, James Browne, Nancy Harding, John 
O'Neill, Sandy Hanes, Bruce Clymer, Dianne Pickering, 

Danny Miller, Bob Lichtenburg, Susan Avery, Kenneth 
Crouch, Mike Kyles, Mike Christesson, Doug Bradshaw. 
Third Row: Bob Jack, Jim Schaeffer, Kirk Carpenter, Doug 
Darr, Eric Norton, Scott Van Cleef, Larry Graham, Donna 
Stowers, Trudy Cavallo, Al Hutchins, DeWitt Ashby, Chris 


W-L Band Joins In County- Wide Music Festival 

Seniors Valerie Hauch and Dianne Pickering show off 
many long hours of practice during the Band assembly. 

Dove, Larry Davis, Ed Smith, Byron Clark, Barbara Olson, 
Dotty Blum. Back Row: Glenn Neuman, Jesse Davis, Jack 
Kinkaid, Lee Sneddon, Wes Bills, Lee Hudson, Jim Saunders, 
Riad Mahayni. 

A chosen section of the Band members sound off during a special song 
prepared for the students' enjoyment. 


Front Row: Diane Weaver, Carol Nackenoff, Karen 
Phillips, Pat Colburn, Marie Henry, Rhea Rolfe, Tatjana 
Ostapoff, Carol Johnson. Second Row: Fritts Arwood, 
Joan Gilbert, Benji Dobey, Barbara Gardner, Linda 
McLaughlin, Martin Hottle, Kathie Whitten, Alice 
Paterick, Charles Batten. Third Row: Dotty Rich, Mary 

Allgaier, Steve Csicsery-Ronay, Mary Garland, Ana 
Pacheco, Mike Natrella, Hal Clarke, Eric Wilkinson, 
David Wendelin, Nancy Avery, John Hitt. Fourth Row: 
Glenn Neuman, Val Kirkpatrick, John Rolson, Stephanie 
Burner, Kristy Smith, Marilyn Johnson, Valerie Hauch, 
Janet Stewart, Robert Fisher, Becky Snider, Bob Jack, 


Orchestra Members Give 

Christmas Performances 

Enveloped by a melody, Orchestra member Tatjana Ostapoff 
plays part of a musical score during practice. 

| Front Row: Kathie Whitten (Section Leader), Mary Allgaier 
(Section Leader), Diane Weaver (Section Leader), Carol 
Nackenoff (Recording Secretary), Pat Colburn (Section 
Leader), Karen Phillips (Music Assistant and Librarian), 
Becky Snider (Section Leader), Valerie Hauch (Section 
Leader), Tatjana Ostapoff (Section Leader), Alice Paterick 
(Section Leader), Carol Johnson (Coresponding Secretary). 
Back Row: Fritts Arwood (Business Manafer), Al Hutchins 
(Vice President of Winds), Lee Hudson (President), Eddy 
Smith (Section Leader), Christopher Dove (Section Leader), 
Stuart Meyerson (Vice President of Strings), Phil Craddock 

Jim Shaffer, Phil Craddock, Stuart Meyerson. Fifth Row: 
Eddy Smith, Susan Avery, Dotty Blum, Christopher 
Dove, Diane Pickering, Danny Miller, Bruce Clymer. 
Back Row: Fritts Arwood (Business Manager), Al Hutch- 
ins, Trudy Cavallo, Jack Kinkaid, Alan Rinker, Lee 

Distributing invaluable advice, Miss Florence Booker prepares choir 
members for the annual Easter concert. 

Front Row: Elin Mullinix, Kay Gauzza, Bobbi Jacobsen, Carol Nacken- 
off. Sue Speake, Jan Latshaw, Jimsey Frye, Kaaren Ray, Janet Myers, 
Anne Crouse, Meredith Smith, Susan Weaver, Alice Paterick, Lynn 
Storie, Sandra Rhodes, Nancy Lewis, Cindy Kirby, Mary Allgaier, 
Linda Herrington, Pat Love, Noriko Saito, Almira Hudnall. Second Row: 
Kaien Mootz, Martha Amos, Donna Hillegas, Nancy Foster, Sarah 

Mike Trainum, Mike McDermott, Gary Wallen, Dave Price, Jeff Bestic, 
Stuart Meyerson, Ben Dobey, Lee Hudson, Bruce Ahrons, Larry Elliot, 
Riad Mahayni, Ken Brown, Neil Ohlsson, Fran Stoss, Carol Johnson, 
Debby Davis, Vicki Prohaska. Back Row: Barbara Neubauer, Pat Ste- 
wart, Mary Brandis, Sherri Burkot, Marilib Henry, Nidal Mahayni, Steve 
Raish, Greg Yount, Brett Fairchild, Gary Woodfield, Jon Danforth, Ed 


Fall Music Festival 

Highlights Choral Programs 

Preparing the Orchestra members for a public performance, Miss 
Dorothy Baumle drills on certain pieces. 

Harrison, Carolyn Wilson, Linda Holshouser, Diane Escola, Barbara 
Pigg, Beth Ross, Carlotta Parr, Barbara Whetstone, Carole Reynolds, 
Lynn Jordan, Holly Howell, Pam Meadors, Kitty Clark, Bonnie Bray, 
Nancy Farris, Angela Galante, Carole Greenlief, Nancy Clevinger, 
Chris Davis. Third Row: Linda Wall, Andrea Binkley, Cindy Fall, Ann 
Anderson, John Schaeffer, Stan Bussey, Mark Holcomb, Paul Marth, 

Rejuney, Lance Nealy, Artie Richmond, Doug Tracey, Jim Clayton, Ric 
Jacobsen, Bob Keller. Kent Poush, Bruce Niles, Mike Frye, Neil Jenk- 
ins, Jim Baldwin, Marie Henry, Karen Phillips, Sherry Pelharn. 

Other madrigals listen for their 
cues as Kent Poush sings a solo 
at a special evening music perform- 


Assemblies Spiced Up By 

Madrigal Music Talent 

Nidal Mahayni, Angela Galante, Lee Hudson, Nancy Foster, Larry 
Elliot, Jimsey Frye, Jim Baldwin, Alice Paterick, Francine Stoss, Jeff 
Bestic, Nancy Lewis, Susan Speake, Kent Poush. 


Girls' Choir Performs To Jr. High Groups 

Front Row: Mr. Robert Baxter, Sue White, Brenda Carmichael, Alice 
Eldridge, Jayma Valentine, Jackie Kalapos, Pat Crapps. Second Row: 
Joyce Daniels, Diana Love, Kathy Moore, Sue Butler, Phyllis Terry, 

Diane Butler, Nancy Hagan, Cindy Cole. Back Row: Gwynneth Wood- 
son, Ruth Terry, Pat Shepard, Patty Clark, Mary Stanton, Debbie 
Faggins, Janice Feaster, Jan Andrea. 

OFFICERS— Front Row: Alice Eldridge, Jayma Valen- 
tine. Back Row: Patricia Shepard, Debora Faggins, Patty 
Clark, Joyce Daniels. 


Annual Music Program 

Staged By Mixed Chorus 

Front Row: Mr. Robert Baxter, Diana Castle, Tommie Stewart, Wendy 
Meadors, Mary Fox, Sharon Omdorff, Suzi Donnelly, Mary Hill, Valerie 
Roy, Sharon Connor, Pam Hickman, Pat Tribe, Jane Martin, Debbie 
Greene, Janice Parr, Karen Bender, Ann Howard, Barbara Yeager, 
Amelia Neam, Delby Greene. Scond Row: Betty Saunders, Mary Ellen 
Anstine, Barbara LeCompte, Sherry Richter, Linda Pellen, Vickie 
Gallagher, Nora Stone, Nancy Tougias, Leslie Coffelt, Mary Ray, Diane 
Benson, Joyce Booker, Debbie Sydlowski, Jeannie Bradshaw, Debbie 
Marcey, Linda Rue, Kathy Davis, Amy Walsh, Betsy Pearce. Third 

Row: Josephine Hall, Gail Haun, Pat Hood, Debbie Lucido, Alice 
McLeroy, Myril Hockman, Sharon Ritenour, Terry Kane, Carolyn May, 
Mary Royce, Brenda Wilson, Pam Morgan, Katie Brier, Pat Williams, 
Carolyn June, Barbara Woodbury, Sandy Sanford, Cheryl Wagoner, 
Sandy Hall. Back Row: Bill Scheaffer, Dale Gossage, Tom Jarvis, Jim 
Crowley, Jim Conant, Alan Vliet, Tom Gallagher, Sidney Williams, 
Ralph West, Steve Deady, Tom Kruse, Bill Wilber, Dennis Howard, 
Charlie Carroll, Jack Russo, Bob Masters, Doug Payne, Ruben Allen. 

Mr. Robert Baxter leads the fourth period Mixed Chorus 
class in preparation for the coming Christmas program. 


Alpha Holds Free Car- Wash 

For Entire Faculty 

The Alpha Service Club members kept a full schedule 
of activities in addition to all the normal work bestowed 
on a student of Washington-Lee. The girls gave up part 
of Christmas shopping time to decorate a Christmas tree 
at the White Hall Sanitarium for the elderly. They also 
took part in the familiar filling of a Christmas basket to 
give some needy family a holiday dinner. Bake sales 
furnished money for these purposes when the need 
arose for additional funds. 

For something new and different to add to the year, 
members ushered for the American Light Opera Com- 
pany. The girls also planned and carried out a party for 
some of the children who took part in the Head Start 
Program. Members spent many worth-while hours 
planning for the event. The wide variety of projects even 
included something for the faculty. The club held a free 
car-wash for all teachers willing to take advantage of 
this very profitable opportunity open to them. 

Alpha President Kathi Studer pauses a 
clarify a confusing point for a member. 

moment during a meeting to 

Front Row: Ruth Harp. (Vice President), Leni Veach (Treasurer), Kathi 
Studer (President), Suzanne Thomson (Secretary). Second Row: Gayle 
Gibson, Barbara Yeager, Johnnie Otto. Third Row: Karen Bittenbring, 
Toni Tompas, Sharon Goins, Sally Van Skiver. Fourth Row: Barbie 
Svendsen, Janet LaPrade, Jil King. Back Row: Gloria Gieser, Marilib 
Henry, Kathy Ashley. 


Club Exhibits Artistic Talents 

Designing Greetings 

Numbered among several organizations at Washing- 
ton-Lee whose purpose concerns the promotion or 
honoring of artwork, the Art Club served students with 
the most general interest in the field. The Art Club 
started the year's activities by replenishing the treasury 
with proceeds from bake sales held during the fall 

Working from October until Christmas, the club 
learned word-block cutting techniques from shop 
teachers Mr. Hans-Peter Klose, and then drew up designs 
for hand-printed Christmas cards. The finished cards 
went on sale to W-L teachers shortly before Christmas. 
This constituted not only a method of raising money, but 
an opportunity to exercise the talent of the members. 
The decorations in the cafeteria at Christmas were pro- 
vided by the club. 

Throughout the year the club went on trips in and 
around Washington, specifically the Potomac waterfront, 
for the purpose of sketching. 

Assortments of hearts and flowers surround Art Club members as 
they create designs for a group project. 

Front Row: Miss Jeanne Gilman (Sponsor), Ann Neal (President), 
Mary McGurrin, Mr. LeRoy Anderson (Sponsor). Second Row: 
Liz Raleigh, Jill Stark, Bev Diggle, Leonore Baker, Jeanne Chobot. 
Third Row: Bruce Ahrons (Vice President), Allan Hall, Kate Pur- 
year (Treasurer), Sherry Neal. Fourth Row: Yvonne Carmichael, 

Cherry Maurer, Linda Langelle, Gary Davis, Suzanne McMenamin. 
Fifth Row: Janet Kreechbaum, Kathy Johnson, Ana Reyner, Chris 
Cheney, Judy Huff (Secretary). Back Row: John Hall, Nicole 
Manly, Fred Pirkey, Tom Kruse. 

Front Row: Suzanne Bisset, Wendy Meadors, Ruby Moye. Second 
Row: Bobbie Jacobsen, Gordon Macrae, Walter Kolb (Vice President), 
Regina Overholt. Back Row: Ric Jacobsen (President), Bob Lane, Paul 


Members Share Christmas With Nursing Home 

Attentiveness is -the key word as Bible Club members listen with 
open ears to sponsor Mr. Thomas Christie. 

The purpose of the Bible Club, though not specifically 
defined, helped to develop in the members a better 
understanding of the Bible by applying the principles 
to everyday life. Members aimed to make the school, 
as well as the community, better and stronger places to 
live by following the ideals of the Scriptures. 

The group helped to spread the warmth of the Christ- 
mas season as they presented a holiday theatrical pro- 
gram — for the elderly occupants of a nursing home. The 
club also sponsored three coke sales for the W-L student 
body to boost the club treasury. 

Student participation, as well as outside speakers who 
presented and discussed student problems, drew inter- 
ested students to meetings. The Bible Club, unlike most 
clubs at Washington-Lee, maintained a year round open 
membership. In addition to discussions, the group 
formed smaller committees to study Biblical history and 
the content of the Book itself. 



Beta Furnishes Monthly Calendar Of Activities 

A dime-a-daffodil brought early spring for those W — 
Lites met by a Beta Service Club member during April. 
The speedy students who made it to the bake and 
doughnut sales after school found themselves equally 
fortunate. Doughnut profits helped send a girl to Girls' 
State this summer, and Beta gave proceeds from other 
sales to CARE, Red Cross, and Operation Headstart. In 
addition to money, the Beta members donated time and 
effort to filling Christmas stockings for children at 
Arlington Hospital and stuffing envelopes for the Tuber- 
culosis Association. 

Washington-Lee too, received the benefits of Beta's 
many projects. The girls provided coffee and cookies 
for several of the teachers' meetings during March and 
April. Posting a monthly calendar of school activities in 
th central hall and polishing trophies in the trophy case 
launched two more ambitious activities for the club. A 
slumber party climaxed the girls' busy year with a well 
earned and enjoyable rest. 

Overflowing with community spirit Beta Service Club members make 
lollipop favors for deserving children. 

OFFICERS— Front Row: Lavillon Morrison (President). Back Row: Jan 
Latshaw (Chaplain), Holly Howell (Secretary), Sue Burk (Treasurer). 

Front Row: Alice Hord, Kathy McAnear, Susie Cahill, Jan Latshaw 
(Chaplain), Lynn Gorsey, Karen Chrisman. Second Row: Holly Howell, 
Susan Williams, Barbara Fisher, Andi Binkley, Jan Simmons, Linda 
Mimms, Carol Nackenoff. Third Row: Cynthia Booth, Nancy Spring, 
Pam Hickman, Janet Stewart, Linda Robey, Meg Barth. Fourth Row: 

Mary Wilson, Pat Tribe, Helen Simpson, Lynn Godfrey, Barbara Pigg, 
Regan Robinson, Cathy Clark. Back Row: Barbara Neubauer, Lavillon 
Morrison 'President), Chris Arnold, Joanne Mueller, Sue Burk (Treas- 

A possible activity proposed for Beta by member Chris Arnold pro- 
vides amusement for fellow member Sue Burk. 


■■k III 

Detla members Jan Andrea and Kathy Ray listen attentively to the 
discussion of possible future projects. 


President Joan Ormsbee studies some of her notes and plans for pros- 
pective Delta Service Club activities. 

OFFICERS -Front Row: Ann Hord (Vice President}, Joan Ormsbee 
(President). Back Row: Jane McCarthy (Treasurer), Ann Martin (Secre- 
tary), Dee Avery (Historian). 



Members Shine Trophy Cases, Memorial Plaque 

Listening intently, Senior Dee Avery mentally checks plans made for 
future car washes and doughnut sales. 

Although faced with the confusion of re-organization 
and induction of new members, Delta quickly started to 
work performing services for the community. Spending 
one Saturday afternoon stuffing envelopes for the Tuber- 
culosis Association headed the list. Charged with the all- 
important job of keeping W-L's trophy cases polished, 
enthusiastic members performed the task twice this year. 
They also took on the responsibility of cleaning the long- 
forgotten War Memorial Plaque in the library. 

Besides the usual bake sales, members employed 
other unique money raising projects to replenish the 
club treasury. The list included two Saturday car washes 
and selling chocolate turkeys at Thanksgiving. Making 
and selling holly corsages to help promote Christmas 
spirit comprised an additional activity. 

Delta also participated in many USO activities. For 
one project, eager members baked Christmas cookies 
for servicemen stationed in the Washington Area. 

Front Row: Valerie Roy, Jane McCarthy (Treasurer), Benji Brackman, 
Nancy Robinson. Second Row: Cathy Daniels, Ann Hord (Vice Presi- 
dent), Nancy Manning, Patrice Montgomery, Vicki Wellington. Third 
Row: Diane Callan, Pat Hood, Sandra Dawson, Kathy Ray. Fourth Row: 

Kati Howze, Joan Ormsbee (President), Dee Avery (Historian), Sandra 
Webbere, Elaine Vavra. Back Row: Jan Andrea, Ann Martin (Secre- 
tary), Eileen O'Neill. 



Job Application Assembly 

Sponsored By D.E. Club 

The Distributive Education Club sponsored an as- 
sembly describing important aspects of properly apply- 
ing for a job. A representative from the C&P Telephone 
Company interestingly presented the topic. She and her 
assistant put on several skits demonstrating the proper 
dress and manners during a job interview. The D.E. Club 
also participated in the annual filling of a Christmas 
basket, presenting one along with homeroom baskets at 
the assembly. The members of the club also spent long 
hours selling candy and fruitcakes. 

Towards the end of the year, the D.E. members pre- 
sented a magnificent "Employers' Appreciation Ban- 

In April, the Distributive Education District Contest 
took place, in which twelve area schools were able to 
participate. The contest chose the outstanding D.E. stu- 
dent, sending him on to the state and later possibly the 
national contest. The selection of the Distributive Educa- 
tion Club of the year also took place at this time. 

Representatives of the area telephone company speak on job inter- 
views during an assembly sponsored by the D.E. Club. Through skits, 
a company job interviewer and an employee presented the wrong and 
right method. 


Front Row: Karin Graham (Secretary), Joyce Barrett (President), Rusty 
Newton (Parliamentarian), Linda Beach (Treasurer), Mrs. Francis Justis 
(Sponsor). Second Row: Wayne Hawley, Susan Glavor, Portia Nevitt, 
Mabra Brown, Beatrice Spriggs, Sheila Smith. Third Row: Sandy Al- 
vord, Bill Bennett, Ronnie Puglisi, Bob Masters, 'John Stewart, Art 
Growden. Fourth Row: Glenn Hefiin, Edward Lindsay, Jack Curtis, 

Margaret Stockett, Bill Waikart, Venida J. Ebert, Vernon L. Foster. 
Filth Row: David Georges, Rodney Blevins, Buddy Lilly, Art Brew, 
John Gardiner, Tony Roach, Mr. Boyd Hargraves (Sponsor). Back Row: 
Larry Munley, Tom Hall, Larry Krop, Ralph Stancill, Mike Bennett, Tom 

Pencils and pens peer across the counter to view the work of a D.E. 
student as she totals the day's work. 


This French Club member works preparing the tables in the 
cafeteria to be used for the annual French dinner. 

French Club member Sue Hart spreads a tablecloth for the 
club's fund-raising dinner Chez George et Robert. 






Front Row: Renee Semha (Vice President), Nancy Adler, Bobbie Singer, 
Jeannette Ruiz, Suzanne Kray. Second Row: Mary Garland, Mary 
Emurian, Jan Collins, Ellen Wagner, Angela Ryan, Benji Brackman. 
Third Row: Leni Veach, Nancy Manning, Kati Howze, Chris Smith, Kay 

LaMotte, Dianne DeFelice. Fourth Row: Sally Halliburton, Patty Shep- 
ard, Carolyn Kruse, Peggy Cooper, Kathy Davis, Carol Fontein (Presi- 
dent). Back Row: Barbara Neubauer, Sherri Burkot, Michele LaMotte 
(Secretary), Diane Weaver, Robert Grau, Susan Hart (Treasurer). 


Club Becomes Accustomed 

To French Cullinary 

Planned to attract visitors to the French Club's dinner, a 
travel poster finds a place in the cafeteria. 

This year's French Club activities gave all the mem- 
bers a fine sample of French cooking. A progressive 
dinner marked the beginning of fall events with mem- 
bers traveling from house to house for each different 
course. This not only gave them a tantalizing taste of 
foreign cullinary, but enabled the members to acquaint 
themselves with the others. In February the club offered 
"the student body and faculty a chance to try French 
food at a dinner they held in the cafeteria. This highly 
successful annual affair helped replenish the treasury. 

January highlighted this year's projects with an as- 
sembly sponsored by the club at which a native French- 
man talked and answered questions on the French youth 
of today, who were found to be similar to American 

In June, members assembled funds which they had 
earned during the year into a scholarship. Awarded 
upon graduation, the scholarship given to a deserving 
French student proved gratifying to everyone. 


F. H. A. Members Travel To Williamsburg Homes 

Future Homemakers and sewing class members incorporate 
ideas to make plans for the Spring Fashion Show. 

The atmosphere of The Good Earth, an area Chinese 
restaurant, and a fine meal provided a pleasant way for 
this year's old and new F.H.A. members to become 
acquainted. Following this introduction into the year's 
activities, a calendar of projects for the year was set up. 
The F.H.A. made money as well as appeased student 
hunger every school day morning by selling doughnuts 
and milk in the snack bar of the cafeteria. . 

During the Christmas season, the girls put needle and 
thread to use and made stuffed animals for needy chil- 
dren. The most impressive plans for the year involved 
a trip to Williamsburg over the Easter holidays. The 
main activities consisted of sight-seeing and . noting 
decor in the beautiful old homes. 

A French Chef from Giant Foods spoke to the home- 
makers as he prepared a meal of gourmet foods in the 
home ec kitchen at one club meeting. He talked about 
French cookery and gave tips on home preparation of 
such foods. 

Front Row: Gayle Sefton, Doris Johnson, Nancy Muckenhaupt. Second 
Row: Juanita Jackson, Sherry Pelham, Carol Gray. Third Row: Debbie 
Laughery, Anne Crouse (President). Back Row: Elaine Vavra, Linda 

Beach (Vice President), Gwynneth Woodson, Eileen O'Neill (Treas- 

Junior Gloria Lee scans the Home Ec room to check role 
during a regular meeting of the W-L future homemakers. 

Upcoming events in the state of preparation for future home- 
makers hold the interest of senior Sue Burk. 

Planning a sewing project, members of the future home- 
makers club decide on suitable patterns and material. 


Future Teachers' Club Spend 

Free Time Tutoring 

Front Row: Monica Newberry, Gayle Gibson. Second Row: 
Debbie Darr (President), Sandra Dawson, Sharon Omdorrf. 
Third Row: Mary Donohue, Carolyn Kruse, Trudy Cavallo. 
Back Row: Michele LaMotte (Secretary), Dianne Pickering 
(Treasurer), Jan Booker. 

Throughout the year Future Teachers of America have 
become acquainted with many aspects and phases 
which this prospective profession involves. The club 
originated an interesting undertaking, Project Help, 
which consisted of tutoring students with problems in a 
subject. Qualified members spent frequent after-school 
hours at this job. In another project connected with the 
school, members laboriously corrected papers for the 
ever-worked faculty. 

By observing classes at Woodlawn Elementary 
School, participants saw various techniques used by 
different teachers. The club organized an assembly with 
W-L teachers who discussed the different aspects of 
college. This aim was to familiarize students with educa- 
tion after high school. 

The development of a new and successful project 
took form during the year with hopes that it would 
eventually become tradition. This involved the special 
tutoring of children at Drew Elementary School, which 
appealed to many future teachers. 

Future Teacher officers Michele LaMotte and Debby Darr 
plan with members for an assembly concerning college. 


Front Row: Mary Ray, Kathy Oliver. Second Row: Susan Moore, 
Suzanne Bisset (Secretary), Mary Emurian, Linda Anderson, Ellen 
Wagner. Third Row: Mary Allgaier, Donna Roeder, Chris Davis, Kaaren 
Ray (President), Jane Savage. Fourth Row: Donna Stowers (Vice Presi- 

dent), Peggy Cooper (Historian), Wanda McKenzie, Kate Puryear, 
Teresa Kane, Kathie Whitten (Treasurer). Back Row: Michele LaMotte, 
Carolyn Kruse, Nancy Elliott, Ellen Marshall. 


Spirited Game Posters Back-Up Varsity Teams 

Upholding the principle of service to the community, 
Gamma Service Club commenced the new year with 
a special after-school bake sale in cooperation with the 
school-wide drive for Multiple Sclerosis. The money 
earned from other club sponsored bake sales helped to 
fill a Thanksgiving basket for a needy family in the area. 
Writing encouraging letters to soldiers in Viet Nam be- 
came the Christmas project. 

Besides sponsoring dances, club members also sup- 
ported the teams by making posters which were proudly 
displayed in the halls before each game. As the end of 
the year drew nigh, the members elected the officers for 
the next year. Then, in an initiation for the officers and 
a picnic for all, the members ventured to a nearby park 
for an outdoor barbeque which concluded a very active 
year for the members of Gamma. 

A passing glance reveals President Kaaren Ray waiting for 
suggestions during a Gamma Service Club meeting. 

Front Row: Sandra Dawson, Mary Allgaier, Jimsey Frye. Second Row: 
Kitty Clark, P. J. Home, Suzanne Burk, Susan Dunwoody. Third Row: 

Dee Avery, Winnie Owens, Donna Stowers, Diane Callan. Back Row: 
Mary Fasbender, Arlene Cope, Dianne Pickering, Nancy Avery. 

GAA. participants imitate Robin Hood's female counterparts 
as they aim arrows during archery practice. 


G A. A. Offers Broad Variety Of Sports To Girls 

Through the years, W-L has placed a strong emphasis 
on educating its students physically as well as mentally. 
The 1966-1967 school year proved no different as far as 
this goal was concerned. 

The Girls' Athletic Association offered all interested 
Washington-Lee girls an opportunity to develop skills in 
a wide variety of sports. Girls could be found almost 
every day in the gym, outside, or across the street, 
participating in the sports offered. The wide range of 
activities included everything from badminton and table 
tennis to basketball and bowling. 

Each sophomore, junior, and senior gym class elected 
representatives at the beginning of the school year. 
These girls planned the schedule for sports to be offerd 
to the group as a whole. 

The competition in each sport was based on a round- 
robin system. Seasonal awards teas held throughout the 
year honored the champions of the respective sports. 

Enjoying the vigorous sport of basketball, underclass girls 
participate in after-school G.A.A. intramurals. 

OFFICERS — Front Row: Sharon Brown (Fall Sports Manager), Diane 
Callan (Secretary-Treasurer). Second Row: Kitty Clark (Points Re- 
corder), Juanita Jackson (Sports Manager), Sherry Pelham (Winter 

Sports Manager). Back Row: Ruth Harp (Spring Sports Manager), Cathy 
Daniels (Second Vice President), Winnie Owens (President), Susan 

Dunwoody (First Vice President). 



The bare, wooden-planked shore of the Potomac looks upon 
efforts of Girls' Crew members during practice. 


Exhausting Hours Spent In Training For Meets 

At least ten Washington-Lee girls planned on finding 
the way down to Mexico City, site of the Pan-American 
Games during the summer of 1967. The Girls' Crew, 
after paddling through the competition, enjoyed the 
exciting atmosphere of a foreign country. 

Throughout the school year the girls practiced many 
exhausting hours to prepare for the meet. Members 
trained during all seasons, although cold weather work- 
outs limited the sessions to Saturdays. As the weather 
warmed up, twice a week periods increased to a grueling 
twice a day during the summer. 

The Crew used the facilities of the Potomac Boat Club, 
making it less a school club or sport. Kayak maintain- 
ence, racing trips and the special purchase of a faster 
K-4 Kayak became possible through donut sales and 
Girls' Crew dances. These dances, a familiar and pleas- 
ant part of the school's social life, drew large crowds 
who enjoyed the casual atmosphere. 

Weapons in hand, Girls' Crew members stand ready 
shove off and follow the setting sun down the river. 




Go-Go Boys Turn Thespians In Half-Time Skits 

The Washington-Lee student body owes much to the 
1966-1967 Go-Go Boys. Crowded together in a small sec- 
tion of the bleachers, watching basketball games and 
important wrestling meets, the large group of senior 
boys sat — for a moment. Then the noise started. They 
yelled, chanted, cheered, and did virtually everything 
possible to let the boys out on the floor, know that the 
students stood behind them. 

The group also provided half-time entertainment, per- 
forming skits denoting the strength of the W-L Generals. 
Dressed in the opposing teams uniforms, two of the boys 
chased each other around the floor of the gymnasium 
until the General overtook the opposition. The boys 
planned the cheers and skits for each event at meetings 
held regularly prior to the game. 

School spirit at W-L has traditionally been great but 
the added noise of the Go-Go Boys seemed to make it 
just a little bit greater. 

With raised fists and smiling faces, the Go-Go Boys supply 
the 1966-1967 team with undaunted enthusiasm. 

Front Row: Elliott Brown, Mac Estabrook (Co-Captain), Frank Rich (Co- 
Captain), Alfred Forman, Bob Stewart, Brian O'Grady. Second Row: 
Dan Bauserman, John Hellyer, Alan Collier, Nidal Mahayni, Milton 
Ruiz, Jim Lamberson, Warren Williams. Third Row: Bob Jack, Steve 
Feaster, Bill Thompson, Lee Area, Rick Beale, Charlie Caudill, George 
Bullard. Fourth Row: Brian Woodrow, Bob Keller, Bob Graebener, Dean 

French, Reid Dudley, Charlie Higbee, Bere Todd, Stuart Meyerson. 
Filth Row: David Stone, David Georges, Dale Wortham, George Gor- 
man, Jim Smedegard, Don Tucker, Tom Bauer, John McMillan. Back 
Row: Bill Adams, Kim Johnson, Phil Schulman, Nolan Forness, Bob 


Front Row: Dennis McCausland, Liston Carnie, Alberto Benedi, Curt 
Snyder, Bill Huie. Second Row: Tony Cacciapaglia, Mike Schwelien, 
Bruce Niles, Jerry Coyne, Walter Billings, Tom Carter, Gordon Macrae. 
Third Row: Mohamed Hadid, Scott Fredericks, Lee Hudson, Diego 
Diaz, Roger Graham, Tim Alley, Nolan Forness. Fourth Row: George 

Gorman, Craig Hall, Brett Fairchild, Jay Jerome, Danny Roberts, Jeff 
Bestic, Gary Wallen, Kevin Carey. Fifth Row: Mike West, Mark 
Kleber, Bob Wright, Dave Price, Richard Merriman, Mike Gibbs, Tom 
Gallagher, Rodney Rice. Back Row: Bill Adams, Rick Martin, David 
Logan, Lance Nealy, Gene Otis. 

Anticipating the outcome of the game, Go-Go Boy Rick Beale 
shows Yorktown rival who's boss on the court. 

As co-captain of the Go-Go Boys, Mac Estabrook leads the 
group in a mighty yell for the basketball team. 


Front Row: David Dove, Douglas Thurman, Rosemarie Lettig, Benji 
Brackman. Second Row: Ann Hord, Kay Kirchman, Susan Manov, 
Frank Flegeal, Lynne Manov, Teny Bazzarre. Third Row: Wiltrud 

Schlegal, Jane Tomlinson, Lath Harris, Brian Woodrow (Second Vice 
President). Back Row: Vic Von Sabler, Jennifer Myer, Dianne Pickering 
(Vice President), Arlene Cope (President). 


Authentic German Band Performs For Members 

The German Club got off to a rolling start when an 
authentic German Band performed at the September 
meeting. One of the club's first official activities came 
when enthusiastic members donned cut-off jeans and 
sweatshirts as they devoted a Saturday afternoon to re- 
painting the lines of the student parking lot. 

The interested members discovered much about the 
country and the customs of its people through the 
movies and varied speakers the club sponsored at meet- 

In January they took time out for a more enjoyable 
phase of learning. Faced with the pleasant problem of 
choosing either "Wiener Schnitzel" or "Sauerbraten" 
most of the members rapidly settled this question and 
spent an interesting evening at the popular Washington 
Restaurant 823. 

Following in the footsteps of last year's club, the 
members gathered all the money from the treasury, 
mainly accumulated from bake sales, and decided to 
send this money to the German Orphanage in Washing- 

Discussion of the German Club activities hold 
Bazzarre's rapt attention as he listens to a speaker. 




Students Become Familiar With W-L Regulations 

Mohammed Hadid and Louie Celorio discuss problems en- 
countered at W-L with other international students. 

Many students foreign to the United States and many 
American students constituted the membership of the 
International Club. Here they met other students faced 
with the similar problems of adjusting to a different 
country and a new school simultaneously. Together 
they discussed the customs of each country represented 
and contrasting and comparing customs. The American 
students in the club assisted on familiarizing the foreign 
students with the traditions and regulations of Wash- 

To get acquainted, the club took a bicycle trip down 
the C and O Canal. At meetings which were held every 
other week, foreign films were shown to give members 
a visual impression of other nations of the world. A 
group of international students began a unique commu- 
nity service project. Attending different functions around 
the community, this panel discussed the customs of each 
country and the difficulties found in adapting to a new 
situation upon arrival in the Washington area. 

Front Row: Farid Bahig, Paula Corson. Second Row: Janice Acree, 
Caridad Aguilar, Alberto Benedi, Margarita de Jongh. Third Row: 
Gloria Bustillo, Jet Montgomery, Monica Burns, Ana Maria Pacheco. 

Fourth Row: Jay Jerome, Bob Bales, Mohamed Hadid (Vice President), 
John Williamson. Back Row: Jim Clayton, Joseph Sanchez (President), 
John Magnuson, Andre Peter Loustalot. 


Kappa's Hard-Earned Money Supports Greek Boy 

The 1966-1967 school year proved a busy but reward- 
ing one for the more than thirty-five members of Kappa 
Service Club. The girls donated much time and effort in 
working on projects to aid the school as well as the 
community and the world. 

The group, including the new members, kicked the 
year off on a gala note with a slumber party. Selling 
confetti at football games, and planning and building 
the float for the G.W. game occupied many fall after- 
noons and evenings. 

The holiday season set the group in full swing when 
they sold candy for charitable purposes as well as for 
boosting the club treasury. 

The Greek orphan boy which Kappa supported proved 
to be the most rewarding donation of service by the 
club. Each month the group drew ten dollars from the 
treasury to support the sixteen year old. 

As a climax to a highly successful year, Kappa, held 
another slumber party for the much deserving members. 

Front Row: Marsha Shultz, Kathy Weber, Alice Paterick, Mickey Ellis, 
Jean Karas, Mary Belle Jennings. Second Row: Betsy Pearce, Mary 
Lamberson, Barbara Whetstone, Donna Stocking, Kay Gauzza (Presi- 
dent), Mary McGurrin, Bobbie Singer. Third Row: Martha Karas, Linda 
Rue, Ginny Sanders, Brenda O'Grady, Fran Barnette, Martha Otto, 

Donna Marker. Fourth Row: Alice Speice, Julie Lawson, Debbie 
Laughery, Carol Bradford, Ann Anderson, Barbara Stocking, Sally 
Halliburton (Treasurer), Ann Weisinger. Back Row: Kathy Dorset, June 
Boothby, Jenny Hall, Lynne Lahait, Carlotta Parr. 


Front Row: Liston Carnie, Brian O'Grady, Bruce Ahrons. Second Row: 
Steve Feaster, Bruce Clymer, Larry Michael, Jim Roeder, Gordon 
Macrae, Ric Brady. Third Row: Jay Jerome, Tim Walsh, Bob Bales, 

Daniel Roberts (Secretary), Scott Fredericks. Back Row: Dennis Mc- 
Causland (President), Terry Hillerich, John O'Neill, Kevin Carey, 
Michael Martin. 


Key Touches-Up Lines On Students' Parking Lot 

Early in September the Key Service Club started off 
the year by removing unsightly trash from the senior 
court. The club sold "Beat G.W." signs donating the 
proceeds from these sales to the Multiple Sclerosis 
Drive which took place throughout November. Entering 
a club float with the theme of "wreck G.W." in the 
Thanksgiving Day Game competition, they received the 
honor of tying for third place. 

At the Yorktown versus W-L football game, the mem- 
bers kept themselves busy. They sponsored a half-time 
skit and sold confetti to the crowds during the game. 
Following the Hammond game December 16th, and the 
Suart game February 11th, the members hosted after- 
game dances held in the Little Theater. 

Those who use the student parking lot remained in- 
debted to the Key Club for the fine white lines. The 
repainting of these lines repeated a project similar to 
one undertaken by the 1962 Key Service Club. 

Concentrating on the business at hand, Dennis McCausland 
mentally ponders a list of future club projects. 


Tracing the scholastic destiny of W-L seniors, Linda Beach 
posts additions to the Keyettes bulletin board. 


Keyettes Send Articles To Soldiers In Viet Nam 

Keyette Kitty Clark picks a comfy chair to cut name slips 
for the club-sponsored college bulletin board. 


The Keyette Club energetically worked this year to 
serve the school and community. Numerous school 
projects included constructing a float for the Thanks- 
giving Day Game, selling pizza after the PSAT tests, and 
ushering at the school theatrical productions. 

In the area of community service, the Keyettes col- 
lected money for the Cerebral Palsy Drive and sent 
clothing to the John Lamb Foundation. Sharing the 
Christmas spirit and joy, the girls sang hymns with the 
patients at Arlington Community hospital. The club's 
welfare programs extended beyond the boundaries of 
the community when the Keyettes sent such articles as 
toothpaste, batteries and razorblades to the soldiers in 
Viet Nam in early spring. 

Girls from other service clubs assisted the club by 
modeling in the Keyette originated Spring Fashion Show. 
This presentation included hairdressing and make-up 
hints besides the "mod" fashions. Chosen members 
attended the Keyette Convention held in Roanoke, Vir- 

"Mr. W-L candidate Mike Slade shows appreciation to an 
admirer who ups the ante for the Keyettes' contest. 

Keyette Paula Coleman ponders the intriguing list of candi- 
dates for the Keyette-sponsored Mr. W-L contest. 

Front Row: Vicki Prohaska, Kathy Crockett, Liz Sowers, Karen Todd. 
Second Row: Karen Bender (Point-Recorder), Shirley Smith, Lori Dear- 
dorff, Jimsey Frye. Third Row: Nancy Lewis, Carol Nackenoff, Susan 
Speake, Heather Miller, Almira Hudnall. Fourth Row: Esther White, 

Karen Bittenbring, Nancy Howard, Bonnie Anderson (Treasurer), Lor- 
raine Drance. Back Row: Linda Beach, Kitty Clark, Angi Galante, 
Martie Amos, Mary Wolfe, Karen Mootz (President). 

Describing the snowy trip to New York and the United Nations, 
president Andre Loustalot takes the podium. 

Senior Richard Merriman expresses views in favor of the 
Law Club field trip to New York in early spring. 


In order that club members might go on a two-day 
educational jaunt to the United Nations Building in New 
York, the Law Club sponsored a combination dance and 
hootenanney in which they netted over 150 dollars. 
After using necessary expenses for the trip, they con- 
tributed the rest of the money to school publications. 

Throughout the year, the members received advice 
and guidance on law careers from guest speakers. Early 
in October, a Georgetown University law student spoke 
on courses and classes needed to prepare for a law 

As a community service club project for Christmas, 
the members made and signed over five thousand leaf- 
lets urging safety on the nation's highways, especially 
during the winter season. Members made trips to nearby 
shopping centers to distribute the leaflets. In April, the 
club held a mock jury trial in which after many a heated 
debate and discusion, the defendant was acquitted. Later 
on, a judge was on hand to speak about his career. 


Curt Snyder reflects on a fellow member's suggestion during an after- 
school dissertation at the Law Club. 

Law Club Takes Two-Day Trip To Tour U.N. 

Front Row: Mary Orth, Gary Payne, Jaime Fuentes, Chris Kjeldgaard, 
Bonnie Read. Second Row: Martie Ishmael, Helen Johnson (Secretary), 
Lee Sneddon, Donna Showers, Mike Neumann (Treasurer). Third Row; 
Linda Hill, Jay Jerome, J. Harris Anderson, J. Keen Holland (Vice 

President), Curt Snyder. Fourth Row: James Tawes, Andre Loustalot 
(President), Moharned Hadid, June Boothby, Allan Reyes, Rob Lewallen. 
Back Row: Richard Merriman, Warren Bray, Vic Von Sabler, David 
Stone, Bye Clark. 


Students Experience Performing Librarian Duties 

Front Row: Lydia Jones, Wendy John- 
son. Second Row: Mary Tama, Virginia 
Leach, Sandra Lane, Third Row: Janet 
La Prade, Jean Sievers, Joyce Head, 
Vicki Scudder. Back Row: Ed Smith, 
Mark Stanton, Frank Sweigart, Paul 


Sound Members Service At School Assemblies 

Front Row: Howard Bills, Thomas 
Russell. Back Row: Gerald Wil- 
liams, John Cannefax, Jerrold Bonn 


Front Row: Nora Stone, Debbi Heflin. Linda Holshouser. Second Row: 
Tammy Gonzalez, Tommie Stewart. Back Row: Jean Kaluta, Dana Dyer. 


Dancers Interpret Mars In 1986 For Audience 

A gym usually provides a place for basketball games, 
gymnastics, or other rigorous sports. Many found it sur- 
prising to see dancers prancing under the basket hoops 
and gymnastic equipment. 

Every Wednesday afternoon the Washington-Lee Mod- 
ern Dance Club transformed the downstairs gym into 
a dance studio. The girls, striving for personal satisfac- 
tion, grace, and poise, did limbering up exercises and 
interpreted original ideas into dance routines. 

Membership in the club opened at the beginning of 
the school year to all interested girls. Each prospective 
member auditioned for the sponsor and several mem- 
bers. Seven girls consisting of four seniors, a junior, 
and two sophomores gained membership into the club. 

The club worked all year in preparation for the spring 
program entitled "Mars 1986", which also included 
talented junior girls who met with success in the Modern 
Dance unit. The club also appeared at community func- 

Preparing for a spring assembly presented by the Modern 
Dance Club, members practice to perfect stunts. 


Jeanne Monroe, Donna Griffin (Captain), Andi Koerner, 
Vicki McWhorter. 

Marie Henry, Jan Latshaw, Mary Lee Kuzsnicky, Sharon 


Front Row: Mary Lee Kuzsnicky, Jan Latshaw, Pam Cook (Mascot), 
Edie Wagner, Marie Henry. Back Row: Andi Koerner, Vicki Mc- 
Whorter Donna Griffin, Jeanne Monroe, Sharon Johnson. 


Majorettes Twirl In Gay Apple Blossom Parade 

Andi Koerner sports her brightly sequined uniform as she sells 
balloons to boost funds for the Majorettes. 

W-Lites had many a chance to view the talented 
1966-67 Majorettes. Instead of just twirling at football 
games, the girls used pom-poms and silk scarves to add 
spice to the routines. They also twirled with fire at four 
games and brightened the Thanksgiving Game with a 
variety of colored helium balloons. 

Of the many competitions which the Majorettes enter- 
ed, one of the most exciting took place in Winchester, 
Virginia during the Apple Blossom Festival held in May. 
They also added to the festivities at the annual Memorial 
Day parade in Falls Church, as well as in several other 
competitions held in Maryland. 

In order to meet the entrance fee in many of the com- 
petitions, the girls sold Heath Candy during the winter 
months and held several bake sales during the spring. 

Because of many hours of hard work, the Majorettes 
were able to feel justly proud of a year filled with ex- 
citement, fun, and talent. 



Club Heads For Hills, Horses In Fair Weather 

As Mounted General members Reid Dudley and Alice Eldridge 
parade, others watch for various techniques. 

When the weather permitted, the enthusiastic Mounted 
Generals went horseback riding at Pattie's Stable near 
Annandale or at the Reston Riding Ring. Practicing 
weekly definitely proved advantageous this spring when 
this active club demonstrated proficiency in the Tenth 
Annual Horse Show. Boasting an English day of field 
and ring events, cross-country riding and a Western 
day of pole-bending, rodeo shows and timing events, 
the horse show proved both fascinating and profitable 
to the spectators. 

Believing that they could learn different riding tech- 
niques from watching, the club attended the Interna- 
tional Horse Show in early November. Emphasizing the 
correct position of an esquienne in either an English or 
Western saddle, the show featured Equition and Hunter 

Primarily an interest club, the Mounted Generals in- 
cluded movies or speakers at club meetings which 
added to the group's understanding of "horse sense." 
Social activities included various hayrides. 

Front Row: Constance Robinson, Marilea Kuznicki, Regina Overholt, 
Vicki Scudder, Ronnie Vailati. Second Row: Claudia Beache (Vice 
President), Sissie Dale (Secretary), Carolyn Hannebaum, Dianne 
Caldwell, Kay Kerns, Alice Eldridge. Third Row: Wanda McKenzie, 
Nancy Louise Price, Carol Quaintance, Elaine Vavra, Nancy Harding. 

Fourth Row: Cindy Cole, Cathy Daniels, Gaynelle Nixon, Joanne 
Bragg, Marilyn Tucker, Linda Langelle. Fifth Row: Mr. John English- 
man (Sponsor), Russ Boiling, Gary Black, Aleda Maycock (Treasurer), 
Lynne Manov, Alice McLeroy, Marilyn Whipple. Back Row: Reid 
Dudley (President), Bere Todd, Stuart Meyerson, Mike Schwelien. 

In preparation for the traditional spring show, W-L's Mounted Gen- 
erals help perfect members' horsemanship. 

Atop her chosen mount, senior Alice Eldridge prepares to 
ride for an enjoyable afternoon close to nature. 

After careful preparation in mounting up, two horsemen 
leave to enjoy spring from the saddle of a horse. 


Front Row: Dorris May, Darlene Barbosa, Barbara Yeager, Gayle 
Sefton, Debbi Sanders. Second Row: Kathy Gallivan, Tricia Caru- 
ana. Sherry Puglisi, Pat Garnett, Susie Cahill, Stephanie Burner. 
Third Row: Greta West, Karen Hill, Gayle Gibson, Glenys Dyer, 
Mary Garland, Sharleen Graham. Fourth Row: Donna Doerr, 

Cynthia Booth, Charlene Chinn, Sally Elens, Debra Hall, Mary 
Theofilos. Fifth Row: Nancy Shattuck, Debbie Laughery, Susan 
Wells, Mary Hansen, Roberta Smith, Martha Umstott, Carol Brig- 
ham. Back Row: Janet Kreachbaum, Jan Booker, Barbara Wood- 
bury, Linda Wilkins, Brenda Wilson. 

National Beta President Francine Stoss carefully listens 
gestions for the traditional Charity Ball. 

to sug- 


National Beta Hosts Annual Thanksgiving Bonfire 

National Beta reigned unique among the service clubs 
at Washington-Lee, in that it included boths boys and 
girls. This has been because the club has special en- 
trance requirements and is a nationally, not a school 
sponsored club. 

Traditionally, the club has sponsored a bonfire the 
night of the annual football game with George Washing- 
ton High School. This year was no exception, as several 
hundred W-Lites showed up with their admission ticket 
of "one piece of wood" in spite of freezing temperatures. 

National Beta Service Club won first prize in the club 
competition in the Student Council's charity drive by 
contributing over 100 dollars to the Multiple Sclerosis 

Throughout the year, the club held money-making 
projects which included a door-to-door sale of donuts, 
and the Charity Ball held at W-L, as well as many service 
activities during the school year. 

OFFICERS— Front Row: Kathie Whitten (First Vice President), Fran 

Stoss (President), Judy Binns (Second Vice President). Back Row: 

Janice Wick (Historian), Sue Tangerose (Treasurer), Carolyn Stewart 

Front Row: Norma Day, Pat Pouliot, Ann Howard, Judy Binns, 
Meg Barth. Second Row: Helen Ross, Sandy Rhodes, Karen Bark, 
Ann Clymer, Lisa Goodrich. Third Row: Carol Stuart (Secretary), 
Janice Wick (Historian), Chris Smith, Linda Herrington, Chris 
Davis, Judi Hurst. Fourth Row: Martie Amos, Kathie Whitten (First 

Vice President), Kathy Coggins, Cathy Clark, Yvonne Carmichael, 
Vickie Prohaska. Fifth Row: Nancy Faris, Pat Stewart, Fran 
Stoss (President), Carol Greenlief, Donna Hillegass, Chris Iohn- 
son, Bonni Bray. Back Row: Delia Scholes, Harry Grimmnitz, 
Susan Rush, Sue Tangerose (Treasurer). 


Nu Hangs Gay Decorations In Teachers' Lounge 

Listening to problems encountered by members at bake 
sales, President Diane Coleman tries to find answers. 

Upon completion of a successful bake sale, Nu members 
gather together to discuss plans for expected profit. 

Nu Service Club enjoyed a very prosperous past 
year kicked off by a Senior Court clean-up. The mem- 
bers continued this task periodically throughout the year. 
Besides the customary projects of stuffing envelopes for 
the Tuberculosis Association, Nu donated a substantial 
amount of money to this year's charity drive. Club mem- 
bers raised the money through a raffle in which students 
bought tickets for the chance to win numerous prizes 
donated by local merchants. 

Eager members spent many hours working on the 
club's entry in the G.W. float competition. A slumber 
party gave all new members a chance to acquaint them- 
selves with the old members of the club. At Christmas 
all girls pitched in to donate a basket of food to a needy 
family. In the spring the club took up the project of 
decorating the second floor teachers' lounge. They 
decorated it for various holidays which included Valen- 
tine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter. 

M ' 


Front Row: Doris Johnson, Amelia Neam, Joanne Chobot, Patty Love. 
Second Row: Linda Hall, Sally Braun, Sandy Sanford, Andi Hendricks, 
Lynn Yount. Third Row: Jill Stark, Carolyn Wilson, Chris Stann, 
Adrienne Hyle (Treasurer), Diane Coleman (President). Fourth Row: 

Johann Johnson (Vice President), Michele Beatle, Ann McKenzie, 
Kristie Smith, Kathy Quick, Marilyn Johnson. Back Row: Luwanda 
McKinney, Arlene Cope, Karen O'Donnell, Anna Reyner, Linda Ball. 

OFFICERS: Bruce Niles (President), Mike West (Vice President), 
Frank Rich (Secretary), Jim Lamberson (Treasurer), Stuart Myerson 
(Chaplain), Mike Schwelien (Historian). 

Jerry Coyne and David Logan assist a reluctant cheerleader, 
Bob Stewart, from the gym after a pep rally. 

Omega officers lead club discussion on numerous business 
matters while in Biology classroom headquarters. 



Omega Leads Crowd During Football Pep Rally 

Washington Lee's Omega Service Club submerged 
itself this year in a busy round of activities to improve 
school spirit. Besides providing a sizeable portion of a 
membership of approximately thirty to the Go-Go Boys 
at every basketball game, the club staged a bona-fide 
cheerleading demonstration by "Stuart Cheerleaders" 
at a football pep rally. The franchise for selling soft 
drinks at home basketball games also belonged ex- 
clusively to Omega. 

The Service Club provided a Santa Claus and several 
helpers to the Tau Service Club party for underpriv- 
ileged children at Strawberry Cottage under Operation 
Headstart during the Christmas season. Further con- 
tributions to the community in the form of time, effort or 
money included stuffing envelopes for the Tuberculosis 
Association and donating to the annual Student Council 
sponsored charity drive for the Multiple Sclerosis Foun- 

As a last service to the school, Omega presented 
Washington-Lee with a well-chosen gift. 

Omega members Jack Fleming and Charlie Caudill prepare 
a fast get-away after an Omega business meeting. 

Front Row: Stuart Meyerson (Chaplain), Jim Lamberson (Treasurer), 
Bruce Niles (President), Mike West (Vice President), Frank Rich 
(Secretary). Second Row: Mike Christesson, Jerry Coyne, Mike Schwe- 
lien (Historian), Bob Stewart, Neil Ohlsson. Third Row: Jeff Bestic, 

Bere Todd, Walter Billings, Mike Vincent, Bill Wilber. Fourth Row: 
John Kaddatz, Dave Strube, Bill Thompson, Lee Area, Charlie Caudill. 
Back Row: Bob Keller, Jack Fleming, David Logan, Bob Wright, Artie 


Members Required To Work 4 Hrs. A Semester 

Members of the Pep Club register mixed emotions when 
Anne Ludlow suggests planning yet another bake sale. 

The Pep Club, along with the Cheer Leaders and Go- 
Go Boys, papered the walls of W-L with colorful posters 
which boosted school spirit and gave the teams moral 

For the first time in its history at W-L, the Pep Club 
organized and adopted a constitution. One point stated 
that the members must earn four "hours" each semester 
by engaging in club activities. Members could attend 
athletic events, make posters, and sell or bake for bake- 
sales to accumulate participation time. Among the many 
new additions to the club's agenda included sitting with 
the Go-Go Boys at the Yorktown basketball game and 
co-ordinately cheering the players to victory. 

In order to raise money to buy suppliers, the Pep 
Club sold white pom-poms twice during the football 
season and held many bakesales after school. 

The initiative and drive of the Pep Club members 
stimulated the enthusiasm of the student body to come 
out and cheer for the teams. 

Front Row: Marilyn Johnson, Jane Stewart, Syd Slye, Dace Carver, 
Brenda O'Grady, Chris Stann. Second Row: Jil King, Cathy Daniels, 
Ann Weisiger, Darlene Wright, Ann Hord, Anne Ludlow (President). 
Third Row: Holly Hawthorne, Linda Robey, Carol Bradford, Barbie 
Svendsen, Gloria Gieser, Kathy Ashley, Barbara Fisher. Fourth Row: 

Chris Arnold, Sue Tangerose, Marilib Henry, Ellen Marshall, Nancy 
Clevinger, Kathy Ray, Cathy Clark (Vice President). Back Row: Sheila 
Brannan, Lavillon Morrison, Mo Hagel, Andi Lose, Gwynneth Wood- 

Front Row: Betty Corbin, Diane Anello, Joannie Samaha, Debbie New- 
man, Paula Sharff, Pat Loveless, Lynn Storie. Second Row: Nancy 
Robinson, Marsha Shultz, Chris Johnson, Karen Bark, Susie Cahill, 
Susan Hill, Fran Packard, Linda Mimms, Donna Marker. Third Row: 
Meg Barth, Ruth Harp, Shelley Jimeson, Marty Walker, Leni Veach, 

Carolyn Lanham, Carla Wright, Hazel Colosimo, Ruby Moye. Fourth 
Row: Lynn Godfrey, Andi Binkley, Kathy Mooney, Jan Simmons, 
Suzanne Bisset, Linda Wall, Holly Howell, Kim Brown, Nancy King- 
man, Mary Russillo. Back Row: Helen Simpson, Susan Williams, 
Nancy Elliott, Barbara Stocking, Cynthia Booth, Diane Coleman. 

Framed by a cloud of pom-poms, Nancy Elliott grins over 
prospective Pep Club profit at the Yorktown Game. 

Pep Club members Marty Walker and Sheila Brannan cut 
locker signs designed to boost baskefball spirit. 


Senior Carole Reynolds discusses an important point with 
fellow members during a Psychology Club meeting. 


Psychology Club Visits Staunton Mental Institute 

Listed merely as an interest group, the Psychology- 
Club aimed many of this year's activities towards assist- 
ing the school and community. In October these action- 
minded students sponsored an all-school assembly. The 
guest speaker, a psychologist from Saint Elizabeth's 
Hospital in Washington, spoke on the qualities of lead- 
ership as he observed them in people he had known. 

On alternating Tuesdays the members held tantalizing 
bake sales. These profits helped to build a fund which 
they then contributed to the Junior Village Orphanage. 
In addition, the girls devoted time and energy after 
school working with the children at the orphanage. 
Other civic activities included the construction of bean 
bags at Christmas and the solicitation of money for the 
Heart Fund Drive in February. 

A trip to the Mental Institution in Staunton, Vriginia, 
gave the members an insight into the problems of the 
mentally disturbed which most were unaware of. 

Psychology Club members listen to officers' plans to par- 
ticipate in future school and community projects. 


Front Row: Martha Karas, Donna Marker, Mickey Ellis, Jean Karas, 
Marsha Shultz. Second Row: Alice Speice, Elizabeth Bell, Bonnie 
Read, Pat Loveless, Jan Collins. Third Row: Mary Anstine, Clovia 
Chinn, Martie Amos, Sandy Rhodes,- Kim Brown, Karen Bittenbring. 

Fourth Row: Fran Packard (Secretary), Ann Hord, Lynne Lahait, Helen 
Simpson, Susan Williams, Chris Smith, Nancy Shattuck, Patti Palmer. 
Back Row: Jan Booker, Janet Kreachbaum, Jennifer Myer, Jenny Hall. 

With the serious concentration of an enraptured one, Craig 
Hall listens to a lecture in Psychology Club. 

Front Row: Judy Cloyed, Pat Johnson, Sue Cline, Paula Corson, Diane 
Weaver (Secretary). Second Row: Mike Neumann, Walter Billings, Rod 
Barron, Gordon Macrae. Third Row: Walter Kolb (Vice President), 

Steve Feaster, Tom Kruse. Fourth Row: Allan Reyes, J. Keen Holland 
(President), Walter Bauer, Stuart Lipsky. Back Row: Albert Tillson, 
Garry O'Neill, John Hoist, Andre Peter Loustalot. 


Pro And Con Club Successfully Re-Established 

A recent addition to the school, the Pro and Con Club 
re-established itself this year. The purpose of the club 
consisted discussing major issues of concern and con- 
troversy in the world. 

During the year, members entertained such speakers 
as an expert on Red China who was a professor from 
George Washington University. American University 
sent a student representative who spoke on the United 
States foreign policy concerning Latin America. The club 
also invited such speakers as two members from the 
county board who discussed government budget prob- 
lems, and a representative from the job corps who 
defended the corps' position. Senator Mike Mansfield, a 
guest of the Pro and Con Club at an April assembly, 
addressed the school on the possibility of lowering the 
voting age. They also held discussions on such diversi- 
fied subjects as open housing and unidentified flying 
objects. As a source of funds, the Pro and Con Club 
held occasional pizza sales after school. 

Mr. Charles Jones of ACCESS speaks to a Pro&Con Club 
meeting on open occupancy in the Washington suburbs. 

J \S3 

iS ! 


1 \l 


Pi "*-- 

• : 

: 1 




Red Cross Club Sends Paperbacks To Soldiers 

Enthusiasm became "the" word of the Red Cross Club 
this year. In the fall, the club started off with an ex- 
tremely successful paperback book drive. These books 
contributed to part of a county-wide Red Cross project 
to send ditty bags to soldiers in Viet Nam. 

Soon after the book collection, members held the 
annual enrollment drive, which did not have as big a 
turn-out as expected. Gathering at one club member's 
house, the girls created centerpieces of pine to decorate 
tables for an annual adult Red Cross Convention held at 
the Marriot Hotel during the holidays. Along with the 
Christmas Spirit came the traditional stuffing of Christ- 
mas stockings, which members filled to the brim with 
candy . 

A trip to Junior Village in February gave the children 
an afternoon of games and refreshments through the 
planning of club members. In conjunction with the 
O'Connell Red Cross Club, they organized and present- 
ed a party for the mentally retarded children in this area. 

Boxing the paperback books, Paul Marionoble and Gloria 
Lee prepare them to be sent to soldiers in Vietnam. 

Front Row: Susan Weaver, Jeannette Ruiz, Shirley Smith. Second Row: 
Karen Hill, Gloria Lee (President), Kay Kerns, Valerie Roy. Third Row: 
Mo McManus, Beverly Ingles, Linda Rae Kilby, Joan Shaffer, Brigette 

Newberry. Fourth Row: Nancy Spring, Diana Love, Terry Brandts, 
Mary Getlein. Back Row: John Bauckman, Paul Marinoble (Vice Presi- 
dent), Kathy Collins, Audrey Colflesh. 


Squad Gives Benefit Of First-Aid Knowledge 

Meeting each week, enthusiastic members of the 
Washington-Lee Rescue Squad planned week-end ac- 
tivity assignments. Here they also discussed difficulties 
various members might have encountered while prac- 
ticting necessary first-aid procedures. 

Serving the student body and teams faithfully on the 
sidelines of each and every home football and basket- 
ball game of the year, members numbering approxi- 
mately six boys stood ready for every imaginable emer- 
gency. Among other activities, the boys also aided the 
school administration during both air and fire drills, 
helping relieve congestion in the halls. 

Rescue Squad member Chris White reads up on necessary 
first aid to give in the event of possible accidents. 

Front Row: David Brigham (Secretary-Treasurer), Frank Gallivan, 
George McCoy. Back Row: Chris V/hite (Vice President), Jim Clayton, 
Jay Jerome (President). 


Front Row: Mr. Hans-Peter Klose (Sponsor), Scott Bacon, Vicki Rice. 
Second Row: Gary Black, Sandy Webbere (President), Sissie Dale. 

Third Row: Kathy Davis, George Bullard. Back Row: Connie Knowles 
(Vice President), George Gorman, Aleda Maycock. 



Sailors, Boaters Pass Test, Enjoy Water Mastery 

Sailing and Boating Club sponsor Mr. Hans-Peter Klose ex- 
plains the complicated process of boat construction. 

To the members of the Sailing and Boating Club, sail- 
ing included more than just enjoyment, work, and 
physical fitness, but also an accomplishment of being 
able to master a man-made system to the best ways of 
nature. The ideal situation would have been for the club 
to own boats of their own, which would mean building 
them from fiber glass and buying parts that could not 
be built. 

To prove ability and achieve the goal, the sailors 
had to pass the Helmsman Test. This test showed how 
well the art of sailing had been mastered in both theory 
and practice. It included steering, use of the win, cast- 
ing off, and a knowledge of all safety precautions, in 
addition to being able to handle the unexpected. The 
last part put the sailor in the boat alone; passing the test 
meant that the member could sail without an instructor. 

Senior Bev Diggle and Chris Cheney 
perform an experiment as they explore 
a scientific mystery together. 

Explaining exhibits found at the Biological Warfare Center, 
President Arent Wiken makes trip suggestions. 



Club Members Explore 

Biological Warfare Center 

One of the largest academic interest clubs at W-L, the 
Science Club's interesting projects and trips drew new 
members into the organization. At the annual mixer, a 
science knowledge quiz challenged the members. A 
team of juniors pitted skills and understanding of all 
branches of the scientific field against a team composed 
of sophomores and seniors. 

An out-of-the-ordinary type of meeting took place in 
the fall, during which an experiment on controversial 
extrasensory perception, was conducted on the mem- 

The fortunate members had the opportunity to tour the 
Biological Warfare Center in Fort Dietrick, Maryland. 
Here they found a variety of mosquito cultures, animal 
research quarter, and firefly cultures to study. Club 
members took on the responsibility of supervising the 
annual school science fair. Several months later, mem- 
bers used know-how to put up the area science fair, 
held this year at Wakefield. 

Front Row: Bev Diggle, Sally Van Skiver, Barbara Yeager, Vicki Rice. 
Second Row: Robert Athay, Art Area, Valerie Hauch, Chris Cheney, 
Rod Barron, Brad O'Neill. Third Row: Lawrence Rovin, Ronald Hoch- 
man, David Brigham, Dave Barnes, Jim Roeder, Ric Brady. Fourth 

Row: John Hoist, Walter Bauer, John Melson, Tom Kruse, James Jones. 
Back Row: John Magnuson, Arent Wiken (President), Chris White 
(Treasurer), Jonathan Harmon. 


Divers Probe Gloomy Depths Of Quarry Waters 

Water enthusiasts donned masks, fins, snorkles, air 
tanks and wet suits to pursue the sport of scuba diving. 
The process of getting all members certified headed the 
list of activities. Due to limited access to a pool, this 
job took until April. In order to become certified, mem- 
bers had to pass a test on water safety, and demon- 
strate swimming proficiency. The members strived to 
promote the sport of diving and to practice all the safety 
measures involved when in the water. 

In the spring the club spent many enjoyable week- 
ends on "outings". Visits to quarries near Halltown and 
Martinsberry in West Virginia became the most pop- 
ular. In twenty-five to sixty feet of water the members 
explored the bottoms of these quarries and found some 
very interesting relics including beer cans, and parts of 
old cars. By the end of the year, members of the Scuba 
Club had become proficient in underwater skindiving, 
and had applied for membership in the Atlantic Skin- 
diving Council. 

Scuba Club members take poolside instructions while be- 
coming familiar with the various diving equipment. 

Front Row: Cathy Daniels, Ann Weisiger, Jil King, Patti 
Odend'Hal, Lynda Nash. Second Row: Michael Reimann, 
Kathy Ashley, Robert Athay. Third Row: Ron Mason (Presi- 

dent), Bill Lovegrove, Paul Van Doren, Larry Strunk. Back 
Row: Rick Erickson, Chuck Sara, Larry Pirkey. 

Front Row: Jayma Valentine, Lynn Storie (Historian). Second Row: 
Donna Griffin (Vice President), Nancy Wallace, Barbara Olson, Mary 
Russillo, Ana Pacheco. Third Row: Carolyn Lanham (Recording Secre- 
tary), Marty Walker, Karen Fletcher, Syd Slye. Fourth Row: Diana 

Escola, Michele Watson, Gail Escola, Andi Lose (Treasurer), Linda Rae 
Kilby. Back Row: Angie Dahmer, Sharon Johnson, Paulette Eghia- 
zarian, Mo Hagel (President). 


Club Gives Page-Turner To Community Of Hope 

Changing a dollar at the Turkey Day Game, enthusiastic 
Sigma member Lynn Storie sells colored balloons. 

This year Sigma members spent much of the time 
participating in many money raising projects. Some of 
these projects included the sale of helium balloons at 
the G.W. football game, greeting cards at Christmas- 
time, and sponges made by the members. The proceeds 
went towards the purchase of an automatic page-turner 
for the handicapped children at the Community of Hope 
in Keezletown. Members acquainted themselves with 
the community at a Pot-Luck dinner, at which a guest 
speaker from Hope answered questions. 

Sigma also fulfilled an outstanding list of services 
towards the school and community. They adopted a 
ward at Arlington Community Hospital, and collected 
for UNICEF at Halloween time. Sigma spent much work 
on a float and the finished product made a fine showing 
in competition at the Turkey Day Game. Energetic girls 
caught the Christmas spirit and erected a Christmas tree 
at the Quincy Street entrance. As a gesture of gratitude, 
members baked cookies for the school's custodial staff. 


Swim Club Sponsor Mr. C. S. Arthur goes over improve- 
ments needed among several members during practice. 

Planning for participants in future swimming events takes up much 
time on the part of swim club members. 



Winter months found most W-L students bundled in 
warm clothing, enjoying the sports that come with 
snow and cold temperatures. The more than twenty- 
five members of the Washington-Lee Swim Club paid 
no heed to the weather as they donned bathing suits 
and went swimming. 

The group held early Saturday morning practices 
from the beginning of December until the middle of 
February in preparation for competition. 

Though not a varsity sport, the Swim Club competed 
with similar clubs in area schools. A highly successful 
season included meets with O'Connell, Yorktown, T.C. 
Williams, and Fort Hunt. Each member entered compe- 
tition in the event or events that they had become most 
skilled in. The contestants spent exhausting hours per- 
fecting strokes and building speed and endurance 
Boys and girls entered separate races, boys going longer 
lengths. The season ended officially in March with an 
All-Star Meet at which members competed among top 


Swim Club Members Brave 

Freezing Temperatures 

Front Row: Kathy McAnear, Susie Cahill, Helen Ross, Joan Stocking. 
Second Row: Joy Mosse, Jil King, Winnie Owens, Lindsay Chapman, 
Sandy Rhodes. Third Row: Tom Jones, Cynthia Booth, Kathy Quick, 
Barbara Stocking, Janet McMahon, Vicki Rice. Fourth Row: Darilyn 

Evans, Patsie Tribe, Connie Knowles, Rick Galloway, Jim Garrity, Jeff 
Page, Barbara Fisher. Back Row: Warren Goodlett, Greg Huff, Glenn 
Neuman (President), Laih Harris, Tony Cacciapaglia (Vice President). 

a rs 

3»"" - -■' m 1 

* /^ 




r >fi 



W 41 ^ 






i . A 

* -A 

Ik. W^C^^ \J 




mKw**' "■ 







W*, r ' 

m ' & Am 

w 1 v 

B K 1 


1 v ; ' 




m k 

i - y\\ 



Skiers Head For Slopes On Snowy Week-Ends 


Senior Lynne Manov bundles up in happy anticipation of 
possible snowy slopes during a Ski Club meeting. 

The Ski Club, concluding it's third season of -existence, 
boasted more action than any previous year. The club, 
with thirty-seven members, broke existing records by 
taking more skiing trips than ever before. The trips had 
at some times an attendance of as many as twenty-seven 
members taking advantage of the snowy slopes. 

For conditioning exercises before the first skiing trip, 
members hiked both up the C&O Canal and in the 
Shenendoah Valley. They also went ice-skating at the 
Village House Ice-Skating Rink. During several of the 
club meetings the members viewed movies on skiing 
techniques. On the first trip, the novices received les- 
sons which opened to them the world of ice, snow and 
thrills. The members explored the slopes throughout 
Virginia and Maryland. 

The club took an active part in other school programs. 
They gave a successful dance in January with two bands 
and donated $150 of the money earned towards Multiple 
Sclerosis. Any remaining money went also to charity. 

Front Row: Christiane Henn, Sissie Dale, Susan Moore, Lindsay Chap- 
man, Debbie Grey, Benji Brackman. Second Row: Linda Smith (Vice 
President), Diana Escola (Secretary), Jesse Horton, Carol Brigham 
(Treasurer), Sandy Webbere, Donald Bell, Danny Hill, Susan Manov. 
Third Row: Susan Wells, June Boothby, John Senechal, Grace Marvin 
(President), Linda Hill, Lynne Manov, Kay Kirchman. Fourth Row: Jane 
Tomlinson Norman Hyndman, Allan Reyes, Brian Wallace, Andre 
Loustalot, Richard Sellers, Terry Bazzarre, Aleda Maycock. Back Row: 
Darrow Sellers, Vic Vcn Sabler, Pete Senechal, Jennifer Myer, Paul 

Front Row: Pamela Meadors, Pat Johnson. Second Row: Carlotta 
LesshaHt, J. Keen Holland, John Hellyer. Third Row: Ric Jacobsen, 
Philip Nickle, David Stewart (President), Gordon Macrae (Vice Presi- 

dent). Back Row: Jim Clayton, Arent Wiken, Albert Tillson, Jay Jerome, 
Bob Bales. 


TAR Members Host Annual Virginia Convention 

Speeches concerning the up-coming State Young Repub- 
lican Convention amuse senior member Bobbie Jacobsen. 

The election machinery rolled at Arlington's Broyhill 
Auditorium and at individual candidate election head- 
quarters during the fall of 1966. As the many Virginia 
and local campaigns began, W-L's branch of the county 
wide Teen- Age Republican organization contributed time 
and campaign experience to the organization of party 
meetings, precinct canvassing, shopping center public- 
ity tours, and parades. On the school level the TAR 
co-sponsored the debate in the Little Theater between 
the two County Board candidates, Leo Urbanske and 
Ned Thomas. The highlight of the year's intra-party po- 
litical finagling came as the Arlington Republican organ- 
izations played host to Virginia's annual TAR conven- 
tion, held here in February. 

Since the largely successful outcome of 1966 Novem- 
ber's elections, the TAR established a small Capitol 
Hill office work force for special aid to Republican legis- 
lators. Among those helped have been Senator Curtis of 
Nebraska and Representative Broyhill of Northern Vir- 

Front Row: Polly West, Hazel Colosimo, Cindy Kirby, Lissa Rantz, 
Paula Sharff. Second Row: Kay Kerns, Susan Hill (Secretary), Taci 
Zunzer, Terri Buckhantz, Pat Loveless. Third Row: Dace Carver, Sue 
Dunwoody (Historian), Cherry Maurer, Fran Packard (Treasurer), Tricia 

Caruana, Betty Corbin, Diane Anello. Fourth Row: Debbie Grey, Anne 
Ludlow (Vice President), Bonnie Cloyed, Cindy Fall (President), Carol 
Miles, Karen Murray, Paula Long. Back Row: Kaila Smith, Holly Haw- 
thorne, Nancy Clevinger, Laura Kelly. 

Tau members Pat Loveless, Kaila Smith, Susan Hill and Dace 
Carver participate in discussion of an activity. 


Tau Float Takes Third In 

Turkey-Day Competitions 

Interested Tau members devoted most of the time this 
year to project Headstart. Eager girls gave Halloween, 
Christmas, and Valentine parties for the children at 
Strawberry Cottage. Every six weeks the girls spent an 
afternoon entertaining mental patients at St. Elizabeth's 
Hospital. This included singing and handing out cor- 
sages as presents. 

Not neglecting the school on the list of activities, Tau 
members spent Friday afternoons decorating the goal- 
posts for home football games. As a grand climax of fall 
activities, Tau won third prize in the annual G.W. float 

The Christmas season brought about the annual sale 
of fruit cakes to help replenish the treasury. Members 
also mustered up all the singing talent and spent an 
enjoyable evening caroling. As a reward for all the time 
and effort spent by the members, Tau won the club of 
the quarter award contest sponsored by the SCA. 

Tau President Cindy Fall makes final plans for the Valentine 
Party members gave at Strawberry Cottage. 



Varsity Team Debates In Liberty Bell Tournament 

Debating W-L's negative, Lee Area makes a point before his 
Wakefield Warrior opponent and the judges. 

The only varsity sport which culminates more than 
four months of preparation with just eight weeks of com- 
petition is the Debate Team. Under the sponsorship 
of Mr. John Harocopos, the four varsity and twelve junior 
varsity members researched and practiced the topic 
"Resolved: The Foreign Assistance Program of the 
United States Should Be Limited to Non-Military Assist- 
ance" in scrimmages with other high schools before the 
official opening of the season on February 6. In an as- 
sembly before the entire student body, the debators 
demonstrated ability. 

The Debate Team had the privilege this spring to com- 
pete in the Liberty Bell Tournament in Philadelphia, at 
George Washington University, at William <S Mary Col- 
lege, and with area high schools in the Potomac District. 
An impartial judge evaluated each school's part in the 
debate, which consisted of a six-minute constructive 
speech, a four-minute cross-examination, and a four- 
minute rebuttal by each member of the affirmative and 
negative teams. 

Front Row: Chris Smith (Secretary), Gordon Macrae, Virginia Leach. 
Second Row: John Parsons (Treasurer), Lee Area. Third Row: David 
Brodsky, Kent Poush, Tom Russell, Larry Rovin. Back Row: Robert 
Gibson, Bob Lane, Bruce Beckner. 

Front Row: Arno Livingston, Glenn Neuman, Bob Stewart, Tom Derr, 
Bruce Niles. Second Row: Stuart Meyerson, Dave Williamson, Steve 
Goldsmith, Brian O'Grady, Bob Jack. Third Row: Mac Estabrook, Nolan 
Forness, Rick Beale, Mike Trainum, Walter Billings, Roger Graham. 

Fourth Row: Dave Price, Andre Loustalot, George Gorman, Bill 
Thompson, Tim Alley, Jim Lamberson, Frank Rich (President). Back 
Row: Artie Richmond, Park Thompson, Mike West, Dave Logan, Gene 
Otis, Rick Martin, Larry Adams, Bob Wright. 


W-L's School Athletics Upheld 

By Varsity Lettermen 

Dedicated Varsity Lettermen's Club members Rick Beale, chaplain, 
and Mike Trainum join in a prayer for hair. 

Front Row: Mr. Richard Greene (Sponsor), JoAnne Czarniewski, Joyce 
Cornett, Linda Kelley, Jerline Parham, Second Row: Valerie Newton, 
Donna Cobert, Cindy Welsh, Judy Eergeron, Becky Zepeda. Third 
Row: Shirley Marcey, Lucy Summitt, Karen Johnson, Janet Myers, 
Linda Sykes, Brenda Keagy. Fourth Row: Sandy Nye, Elizabeth 

Starkey, Maureen Melia (President), Kathy Knarr, Jean Mclntyre 
(Treasurer), Dottie Blankenship, Carole Dinker. Fifth Row: Diana Bronn, 
Johnny Collins (Vice President), Virginia Lewis, Josephine Harris, Sue 
Ellen Dean, Mike Kraft. Back Row: Joseph Paul, Wilson Gregory, 
Cynthia Ours, Louella Canody. 


Representatives Speak To Junior High Students 

Maureen Melia utilizes a Vocational Office Training type- 
writer as he practices for a future occupation. 

Established to instill a greater sense of responsibility 
in Vocational Office Training students and to prepare 
them for future jobs, V.O.T. students were required to 
join the career club. The club proved effective in bring- 
ing the members in contact with more information con- 
cerning the field into which they planned to enter. 

Representatives of the club went to county junior high 
schools to inform interested students of the program. 
During the spring, the club held an assembly in the Little 
Theater to encourage students to take advantage of the 
opportunities. The employee-employer luncheon at the 
Marriot Motor Hotel in the spring climaxed the year. 

Guest speakers proved effective in guiding the careers 
of club members. The President of Clarendon Trust 
spoke to the members on the management analysis of 
I.B.M. The President of the Arlington Chapter of the 
Legal Secretarial Association spoke at one of the meet- 
ings on the opportunities in this field. 


Welcome Club Members Guide Orientation Tours 

Getting around in a strange building as large as 
Washington-Lee can prove quite frustrating without 
some assistance. The Welcome Club, in an effort to re- 
lieve some of the difficulties and uneasiness, held 
orientation tours for students new to the area several 
days before school began. Members welcomed new 
students by telephone, and sent letters to each one, in- 
forming them of the tours. In addition to this, new stu- 
dents coming later in the year received friendly wel- 
comes from members of the club. 

As the school year progressed and membership be- 
came established, opportunities for more projects pre- 
sented themselves. Frustrated parents, lost in the halls 
going back to school for the fall open house found help 
from club members acting as guides. 

The holiday season kept members of the Welcome 
Club busy. The cafeteria ladies enjoyed a seasonal 
party given them by the group. Members provided 
decorations and refreshments for the gala affair. 

Front Row: Suzanne Bisset, Clovia Chinn (Secretary), Jan Collins (His- 
torian). Second Row: Delores King, Charlene Chinn, Doris Johnson 
(Vice President). Third Row: Karen Palmer, Karen Fletcher, Anna 

Stewart, Elizabeth Loder. Back Row: Mary Fasbender (Treasurer), Jim 
Clayton, Arlene Cope (President). 



Sale Of School Decals Boost WLNS Treasury 

WLNS came into existence last year with the distinct 
objectives in mind of quieting the noisy atmosphere in 
the cafeteria and aiding in the attempt to make it a 
more pleasant place to eat. Several interested students 
started the operation over existing cafeteria loud- 
speakers, but soon found the acoustical coverage in- 
adequate. WLNS enlisted financial help from clubs and 
classes as well as student co-operation in managing the 
cost of the equipment last year, but additional funds 
were required for a continuous school year of opera- 
tion. This fall they met the problem with the W-L decal 
campaign in which five thousand of the school-designed 
emblems were ordered and sold by WLNS members. 

The campaign did not mean that the problems of 
WLNS were completely solved, for the equipment ob- 
tained this year was unsatisfactory. But through the 
efforts of WLNS to raise the money and prepare the 
equipment in the cafeteria, next year's students are ex- 
pected to enjoy music in the cafeteria. 

Listening to the financial problems of WLNS, member Bob 
Lewallen considers suggestions for a solution. 

Front Row: Bill Huie, Suzanne Bisset, Linda Shepard. Second Row: 
Chris Kjeldgaard, Barbara Cauthen (Secretary), Paul Bilek (President), 
Mary Orth, Mary Garland. Third Row: Walter Kolb, Douglas Thurman, 
Bob Bales, Judy Cloyed. Fourth Row: Craig Hall, Rob Lewallen, 

Wayne Mayhew, Jay Jerome, Brett Fairchild, Wes Bills (Treasurer). 
Back Row: Arent Wiken (Vice President), Kevin Carey, David Logan, 
Bob Wright, Darrow Sellers. 


Quill And Scroll Honors W-L Publication Staffs 

Mary Jo Armstrong 

Mary Brandts 

Sheila Brannan 

Secretary -Treasurer 

Mac Estabrook 

Angie Dahmer 

President Mac Estabrook checks off numerous members who have 
paid dues before safely stashing the loot. 

Wayne Helm 
Andi Lose 
Monica Newberry 
Bonnie Read 
Peggy Sawyer 
Sue Shapiro 


Ida Altman 

Bruce Beckner 

Jeff Bestic 
Ed Bradshaw 


Marc Clapp 

Anne Crouse 

Angie Dahmer 

Debbie Darr 

The Elos Honor Society of Artistic Endeavor, com- 
posed of talented students, represented the fields of 
art, music, drama, and creative writing. To gain mem- 
bership, the nominees performed before a board of Elos 
officers and student representatives from each of the 

January marked the highpoint for the society with the 
presentation entitled "What's Happening in the Arts 
Today" at a special assembly for seniors and selected 
juniors. The assembly consisted of students only, and 
included a performance of a musical piece written and 
performed by Elos members, the modeling of paper and 
steel dresses, and a "kinetic experience." Presented at 
night, this performance raised fifty dollars towards the 
annual scholarship awarded to the most deserving 
senior member. Creative bake sales, cake bakes, and 
car washes also headed the list as money raising proj- 
ects. Donated to a cultural project, all excess money 
served a useful and worthwhile purpose to furthering 
interest in the arts. 

Carol Fontein 

Valerie Hauch 

Bob Jack 

Carol Johnson 

Lynne Jordan 

Ian Levy 
Jane Melvin 
Carol Nackenoff 
Vice President 
Charlotte Persons 
Elizabeth Raleigh 

Ed Rejuney 
Rhea Rolfe 
Beth Ross 
David Stewart 
Janet Stockard 



Elos Produces "What's Happening In The Arts" 

Kathi Studer 
Linda Trogdon 
Diane Weaver 
David Witkege 

Elos members Diane Weaver, R._ B. Snider, Judy Huf and Angie 
Dahmer model mod fashions for "The Happening". 



m - Mb 

Gil Anderson 
Bruce Beckner 
Judy Binns 
David Brodsky 
Sharon Burkot 

Clovia Chinn 
Marc Clapp 
David Cohen 
Larry Conners 
Linda Crawford 

Debby Darr 
Sandra Dawson 
Nancy Farris 
Carol Fontein 
Susan Hart 

Ronald Hochman 
Ruth Huey 
Chris Johnson 
Juanita Jackson 
Lynn Jordan 

Connie Knowles 
Ian Levy 
Ann Martin 
Grace Marvin 
Carol Nackenoff 

Barbara Pigg 
Elizabeth Raleigh 
Elizabeth Rantz 
Ed Rejuney 

Vice President 
Vicki Rice 

Rhea Rolfe 
Tom Russell 
Angela Ryan 
Peggy Sawyer 
Nicholas Seay 


Bob Stewart 
David Stewart 


Carolyn Stuart 

Kathi Studer 

French Honor Society members Lynne Jordan and Connie 
Knowles rehearse lines from a French play by Moliere. 


Honor Society Produces Play Wholly In French 

The French Honor Society remained alone among 
clubs and societies this year to conduct entire meet- 
ings in the language it represented. This demonstrated 
the proficient French spoken among Washington-Lee 
students and the desire these students had to improve 
the fluency with which they spoke the language. 

The Honor Society did not concentrate solely on mas- 
tering the language but went further to expand the 
awarenes of French customs in all members. They ex- 
perienced real French cooking when they dined at 
French restaurants. In April they produced a play, "La 
Cantatrice Chauve" by Moliere, which they gave en- 
tirely in French, using only French Honor Society mem- 
bers as the actors. 

Proving that the members retained an interest in other 
languages also, they paid the entrance fees for the Mod- 
ern Language Tournament at O'Connell from the So- 
ciety treasury. Members climaxed the school year with 
the annually held spring picnic. 

Jan Thorman 
Linda Trogdon 

Mike Vincent 

Ellen Wagner 

Michele Watson 

Diane Weaver 





Linda Anderson 
Thomas Appich 
Terry Bazzare 
Jerry Bonn 
Jerry Coyne 

Debby Darr 
Sonia Flegeal 
Alan Forde 
Glen Geiger 
Lynn Godfrey 


Snoopy, Red Baron Entertains Society Members 

r * iL 

Jo cl 



Valerie Hauch 

Holly Howell 

Jim Kessinger 

Grace Marvin 

The semi-annual induction ceremony took place early 
in the year for new German Honor Society members. 
German students chosen for special ability in the lan- 
guage performed many types of skits to the immense 
enjoyment of old members. According to tradition, after 
the completion of the songs, poems, and other forms of 
entertainment, the society voted unanimously to include 
the inductees in the elite group. A native German from 
Heidelberg described the city and other aspects of 
Germany today. Shop teacher Mr. Hans-Peter Klose 
agreed to speak at a winter meeting, and the members 
enjoyed listening to his ideas and thoughts of Germany. 
The spring induction brought extra members into the 
society and many laughs were shared by all. A ren- 
dering in German of "Snoopy vs. the Red Baron" topped 
the meeting. 

To climax the year, members took a trip to a German 
restaurant in the area, decided upon by the society. The 
new members collected society pins and all found an 
opportunity to use the language and idioms. 

Julie Nash 
Monica Newberry 

Helen Simpson 
Victor Von Sabler 

Vice President 
Polly West 



Candlelight Ceremony Marks Traditional Induction 

At the first meeting of the Latin Honor Society, mem- 
bers chose enthusiastic officers for the year. Immedi- 
ately they then set about planning future activities. An 
interesting visit to a Greek restaurant in Washington, 
D. C, set the scheme for the first major activity of the 
society. Here they were able to observe first-hand, vari- 
ous customs of the country. Other monthly meetings 
took place throughout the year in the evening in homes 
of members. 

A traditional candlelight service accompanied the in- 
duction ceremony of eligible Latin students held an- 
nually in the spring. The next monthly meeting con- 
sisted of different types of skits presented by the newly 
inducted members for the pleasure of the old members. 
This was also designed in order for both old and new 
members to become acquainted with each other. 

A picnic climaxed the full schedule of the year for 
everyone in the honor society as all enjoyed the out- 
of-doors at a fellow member's house. 

Thomas Appich 

Suzanne Bisset 

Sheila Brannan 

Lydia Chapman 

David Cohen 
Vice Preside 

Carol Fontein 

Richard Henning 
Ruth Huey 
Lynn Jordan 

Brad O'Neill 
Donny McAuliffe 
Barbara Stocking 

Jan Thorman 

Linda Trogdon 

Polly West 


Latin Honor Society sponsor Mrs. Mary Ellen West 
considers plans for a group trip to a Greek 

Jim Almand 
Ida Altman 
Gilbert Anderson 
Linda Anderson 
Lee Area 

Vice President 
Lenore Baker 

Terry Bazaxre 
Bruce Beckner 
Jeff Bestic 
Judy Binns 
Suzanne Bissett 
Jerrold Bonn 

Edward Bradshaw 
David Brigham 
David Brodsky 
Suzanne Burk 
Sherri Burkot 

Marc Clapp 
Sue Cline 
Larry Connors 
Peggy Cooper 
Jerry Coyne 

Linda Crawford 
Ann Crouse 
Margaret Dale 
Deborah Darr 
Jesse Davis 

£ ft 9 

Sandra Dawson 
Susan Dunwoody 
Mary Emurian 
David Estabrook 
Karen Fletcher 

Carol Fontein 

Alan Forde 
Dennis Gray 
Carole Greenlief 
Susan Hart 
Valerie Hauch 
Richard Henning 



Three Teacher Panel Analyzes 
American Morality 

Starting the school year on a fresh note, the National 
Honor Society held the induction of new members in 
a school-wide assembly. Those meeting eligibility re- 
quirements included juniors completing the sophomore 
year with a 3.5 average and seniors finishing as juniors 
with 3.2 average. Extra curricular activities and the over- 
all character of each nominee also influenced the con- 
sideration for membership. 

The highlight of the year proved to be the three 

teacher panel discussion on the controversial subject of 
morality. Students posed questions and gave individual 
opinions relating to the subject. 

Spring brought the second semester induction cere- 
mony. Sophomores earning a 4.0 grade average be- 
came eligible for membership. 

The school year concluded with the annual National 
Honor Society Banquet given by the PTA in honor of 
NHS members and parents. 

Marilib Henry- 
Linda Hemngton 
Ronald Hochman 
John Hoist 
Holly Howell 
Almira Hudnall 

Ruth Huey 
Kathy Hunter 
Norman Hyndman 
David Irick 
Bob Jack 

Carol Johnson 

Chris Johnson 
Lynn Jordan 
James Kessinger 
Jack Kinkaid 
Connie Knowles 
Carolyn Kruse 

Michele LaMotte 
Ian Levy 
Andrea Lose 
Ed Loud 
Evelyn Manov 
Richard Martin 

Grace Marvin 
Jane Melvin 
Chris Midgett 
Linda Mimms 
Lavillon Morrison 
Judy Mueller 


National Honoi Society inductees listen attentively as the 
group receives recognition from the assembly. 

Carol Nackenoff 
Barbara Neubauer 
Michael Neumann 
Monica Newberry 
Bruce Niles 
Karen O'Donnell 

Brad O'Neill 
Clete Pannell 
Chris Parmelee 
Charlotte Persons 
Barbara Pigg 
Patricia Pouliot 

Kent Poush 
1 Elizabeth Raleigh 
Elizabeth Rantz 
Ed Rejuney 
Carole Reynolds 
Vicky Rice 



Gil Anderson 

David Brigham 
Jerry Bonn 

Sandra Dawson 
Alan Forde 
Galen Hekhuis 

Ronald Hochman 
John Hoist 
Alfred Hutchins 
Jim Kessinger 

Jack Kinkaid 
Connie Knowles 


Goddard Space Center Toured By SHS Members 

There was good reason to give the W-L Science 
Honor Society the prize during the first judging period 
as Honor Society of the Season. A list of dedicated of- 
ficers worked throughout the summer in preparation for 
the coming year, and the planning paid off in the form 
of activities the society was able to participate in during 
the year. Field trips were taken to Goddard Space Flight 
Center and to the Naval Research Laboratory facilities, 
both in Maryland. The honor society also sent a dele- 
gation to the grand opening of the new National Bureau 
of Standards. 

The Science Honor Society instituted a new policy 
with the area scientists invited to meetings as speakers; 
they returned the visit to the scientists' own labs if 
enough of the membership was interested. A scientific 
lesson was presented to the student body with the Jan- 
uary assembly feature of "This Atomic World", but with 
the Science Honor Society-sponsored dance held on 
April 15, science went really pop. 

With Meredith Smith as the guinea pig the Science Honor Society 
demonstrates effects of atomic generators. 

Brad O'Neill 
Fran Stoss 
Ed Tomlinson 



Help Sessions Offered Needy Spanish Students 

Lee Area 

Mary Jo Armstrong 

Ida Altman 

Sharon Burkot 

Sue Cline 

Peggy Cooper 

Resuming previously discontinued services this year, 
W-L's chapter of the nation-wide Spanish Honor Society 
attempted to become a more active organization than 
during previous years. This year's inspired officers 
planned a comparatively full list of activities with the 
society's new sponsor. It was decided by a vote of the 
membership during the first meeting of the year to 
post sign-up sheets in all lower-level Spanish classes 
for interested students needing tutoring. Spanish Honor 
Society members conducted help sessions at intervals 
of two weeks throughout the year. 

Members baked cakes for sale to teachers in response 
to Student Council appeals for help from clubs in the 
annual charity drive. During the winter plans were made 
to send delegates to a special language convention and 
to attend the visiting Ballet Folklorico in a spring finale. 
The year culminated however in the traditional dessert 
and candlelight induction ceremony for the society's 
new members. 

Ben Dobey 
John Hoist 
Carol Johnson 
Delores King 

Linda Mimms 

Vice President 
Karen O'Donnell 
Tatjana Ostapoff 
Charlotte Persons 

Delia Scholes 
Donna Stowers 
Chris Taliey 
Dick Thaxter 



Anthology Performances Set Attendance Records 


Bruce Ahrons 

Dick Chew- 

Ann Crouse 

Angie Dahmer 
Vice President 

The first activity on the Thespians' long list concerned 
participation in the Yorktown Theater Day. Members of 
the honor society discussed and exchanged many ideas 
with Yorktown counterparts. The production of Look 
Homeward, Angel climaxed fall events by playing to 
two full houses. Members of the club also participated 
ih a Theater Convention in Roanoke, Virginia. Repre- 
sentatives from many state high schools took part in 
the three day conference. Christmas-spirited Thespians 
spent an enjoyable night carolling. 

The Thespians inserted an extra stage treat besides 
the regular fall and spring plays with the production of 
Spoon River Anthology, which set new attendance rec- 
ords. The cast gave two special performances of this 
production, one for the Wisconsin exchangees and the 
other for the english and art secondary school teachers. 
Besides the production of plays, the Thespians provided 
light and lighting effects for various school dances in- 
cluding the Turkey Hop, Charity Ball, and the Junior 

Ben Dobey 
Peggy Jo Home 

Lynn Jordan 

Jean Kaluta 

Jane Melvin 

Karen Mootz 

Ed Rejuney 

David Stewart 



Play director and Thespian sponsor Mr. James Townsend intro- 
duces the play script to possible cast members. 

Ed Rejuney and Chris Joyce perform a scene from the fall 
Thespian production of "Look Homeward, Angel." 

Carole Reynolds, Ed Rejuney, Lynne Jordon, and Angie 
Dahmer attend a first rehearsal for the Thespian play. 


f*^ ^3 P^ JU 

Ida Altman 
Charles Batten 
Walter Bauer 
Bruce Beckner 
Richard Blewett 
Dorothy Blum 


Tikos Members Instruct Struggling Math Students 

Tikos, the honor society for those with exceptional 
mathematical abilities, began the year in search of new 
members. Any student receiving an A average in each 
of two preceeding years of college preparatory math 
became eligible for membership consideration. After 
being accepted into the society, an overall 3.2 average 
must have been maintained. 

Endowed with a vast numerical knowledge, Tikos 
members aided students having math difficulties in 

after-school help sessions. Club requirements called for 
each member to attend at least seven help sessions dur- 
ing the year. The society also posted a bulletin board 
at the Stafford Street entrance of the school. 

Once a month Tikos held a meeting at which speak- 
ers and outstanding students in relating subjects spoke 
to the group, answered individual questions, and helped 
pursue the club interests. 

Aiding a needy math student with his homework, Tikos member 
Connie Knowles explains a concept in Algebra. 

Jerry Bonn 
David Brigham 
David Brodsky 

Mark Clapp 

Vice President 
Sally Elens 
Mary Garland 

Dennis Gray 
Debra Hall 
Val Hauch 
Richard Henning 
Ronald Hochman 
Ruth Huey 



Bob Jack 
James Kessinger 
Constance Knowles 
Linda Kohlhaas 
Ellen Marshall 
Jane Melvin 

Clete Pannell 
Gary Peet 
Ed Rejuney 

Vicki Rice 
Rhea Rolfe 

Vice President 
Tom Russell 

Angela Ryan 
Delia Scholes 
Nicholas Seay 
Pete Senechal 
Roberta Smith 
Bob Spauls 

Jan Thorman 

Linda Trogdon 

Mike Vincent 
Ellen Wagner 
Polly West 
Dale Wortham 





Coach Roger Cole discusses strategy over the pressbox 
phone during the Langley game; it paid off well 40-0. 

Front Row: Tom Derr (Manager), Dave Williamson, David Estabrook, 
Steve Goldsmith, Dave Price, Mike Trainum (Co-Captain), Glenn De- 
Marr, Ken Matts, Coach Korcis, Coach Roger Cole. Second Row: Louis 
Chobot (Manager), George Savastano (Manager), Mike Slade, John Ty- 
ler, Warren Williams, Rick Beale (Co-Captain), Tyrone Epperson, Al 
Foreman, Joe Tucker. Third Row: George Moore (Manager), Dave Mills, 
Tom Naughton, Bruce Halliburton, Nolan Forness, Dale Johnson, Greg 
Scales, Bill Thompson, George Gorman, Dean French, Hardy Wisdom 

(Trainer), Coach Hyman, Coach Jerry Power. Fourth Row: Marc Clapp 
(Manager), Mike Halpin, Harry Leichtman, Ray Jarvis, Clayton Des- 
kins, Brian Hendrick, Scott Bauer, Bill Lovegrove, Sydney Williams, 
Fred Glascoe. Fifth Row: Hudson Berrey, Craig Kaster, Vilnis Vitols, 
Mike McDermott, Jim Burke, Dave Strube, Reggie Harrison, Tim Walsh, 
Jim Alley. Back Row: Terry Brooks, Charles Morrow, Chuck Sara, 
Ray Moore. 


. & 


Victorious Generals Make Successful Comeback 

The Washington-Lee Generals not only captured the 
Potomac District championship by game winnings, but 
also presented the best offense and defense in the 
league. W-L's offense racked up a total of 208 points to 
the opponents 71. 

For long hours of hard practice and dedicated work, 
many boys won honors. Co-captain Mike Trainum, ac- 
claimed top lineman, and Al Forman, ranked top de- 
fensive lineman, won All-Metro Honorable Mention. 
John Tyler and Greg Scales held All-Potomac and All- 
Suburban Honorable Mentions as defensive backfield 

The Generals made a successful attempt at a come- 
tack this year. In the three losses that blemished the 
record this year the gridsters made a good showing in 
each. Playing two top-rated teams, the Generals were 
the only team to score against Fairfax and barely lost 
to Annandale 6-3. Besides beating top-rated teams, the 
Generals blanked Langley, McLean, and G.W. 





fct ^^ 


■■ 1 



r } 

1 'J 


"m Jb 

* m 

' L 

Jim Alley employs some evasive tactics to elude a McLean 
defender in a district win over the Highlanders. 

Quarterback Mike Slade completes a pass on a rollout to 
senior end Ken Matts in the 6-3 loss to Annandale. 

Slashing out lor ^ gain and a later touchdown set up, Mike 
Slade darts off tackle in the Turkey Day game. 


Returning a kick up the sideline, sophomore halfback Reg- 
gie Harrison gallops for yardage against Yorktown. 

Nolan Forness sprints around end to pick up a 
iirst down and extra yards in the 14-14 tie with 

Leaping high into the air, end Ken Matts snags a pass from 
Rick Beale to score six points against Stuart. 


Fairfax , 25 



Stuart 6 

O'Connell 7 

Wakefield • 13 

Yorktown 14 


Annandale 6 

George Washington ... 





















6-wins 3-losses 



Front Row: Norris Sills, Joe Carroll, Parris Woodbury, Jimmy Manzo, 
Barry Dineen. Second Row: Kenny Brownback, Billy Ford, Charles 
Buck, Paul Caruso, Brian Hilburn, Lamarr O'Neal, Coach John Crowd- 
er. Third Row: Paul Wagner, Rick Bailey, Mike Stanton, Aaron Car- 
penter, Curtis Spriggs, Coach Jack Walker. Fourth Row: Robert Moore, 
Mark Stanton, Miles Kelly, Jim Crowley, Don Pierce, John Adams, 
Roy Mace, Randy Rogers. Fifth Row: Kent Toler, Jonathan Lawson, 
Don Bell, William Scheffer, Grover Thomasson, Frank Bilgere, Rob- 
ert Kibler. Back Row: Lionel Hirschorn, Robert Campbell (manager), 
Charles Batten (manager), Riad Mahayni (manager). 




Stuart 12 

Groveton 7 

George Washington ... 6 


Wakefield 13 


O'Connell 7 










W-L . 


W-L . 




5-wins 2-losses 2-ties 

Billy Ford hands off to Brian Hillburn in a scoreless tie with 
Potomac District iival George C. Marshall. 



'Baby Generals" Place Third Among ARL Schools 

The "Baby Generals" compiled a final record of 5-2-2 
this year to place third among four Arlington County 
schools. The J.V. was 2-2-2 against competitors in the 
Potomac District. Losing only to Stuart and Wakefield, 
the team outscored opponents 141-45. Spearheading the 
J.V. gridsters attack were co-captains Billy Ford and 
Brian Hillburn. 

Outstanding participants on the football squad this 
year were Aaron Carpenter, the top pass receiver, and 
Laymar O'Neil, the leading rusher on the team. Carpen- 
ter caught 12 passes for 251 yards while O'Neil carried 
102 times for 402 total yards. The players also chose 
boys to receive other top honors. John Adams and Mike 
Stanton won in the Most Improved category while Nor- 
ris Sills and Parris Woodbury nabbed best blocker hon- 
ors. The team voted Bill Long and Earl Parkham as 
Best Tacklers and the Most Valuable Player awards 
went to Joe Carroll and Laymar O'Neil. 

J. V. linemen Don Pierce and Earl Parham take time out 
for a much needed mouthful of water during halftime. 

Aaron Carpenter dodges potential tacklers for a 
tra yards after catching a pass from Ford. 

first down and ex- 


. . ! 

WKBZZssmt \' *,\' % . , 

*- -■"""4.'»"w » 
■ •* 

.. . 




Generals End Season With 14-5 Overall Record 

After stealing a pass from a baffled Marshall player, senior 
Mike Slade heads up court to set up the play. 

Senior Rick Martin helps out in raising. 
the score against the Presidents in this 
early season victory. 

Washington-Lee climaxed the 1966-1967. basketball 
season with a decisive victory against McLean followed 
by losses to Wakefield and Stuart for a second place in 
the district and a 14-5 overall record. The Varsity Bas- 
ketball Team extended the 1965-1966 season's winning 
streak to sixteen games before dropping the contest to 
Woodson 40-32 in December. A loss was avenged the 
last week of the season. 

The Little Generals' Big Men led the team statistics- 
wise. Center Dave Logan at 6'8" was high average 
scorer with 9.6 points. Second highest scorer, forward 
Gene Otis, took the rebound title with an average of 
9 per game, trailed by Martin and Logan. With an 84% 
hitting average, Rick Martin led the team as top foul 

Co-Captain Russ Boiling begins his pass downcourt to help 
score a basket in the 45-40 win against Stuart. 


Front Row: Dave Logan, Mike Slade, Russ Boiling, Richard Scheele, 
Rick Martin, Gene Otis. Second Row: Terry Brooks, Dennis Howard, 
Tyrone Epperson, John Tyler, Edward McKeown. Back Row: John 

Bittinger (Manager), Tom Gill, Vilnis Vitols, Coach Morris Levin, John 

Executing a one-hand jump shot, Russ Boiling scores two 
points during the game against George Washington. 

As a Stuart Raider looks on senior Richard Scheele at- 
tempts to gain control of a wild pass from a teammate. 

Coach Morris Levin calls time-out in the Fairfax game to give the 
boys the encouragement needed for victory. 


Senior David Logan stretches his 6 foot 7 inch frame for 
two points in the 60-33 win over Hammond Admirals. 



40; George Washington ... 35 

60; Hammond 38 

46; O'Connell 37 

32; Woodson 40 

48; Marshall 40 

42; Fairfax 33 

43; Langley 33 

37; Yorktown 33 

35; Stuart 41 

38; McLean 36 

45; Madison 42 

40; Wakefield 48 

38; Marshall 35 

60; Langley 27 

36; Yorktown 28 

45; Stuart 40 

40; Wakefield 41 

41; McLean 33 

14-wins 4-losses 

Richard Scheele proves he is much too potent for the 
Hammond defense as he sinks his jump shot with ease. 



'Baby Generals' Lose Opening Game To G. W. 

Fronl Row: Mark Huey, Danny Watkins, Seth Wilson, Bob Swarthout, 
Phil Nelson, Reggie Lanier, Roman Zepeda. Second Row: Donald 
Spriggs, John Adams, Bob Kibler, Brian Hilburn, George Muschamp, 

John DelRe. Back Row: Coach Glenn Causey, Alan Williams, Steve 
Harley, Obie O'Bannon, Eddie Engle, Pat Logan (Manager). 


Bob Kibler rifles a pass to Brian Hilburn in Junior Varsity competi- 
tion against a tougher Wakefield team. 



Team Compiles Record Of 9 Wins, 3 Losses 

Led by Co-Captain Chris Midgett and Arno Livingston, 
this year's grappling squad jumped off to a fast start. A 
victory string of seven was tallied before a loss to the 
runner-up state champion, Annandale. A total dual meet 
record of nine wins and three losses was compiled, one 
less than last year. 

Wrestling to a second place in the Northern Virginia 
Regional, W-L put two men in the state tournament. 
Dennis Wagner captured first place in the regional while 
fighting his way to fourth place in the State Meet. Along 
with Dennis, Chris Midgett was a minuteman this year. 
Winning a match in one minute or less, Chris also holds 
fifth place regional honors. The only injury to seriously 
hinder the General's mat drive was an accident which 
broke a vertebrae in Jim Sherwood's neck. 


Woodson 14 

T.C.Williams 21 

Marshall 8 

George Washington ... 9 

Jefferson 10 

Stuart 10 

O'Connell 12 

Annandale 28 

Langley 3 

Yorktown 20 

McLean 5 

Wakefield 23 



























Regional Tournament 

Dennis Wagner First Place 

Christ Midgett Fifth Place 

State Tournament 

Dennis Wagner Fourth Place 

Christ Midgett Eighth Place 

Front Row: Dennis Wagner, Bob Gilbert, Lee Brent, Neil Ohlsson, 
Brian Huth, Jeff Keels, John Midgett. Second Row: George Moore 
(Manager), Jerry Quick, Chris Midgett (Co-Captain), Bill Shepard, Fred 
Glascoe, Dave Mclnturtf, Dick Thaxter, Eddie Stevenson, Dan Calla- 
han. Third Row: David Williamson, Bob Decker, Tom Magee, Bill 

Westcott, John Henry, George Gorman, Jim Sherwood, Dave Strube, 
Les Collins. Back Row: Chuck Sara, Arno Livingston (Co-Captain), 
Glenn Geiger, Chuck Morow, Kent Poush, Brian O'Grady, Alfred For- 
man, Dave Mills, Coach Guy Cavallo. 


David Williamson breaks down a Patriot after receiving 2 points for 
getting the first takedown in the match. 

Varsity wrestler Ronny Mclnturff holds his Annandale op- 
ponent in a pinning combination for a near fall. 

Senior Kent Poush ties up his 1 80 lb. class opponent in dual 
meet competition with the Yorktown Patriots. 


Co-Captain Arno Livingston is on top in the advantage position riding 
his Annandale counterpart for time. 

The General's 103 lb. class wrestler senior Bob Gilbert breaks down 
Coleman of Annandale during a match. 


Junior Varsity Matmen Prove Strength, Balance 

The 1966-67 junior varsity grapplers scored heavily 
in the upper weight classes to defeat opposing teams. 
Injuries were at a minimum, while the main foe proved 
to be colds and the flu. Coach Dana Pond drilled his 
team well and prepared them fully for all opponents as 
statistics clearly show. 

The "Baby Generals" outdid their counterparts in 
takedowns (6.7 per match to 5.8), falls (4.2 per match to 
1.6), and in total team points, an average of 33 points 
per match to 17. High scoring honors went to Paul 
Wegner, who was undefeated at 41-0. 

Although the junior varsity team lost three matches 
and had a slightly poorer record (9-3) than last season's 
12-1, they used fewer juniors this season, indicating 
"good team strength and balance." 






Woodson 1 3 

T. C. Williams 16 

George Washington ... 8 

Wakefield 11 

Yorktown 26 

O'Connell 10 

Woodberry Forest 20 

Annandale 31 

Bishop Ireton 11 

Yorktown 37 

McLean 6 

Wakefield 15 


Front Row: Jim Storie, Art Helmick, Jim Nash, Lynwood Jones, David 
Nash, Gary Black. Second Row: Ken Human, Greg Zell, Gary Wheeler, 
Parris Woodbudy, Rick Light, Ricardo Marfori. Back Row: Coach Dana 

Pond, Mike Robison, Bill Shaeffer, Steve Bloom, Roy Mace, Jim Olson, 
Pat Gunnels, Jim June, Joe Carroll, Paul Wegner, Tom Jones, Mike 

Co-captain Bob Youman, Artie Richmond, and John Davis 
lead the field in a meet against Marshall opponents. 

A look of agony covers junior Artie Richmond's face as 
he pounds out the last steps of a practice jaunt. 

As the starting gun sounds, twenty-four members of the 
Cress Country team race for position in a time trial. 



Team Places Seventh At Wakefield Invitational 

The Washington-Lee Cross Country team ably de- 
fended it's two year Virginia State reign though it was 
once again defeated at the Northern Virginia Regional 
by Wakefield. The team placed third with three runners 
in the top twenty at the meet. Artie Richmond, Co-Cap- 
tain Bob Youman, and Pete Senechal led the field for 

In October the team placed seventh in the annual 
Wakefield Invitational. The top finisher was sophomore 
John Davis, who finished twenty-first out of the field of 
one hundred and forty. At the Winter sports awards 
assembly, junior Artie Richmond won the most valuable 
runner award, the only cross-country award to be given. 

Front Row: John Davis, Warren Goodlett, Don Omdorff, Pete Senechal, 
Artie Richmond, Danny Roberts (Co-Captain), Andre Loustalot, Bob 
Youman (Captain). Second Row: Louis Chobot, Pete Danforth, John 
Senechal, David Eastling, George Muschamp, Jack Fleming, Richard 

Ellis, Phil Nickle, Coach Tim Wyatt. Back Row: Devon Leeper, David 
Cohen, Gil Anderson, Russell Watson, Charley Higbee, DeWitt Ashby, 
Robert Travis, Standish Hillerich (Manager). 


LETTERMEN— Front Row: Bruce Niles (Co-Captain), Eugenic- Mathieu 
(Co-Captain). Second Row: Nidal Mahayni, Craig Kaster, Raul Aicardi, 
Bob Leme, John Schaeffer. Third Row: Walter Carrillo, Bere Todd, 
Mike Schwelien, Stuart Meyerson, Robert Keller. Fourth Row: Bob 

Stewart, Mohamed Hadid, Brian Wallace, Jeff Bestic, James Everett. 
Back Row: Coach Del Norwood, Charlie Caudill, Robert Graebener, 
Mario Mathieu, Eduardo Gaarder. 


W-L Completes Third Successful Soccer Season 

Watching the ball in flight, soccer team members brace 
themselves, in anticipation of action during practice. 

Practice for the 1966-67 soccer team began in Novem- 
ber, during which several key players were lost due to 

At Bethesda, the first team was won 4 to 1, during 
which the Generals scored in every period of the game. 
The team attributed much of the credit to the special 
trademark of defense. 

Washington-Lee's third successful season ended with 
a home-game victory over Blue Ridge Prep in February. 
Center forward Raul Aicardi hit a new season scoring 
record with thirteen goals, which tied senior Mike 
Schwelien's record for most goals in one game. The 
final scores were 17 wins, 1 loss, and 2 ties. 


Stuart Meyerson tests his kicking skill while further down the field 
Nidal Mahayni practices his dribbling. 

Front Row: Bob Keller, Jeff Bestic, Raul Aicardi, Bere Todd, Eugenio 
Mathiew (Co-Captain), Bruce Niles (Co-Captain), Stuart Meyerson, Mike 
Schwelien, Bob Stewart, Bob Leme, John Schaeffer. Second Row: 
Robert Graebener, Fred Hippie, Eduardo Gaarder, Charlie Caudill, 
Brian Wallace, Nidal Mahayni, Mike Frye, Craig Caster, Coach Del 
Norwood. Third Row: Andy Schwartz, Jack Fleming, Steve Csicsery- 

Ronay, Riad Mahayni, David Irick, Doug Tracy, Rick Galloway, Mike 
Wilkinson, Jim Everett, Khalid Izaz. Fourth Row: Tarig Izaz, Jim 
Saunders, Gary Peet, Lubomir Janowczyk, Mohamed Hadid, Steve 
Neumann. Back Row: Jim Worth, Walter Carrillo, Chan Horsfall, Jim 
Helms, Mario Mathieu. 


Front Row: Tom Jones, Dave Woodside Ed Tomlinson, Brad O'Neill, 
Coach Roger Cole. Second Row: Terry Hillerich, Tom Carter, Allen 

Stoudt, John Warren, Jim Baldwin. Back Row: Jack Kinkaid, Mike 
Reimann, John Rolston, Scott VanCleef, Bruce Bartlett, Greg Ray. 


Gymnasts Place Fourth In Univ. Of Va. Meet 

The gymnastics season opened against Wakefield, 
cross-country rivals and defending state champions. The 
seventh annual Yorktown Invitational provided a gather- 
ing of ten area teams in which W-L placed third. At the 
University of Virginia meet, gymnasts placed fourth, and 
junior Brad O'Neill placed seventh in All-Around 
Competition including events on the trampoline and side 
horse, in addition to tumbling, vaulting, and floor exer- 

cises. Co-Captain Ed Tomlinson won an All-Around 
ninth place in the competition. 

The sixteen man team was mainly composed of jun- 
iors; eight of the team were returning lettermen from last 
year. Led by Co-Captains Ed Tomlinson and Dave 
Woodside on the high bar, free exercise, and still rings, 
the team was backed up by Brad O'Neill and Scott Van- 
Cleef, captains-elect for next year. 



W-L Winter Track Places Fifth In VMI Meet 

After a short one week allowance time for practice, 
the Winter Track Team started its season on December 
10. Though number one trackman Del Gardner proved 
outstanding in both the hurdles and the broad jump, 
W-L lost to Woodbury Forest 57-48. The team recovered 
with successes against Episcopal and Hammond with 
the valuable aid of Co-Captains Del Gardner and Bob 

At the end of February was the battle of the area's 
top public and private schools at the Episcopal Northern 
Virginia Invitational at which two athletes were entered 
in each event. Reggie Harrison won first place in the 
shot put, Del Gardner first in the long jump, and Greg 
Scales second in the high jump. W-L terminated its 
Winter Track season with a fifth place in the State at 









. . 0; 

. . 44; 

Woodberry Forest 53, 

Chesterfield J.C 

Hammond 38 

Episcopal 38 

E. C. Glass 55 

Wakefield 73 

St. John's 53 

Episcopal Jr. Meet Third Place 

Episcopal N. Va. Int Second Place 

State Meet Third Place 

Front Row: John Davis, George Savastano, Dean Mimms, Walter Bill- 
ings, Mike McDermott, Bill Wilbur, Dave Eastling, Richard Collegeman, 
James Johnson, Second Row: Mike Strothers, Jerry Spriggs, John An- 
derson, Jim Crowley, Rob Schultz, Bob Youman, Ed Lindsay, Nolan 

Forness, Richard Blev/ett. Back Row: Dei Gardner, Mike Digges, Brian 
Hendricks, Don Orndoff, Artie Richmond, Bart Fugler, Pete Senechal, 
Coach Jack Walker. 



Varsity 8 Works-Out With Local College Crews 

Coach Charlie Butt made this year's Varsity Eight 
ready for all high school competition by scheduling a 
series of work-outs with local college crews. George- 
town, George Washington University, and the Navy 
Plebes worked out with the "Generals" during the 
regular practice week. On weekends the W-L Crew 
made trips to Princeton, Connecticut, and raced Penn- 
sylvania on the Potomac for tougher competition to 
ready them for such big races as the Stotesbury and 
the Nationals. 

The mark of the oarsmen this year was size and 
depth; eighty-five men composed the rowing crew, all 
of htem fighting for top positions. The size of the varsity 
averaged 6 feet 1 inch and weighed in at 178 pounds 
with the junior varsity not far behind. 

A Hammond rower waits at the float to congratulate W-L 
after a two length victory by our Varsity Eight crew. 

Jim Baldwin and Fred Hippie adjust their stretchers while 
discussing race strategy in the Haringer shell. 

The W-L lightweights shove off from the float and paddle 
for open river before the first race of the year. 


Three members of the crew discuss the possibilities of motorizing 
their shell before a race in Alexandria. 

As Bill Lovegrove waves to the camera, stroke Mark Cole- 
son worries of the upcoming race with Williams. 


Princeton Frosh April 1 

Alexandria High Schools Aprli 8 

Alexandria High School, Penn. Frosh . .April 15 

Kent (lower boats) April 22 

Alexandria Schools April 29 

Northern Virginia Championships ....May 13 

Stotesbury Regatta May 19-20 

American Schoolboy Regatta May 26-27 


Much work is done on equipment in the pre- 
season; here Mike West hands an oar to the 
lower deck of the club. 

Oarsman Bruce Beckner grumbles over early season tasks 
such as restoring the barge left from previous years. 

Members of a lower boat pull on oars while displaying the 
superior form that put them on their low boat. 


The first thing a sophomore oarsman must learn to do is 
to row; the barge is designed for this purpose. 

A coxwain carefully steers his boat from the berth at the 
Old Dominion Boat Club during an away regatta. 

The Junior Varsity Four bring their boat back to the dock 
after a successful race with Alexandria schools. 


Champs Defend Title During 20 Game Season 

Concentrating on the potential outcome of his pitch, Mike Slade ex- 
ecutes his wind-up at one of W-L's games. 

The defending Potomac District champion • baseball 
team began its twenty game season at the end of March. 
Seven returning lettermen included outfielders Ken 
Matts and Rick Beale, infielders Bill Thompson and 
Steve Goldsmith, pitchers Mike Slade and Jerry Tassa, 
and catcher Dale Wortham. Ken Matts was the top 
returning batter with an average of .326 during the last 
season. Mike Slade headed the top returning pitchers 
with a 7-1 1966 record. 

In practice games W-L tied the Edison team 3-3 after 
nine innings and lost to the Maryland Frosh 6-0. The 
team dropped its opening game to Fort Hunt by a score 
of 6-1. Ken Matts scored the only run in the first inning. 

A W-L batter strains for connection with the ball at team batting 
practice upon the Quincy Street diamond. 


Front Row: Mike Wilkinson (Manager), Mike Kyles, Steve Goldsmith, 
Buddy Myers, Jim Alley, Doug Bullock. Second Row: George Moore 
(Manager), Ray Jarvis, Tim Alley, Brian Wallace, Richard Scheele, 
Roger Myers, Bill Thompson. Third Row: Bruce Niles, Charlie Mc- 

Adams, Rick Beale, Champ Richardson, Doug Adams, Mike Hovermill. 
Back Row: Coach Del Norwood, Terry Brooks, Rick Keller, Dale 
Wortham, Ken Matts. Mike Slade, Wayne German, Jerry Tassa. 



Ft. Hunt March 31 

St.. John's April 6 

Groveton April 8 

Stuart April 1 1 

McLean April 14 

Yorktown April 1 8 

Wakefield April 21 

O'Connell April 25 

Marshall April 28 

A. U. Frosh April 29 

Langley May 2 

Stuart May 5 

U. of Va. Frosh May 6 

McLean May 9 

St. John's May 10 

Yorktown May 12 

Wakefield May 16 

O'Connell May 20 

Marshall May 23 

Langley May 26 

Potomac District Tournament May 29-31 

Diamondmen gather for words of wisdom and constructive criticism 
from their coach at a pre-qame conference. 



16 Game J. V. Season Starts Against Episcopal 


Episcopal April 4 

St. John's April 6 

McLean April 14 

Yorktown April 1 8 

Wakefield April 21 

O'Connell April 25 

Marshall April 28 

Ireton April 29 

Langley May 2 

Stuart May 5 

McLean May 9 

Yorktown May 12 

Ireton May 13 

Wakefield May 16 

O'Connell May 19 

St. John's May 22 

Front Row: Jim Nash, Al Walker, Jim Garrity, Ken .Gray, Seth Wilson, 
Dave Nash. Second Row: Lynwood Jones, Charles Walker, John 
Midgett, Doug Hansen, Dan Watkins. Third Row: Rudy Fearson, Terry 
Theodore, Harold Waddell, Mark Huey, Al Stoudt, Steve Neumann. 

Back Row: Jim June, Coach Dana Pond, Mike Horton, Bill Ford, Brian 
Hillburn, Mike Christesson, Bob Kibler, Bernie Fensterwald, Bodo 



Riflemen Rack Up 3rd In Potomac District 

The light silhouettes W-L Varsity Rifleman as he aims his 
sights on a distant target during team practice. 

Front Row: Doug Walton, Tom Sutton, Doug Hanson. Second Row: 
Coach Tim Wyatt, Mike Stanton, Bob Honus. Back Row: Roger Estes 
(Captain), Doug Tracy, Arno Livingston. 

- »« 

VARSITY — Front Row: Chris Joyce, Nidal Mahayni, John Fiorio. 
Back Row: Coach Fred Pfeiffer, Bob Graebener, Stuart Meyerson, 
Gregory Zell. 


JUNIOR VARSITY— Front Row: Geoffrey Page, 
David Barnhart, Kenneth Brownback. Second Row: 
Richard Thaxter, Kenneth Human, Mike Vincent, 

Eric Poggenpohl. Back Row: James Reyes, David 
Brodsky, Larry Rovin, Bill Freeman, Ronald Hoch- 

Junior Glenn DeMarr lets go with a mightly heave while com- 
peting in the Haringer Relays held annually at W-L. 

In the Haringer Memorial Relays Sr. Brian Hendricks strains to 
secure proper form in the long jump. 

Front Row: John Davis, John Shaeffer, Brad O'Neill, Russ Boiling, 
Gary Wheeler, Bill Sheppard, Jim Johnson, George Savastano. 
Second Row: David Mills, Dave Williamson, Dennis Gray, Craig 
Kaster, Steve Schwartz, John Carmichael, Mike McDermott, John 
Anderson, John Senechal. Third Row: Tom Anderson, Joe Carroll, 

Gil Anderson, Brian Hendricks, Reggie Harrison, Bob Mahan, Vilnis 
Vitols, Glen Demarr, George Muschamp, Charles June. Back Row: 
John Tyler, Parris Woodbury, Larry Caruso, Bob Youman, Pete 
Senechal, Don Orndorff, DeWitt Ashby, Mike Stanton, Bob Hanson, 
Tony Cacciapaglia. 


'Generals' Second Wakefield In Haringer Relays 

David Williamson, 
passes the baton 

part of W-L's record breaking mile relay team, 
to anchorman Bob Youman. 

W-L won its first meet against O'Connell with a score 
of 99-23. In the second annual Haringer Relays held at 
W-L, Wakefield won while the Generals came in second. 

After the relay and sprint medly squads raced Eastern 
Relays, the team joined to play against George Wash- 
ington and twenty other teams from Arlington Fairfax, 
Alexandria, D.C., and Maryland at the Alexandria Re- 

Crucial to the team were Reggie Harrison, Del Gard- 
ner, and Greg Scales. Don Orndorff, John Tyler, Craig 
Kaster, Dave Williamson, John Carmichael, Bob You- 
man, John Davis, and Pete Senechal also proved key 



* W .*. 

%\ HI 


Junior sprinter Johnny Carmichael strains in order to gain a sizeable 
lead in a relay event at a dual meet. 

Varsity trackman Steve Schwartz strains to clear the bar 
warmup for the track meet with the Raiders. 

in a 


Boys Enjoy Variety After-School Sports Activities 

Intramurals include many phases of physical education. During the 
winter, badminton and volleyball prevail. 


Players enthusiastically vie for possession of the ball at after-school 
practice for basketball intramurals. 



J. V. Cheerleaders Boost Teams Spirits 

Debbie Newman, Captain 

Shelley Jimeson 

Ruth Harp, Co-Captain 

Paula Sharif 



Carolyn Niland 

Dace Carver 






Syd Slye 

Diane Anello 



Susan Hill 






Nancy Robinson 

Pat Loveless, Captain 

Nancy Elliott 

Sue Williams 

Janet Stockard 



Cheerleaders Spark Enthusiasm In Student Body 

Ml Hi 


27 \ 
'.. 26; Git •<■ t lab. '26; \th- 
J7; President of Latin 101$, 
tributing Editor for "The Virginian.' 

\ an athlete, .mH a popular girl i- \ 

morning by her 
( >ii nu, h deep sal 
M.-i(' nd when it comes 

• ■nr Virgin wonder *' 


lambia Junior High Scbnul; Dramatic Crab, 
Editor of "The Virginian " 

predict great success for Ruth is no evidence 

for sin' has proved her 
worth in every phase of High School We. \« 
■ an ml scholar she has undoubted]) 

.hi merit. All her talents combined 

with harming personality, i*>int towards 

a brilliant future clearly visible in the offing. 


Western Hiuli School, '23; Business lliith 
1. "24, '25: Glee Club, "26; Athletic taw 

'J7; Vaudeville '-'■. Vki President of 

Sen: Ktlitor-iu-rhicf of "The Virginian." 

< nt< of the most gifted, versatile, ami popular 
cirls in our da>s | n ,,nc respect, a very sertons- 
minded student, but with none of the mock gravity 

that often gors with such a trait: in anoth. 

chart «r and wonderful entertainer. She 

I ambition is to become the wife of 

( HAKl (ITU- || \C\N 


; ; Athlcli ti«>n, 

il<. '-'5. "26; Debating 

»v thr 









Sophs Get Acquainted At Junior Backed Dance 

Cherie Odeen, 10-1; Rob Schultz, 10-2; 
Granville Sharpe, 10-3; Brenda O'Grady, 10-4; 
Adele Wilson, 10-5. 

In order that the incoming sophomores would truely 
fit into life at W-L, both the junior and senior classes 
pooled efforts with several projects to help accustom 
the new class to Washington-Lee. 

The seniors started on the first day of school with the 
now traditional "Big Brothers" program, explaining the 
responsibilities of every W-L student. The juniors fur- 
thered the cause with a get-acquainted dance for the 
members of the sophomore class. 

The sophs took the initiative and started the ball roll- 
ing with the election of class officers early in the fall. 
The class of '69 and its officers accepted the various 
responsibilities of school life, starting with an artistically 
designed float which took third place in class com- 
petition at the annual Turkey Day Game. 

Other activities included the ever popular competi- 
tion of the sophomore-faculty basketball game, and the 
presentation of the annual Easter Assembly. 

John Adams, 10-6; Cynthia Booth, 
10-7; Janet Gore, 10-8; Arthur Area, 
10-9; Rick Galloway, 10-10; Mary 
Ray, 10-11. 

Bill Wilber, 10-12; Mark Huey, 10- 
13; Debra Sydlowski, 10-14; Alan 
Honick, 10-15; Vicki Wallington, 
10-16; Richard Blewett, 10-17. 

Susan Myers, 10-18; Janis Town- 
send, 10-19; Martha Umstott, 10-20; 
Marilyn Johnson, 10-22; Miles Kelly, 
10-23; Regan Robinson, 10-24. 


Front Row: Joanne Zunzer (Secretary), John Fiorio (President), Kaila 
Smith (Senator). Back Row: Susan Hill (Senator), Dace Carver (Treas- 
urer), Frank Wheram (Vice-President). 


^i**^ tilt tit 

^ & p ft I* 

John Adams, Nancy Adler, 
Charles Arnold, Alexa Albert- 
son, James Aleman, Mary Al- 
Irey, Ruben Allen. 

Vicky Allen, Tony Alvarez, An- 
nette Alyea, Bruce Anderson, 
Dave Anderson, Faith Ander- 
son, James Anthony. 

Arthur Area, Chuck Armantrout, 
Eva Arwood, Robert Athay, 
Scott Bacon, Richard Bailey, 
David Baker. 

Tom Barbee, Darlene Barbosa, 
David Barnes, Charles Barrett, 
Ron Barron, Diane Baskerville, 
Charles Batten. 

Walter Bauer, Bruce Bayliss, 
Linda Beall, Don Bell, Betsy Ber- 
nard, Frank Bilgere, Sandra Bis- 

John Bittinger, Gary Black, Rich- 
ard Blewett, Steve Bloom, Dotty 
Blum, Tim Boan, Jan Booker. 


& fa ^ A ^ # f* 



Cynthia Booth, Rana Borman, 
Broni Bowden, Mike Bowen, 
Sharon Boyer, Mike Bradley, 
Jeanne Bradshaw, Janet Bran- 

Steve Bratton, Charles Bregen- 
zer, James Brennan, Carol 
Brigham, Van Brower, Cyn- 
thia Brown, Kenny Brownback, 
James Browne. 

Charles Buck, Ann Burchill, 
Frank Bureman, Patti Burke, 
Jean Burleson, Betsy Burner, 
Stephanie Burner, Barbara Bur- 


Sophomores Proudly Sport Blue-Gold Ribbons 

Monica Burns, Randy Burt, 
Kathy Burton, Gloria Bustillo, 
Brenda Bustle, Bruce Butchko, 
Diane Butler. 

Joyce Butler, Michael Butler, 
Bob Cahill, Susan Cahill, Rich- 
ard Campbell, Debbie Canody, 
Shawn Carey. 

Brenda Carmichael, Aaron Car- 
penter, Kirk Carpenter, Joe Car- 
rol, Charles Carroll, Tricia Caru- 
ana, Paul Caruso. 

Candace Carver, Diana Castle, 
Cheryl Cecil, Bill Chambers, 
Shellie Chambers, Charles 
Chapman, Charlene Chinn. 

Joann Chobot, Karen Chris- 
man, Mike Christenson, Richard 
Christian, Joe Cicero, Bruce 
Clark, Buz Clark. 



/ Ailikt LL 


Hal Clarke, Belinda Clegg, Phil- 
lip Clifton, Bonnie Cloyed, San- 
dy Coffman, Cindy Cole, Mi- 
chael Coleman. 

Richard Collegeman, Kathy Col- 
lins, James Conant, Sharon Con- 
nor, Chris Connors, Kevin Cook, 
Judy Covell. 

Mary Crabtree, Phyllis Cramp- 
ton, Linda Cropp, Mary Cross, 
Ken Crouch, Joy Crow, James 


Sophomores Benefit From Pre-School Orientation 

Jay Cruse, Ron Cuffe, Joyce 
Daniel, Douglas Darr, Bonnie 
Davis, John Davis, Kathy Davis. 

Larry Davis, Raymond Davis, 
Patricia Dawson, Steve Deady, 
Dianne Defelice, Tim Dehne, 
Terry Delahey. 

John Delre, Barry DeMarr, Bill 
Denio, Jim DeVall, Luisa Diaz, 
Rosario Diaz, Jean Dickinson. 

f5 .,£* ft f> ft d 
(S5 ffl /T5 ^ 

4kfcl tit 


Barry Dineen, Angela Dinkle, 
Bill Dodd, Donna Doerr, Missy 
Dolan, Teresa Dougherty, Pat 

Lorraine Drance, Leonard Dry, 
Glenys Dyer, Charles Ebert, 
Lorebeth Edson, Helen Edwards, 
Sally Ellens. 

Bonnie Ellis, George Ellis, Ed 
Engle, Gail Escola, Vicki Ettle- 
man, Darilyn Evans, Wendy 

Kenneth Everly, Colvin Fagins, 
Jerry Fairman, Kay Fansler, Lyn- 
da Farley, Rudy Fearson, Ber- 
nard Fensterwald. 

Dennis Ferber, Denise Fetzer, 
John Fiorio, Gary Fitch, Pat Fla- 
vin, Edward Fogle, Billy Ford. 

f) (b 

' /> 

£> G ja f\ m m & 


Principals, SCA, Upperclass Introduce W-L Life 

Jim Fox, Mary Fox, Mike Fox, 
Guy Francois, Carl Frank, Shir- 
ley French, Linda Frye. 

Robin Funkhouser, Barbara 
Gaines, Frank Gallivan, Kathy 
Gallivan, Rick Galloway, Mary 
Garland, Pat Garnett. 

Susan Garrett, James Garrity, 

Ruthie Geber, Mary Getlein, 

A'nne Gibbs, Gayle Gibson, 
Joan Gilbert. 

Tom Gill, Rob Gills, Paulette 
Gillespie, Sue Gillian, Sally 
Goddard, Gwen Goff, Dennis 

Frank Goodwin, Robert Gordon, 
Janet Gore, Dale Gossage, Lar- 
ry Graham, Sharleen Graham, 
Steve Grandy. 

!& Q ft #N ft #} ft 

J\ O /5» ft tf% <£, fh 

Ann Grantham, Rob Grau, Carol 
Gray, Ken Gray, Delby Greene, 
Kathy Greenwalt, Carol Griffin. 

Mike Griffith, Teddy Grogg, Lar- 
ry Grube, Mark Gunnell, Pat 
Gunnels, Nancy Hagan, Allan 

Debra Hall, Jim Hall, Patricia 
Hand, Douglas Hansen, Mary 
Hansen, Jerry Hanshaw, Larry 


Steve Harley, Jonathan 'Harmon, 
Cathy Harr, Denise Harrington, 
Reggie Harrison, Gail Haun, 
Joyce Hawley. 

Joyce Head, Allina Hechavarria, 
Teresa Hechavarria, Debbi Hef- 
lin, Jesse Helton, Marcia Hel- 
wig, Andrea Hendricks. 

Ed Hennigan, Lisa Herwig, Pam 
Hickman, Brian Hillburn, Danny 
Hill, Helen Hill, Karen Hill. 

Mary Hill, Susan Hill, Lissa Hil- 
ler, Brenda Hillman, Georgia 
Hinson, Tom Hippie, Wesley 

Clelia Hoare, Susan Holmes, 
Sharon Holsinger, Glenn Hoist, 
Adrienne Holt, Alan Honick, 
Alice Hord. 

(ft / tffrit AtfcU w \ -h 

,id &> m fs & 

\ p| dfj •© •© 


Dave Home, Steve Hovermill, 
Dennis Howard, Terry Howard, 
Mark Huey, Linda Hughes, 
Sarah Hughes. 

Cy Hulse, Ken Human, Cullen 
Hutchinson, Gary Iden, Chris 
Jaeschke, Roland Jarrells, Tom 

Marilyn Johnson, Wendy John- 
son, Cathy Jones, James Jones, 
John Jones, Lydia Jones, Lyn- 
wood Jones. 

Richard Jones, Tom Jones, Char- 
les June, James June, Margaret 
Joyce Jacque Kalapos, John 


Sophs Float Takes Third Place In Competition 

/\ t\ £*! fG? T *£> fS ft 

H 3 * lilt * A^Mttt 
fit Aifei tift <>**** 

■f JldL^ifc til lit 1 

£z, CTj fm$ f% 

Teresa Kane, Martha Karas, Jeff 
Karhohs, David Kelley, Miles 
Kelly, Patricia Kelly, Dave 

Bob Kibler, Greg Kihm, Linda 
Kilby, David Kingsolver, Ray 
Kirkpatrick, Chris Kjeldgaard, 
Bill Kling. 

John Kohlhaas, Janet Kreach- 
baum, Christie Kriebel, Rom- 
ayne Krop, Kent Krotzer, Ashok 
Kumar, Nirmal Kumar. 

Jack Kump, Marilea Kuznicki, 
Bonnie Lahr, Ronald Laird, Mary 
Lamberson, Linda Langele, Reg- 
gie Lanier. 

Janet Laprade, Debbie Laugh- 
ery, Jonathan Lawson, Virginia 
Leach, Barbara LeCompte, Dev- 
on i.-?eper, Carole Lemay. 

Stephen Lempicki, Marianne 
Lennox, Rick Light, Dennis Lim, 
Marilyn Lindsay, Bill Loftin, Pat 

Patrick Long, Paula Long, Diana 
Love, Debby Lucido, Roy Mace, 
David Maginnis, Norah Man. 

Nicole Manly, Jim Manzo, Ri- 
cardo Marfori, Paul Marinoble, 
Bill Martin, Chuck Martin, Jane 

III HRkBi *>kl 


Kfc I»*h4^fe4fcl. ft 


In Autumn Sophs Start Class Business Rolling 

fkTtfct 4 4tfc 

Joe Marziani, Dons May, Cecilia 
Maza, Wendy Meadors, Paul 
Melnicoff, Connie McAdams, 
Chris McAlpine. 

Marilene McCaffrey, Gayle Mc- 
Connell, George McCoy, Kathy 
McDonough, Debbie McFalls, 
Mary McGurrin, Joan Mcllveen. 

Linda McLaughlin, Bill Mc- 
Neice, Lorraine Michael, John 
Midgett, Anita Miller, Danny 
Miller, Dean Mimms. 

Mike Minno, Ward Mitchel, 
Blair Moist, Noland Montgom- 
ery, Roxana Moore, Pam Mor- 
gan, Charles Morrow. 

David Mosley, David Moy, Nan- 
cy Muckenhaupt, Gordon Mun- 
den, Donald Munley, George 
Muschamp, Jennifer Myer. 

Susan Myers, Jim Nails, David 
Nash, Jamie Nash, Mike Natrel- 
la, Sherry Neal, Amelia Neam. 

Pf5 £S (Pi f\ (H 

C f) ;*,, f"i f* ** £) 
fe> ft ft p> ^ 

Philip Nelson, Steve Neumann, 
Brigette Newberry, Patrice Nick- 
ols, Eric Nyslrom, Obie O'Ban- 
non, Jim O'Brien. 


Elect Able Officers For Representation In SCA 

Cherie Odeen, Brenda O'Grady, 
Laymar O'Neal, Barbara Olson, 
Jim Olson, Sharon Orndorff, Jim 

ft ^ Afi AM 

(Pi **< ^ ~ <* 

Martha Otto, Regina Overholt, 
Ana Pacheco, Geoffrey Page, 
Karen Palmer, Steve Palmer, 
Louise Papich. 

Terry Parent, Janice Parr, Earl 
Parrham, Kathie Pasquale, Ar- 
menie Paul, Carol Paul, Robert 

Doug Payne, Betsy Pearce, Dan 
Pearson, Linda Pellen, Mary 
Pennington, James Perrow, 
Steve Peters. 

Gary Petherick, Richard Phillips, 
Don Pierce, Fred Pirky, Janet 
Poole, Terry Poole, John Popa. 

Robin Preuit, Jack Price, Dot 
Prince, Sherry Puglisi Kathy 
Quick, Michael Racine, Paul 


Mary Ray, Barbara Redman, 
Roger Redman, Claudia Reid, 
John Reid, John Renner, Frank 

22 1 

Always A Popular Attraction To Class Members 

Anna Reyner, Iris Rhoden, Rich- 
ard Rhodes, Dorothy Rich, Scott 
Richardson, David Ridgely, 
Alan Rinker. 

Jackie Rittue, Dan Rizzie, David 
Roberts, Connie Robinson, Re- 
gan Robinson, Randy Rogers, 
John Rolston. 

Brenda Rose, Grace Ross, Den- 
nis Rothery, Linda Rowland, 
Linda Rue, Jennatte Ruiz, Jeff 


f^ ^*V ^> ft £$ 

life Itfefesfefeife 

^> ft (ft <* ^ ft* 

4* a <?* |x n #!> e 

lYltifelfefeN feW^fe 

Doug Russell, Sue Russell, Jack 
Russo, David Saginor, Joannie 
Samaha, Debbi Sanders, San- 
dra Sanford. 

Betty Saunders, Jim Saunders, 
Jane Scarborough, Melissa 
Schaar, William Schaeffer, Blain 
Scholin, Mike Schwartz. 

Betty Scott, Vicki Scudder, 
Gayle Sefton, John Senechal, 
Paula Sharff, Granville Sharpe, 
Nancy Shattuck. 

Russ Shawen, Patty Shepard, 
Margaret Shifflett, Christine 
Shipman, Rob Shultz, Norris 
Sills, Eddie Slye. 

Syd Slye, Elizabeth Smith, Jeff 
Smith, Kaila Smith, Kristy Smith, 
Marvin Smith, Roberta Smith. 

p a a 


Keen Rivalry In Fac-Soph Game Draws Crowd 

£, pi P ,^r A (P> P 

\i **£** wit 

Rob Spauls, Alice Speice, Cur- 
tis Spriggs, Mary Stanton, Mike 
Stanton, Jill Stark, Robert Stein- 


Debbie Stewart, Janet Stewart, 
Tommie Stewart, Bruce Stirling, 
Mercy Stirling, Bodo Stock, Joan 

Libby Stone, Allen Stoudt, Bob 
Sublett, Larry Sublett, Tom Sut- 
ton, Bobby Swarthout, Frank 

Roberta Swicegood, Debra Syd- 
lowski, Pete Szabo, Charles 
Szlenker, Glynn Tallent, Mary 
Tama, Richard Tate. 

Edwina Taylor, Linda Taylor, 
Mike Taylor, Ruth Terry, Phyllis 
Terry, Maryann Testerman, Ter- 
ry Theodore. 


£\ & #^ £} 

fc*± PP fif^ 

* - • 

4 fcf 

Mary Theofilis, John Thomas, 
Noreen Thomas, Lee Thomas- 
son, Rob Thompson, Toni Torre- 
grossa, Janis Townsend. 

Pat Tribe, Ronnie Tropea, Bob 
Tucker, Anita Tully, Goria Tur- 
ner, James Turner, David Uhr- 

Dave Umbel, Martha Umstott, 
Mufit Unludag, Dave Unmack, 
Loretta Updike, Mel Uy, Ronni 


Class Of '69 Gathers In All Creative Abilities 

Jayma Valentine, John Van 
Brocklin, Sally Van Skiver, Jack- 
ie Vawter, William Venzke, Nat- 
asha Vukasin, Harold Waddell. 

George Waite, Alan Walker, 
Nancy Wallace, Carroll Waller, 
Vicki Wallington, Douglas Wal- 
ton, Danny Watkins. 

Russell Watson, Robert Weav- 
er, Tony Webb, Paul Wegner, 
Susan Wells, Greta West, Frank 

Gary Wheeler, Marilyn Whip- 
ple, James White, Margaret 
White, Bill Wilber, Linda Wil- 
kins, Tom Wilkins. 

Allen Wiiliams, Gerald Wil- 
liams, John Williamson, Allen 
Willingham, Lucia Willingham, 
Adele Wilson. 

Brenda Wilson, Seth Wilson, 
Mary Wohlford, Billy Wolfe, 
Mary Wolfe, Barbara Wood- 

ill ' 1 Ari\ ' '' ( 

ts m £* 


© n £\ o 

*~ * 


Parris Woodbury, Steven 
Woods, Gwynneth Woodson, 
Regina Wright, Barbara Yeager, 
Sally Young, Lynn Young. 

Greg Zell, Roman Zepeda, Don 
Zimmerman, Terry Zimmerman, Jc 
anne Zunzer, Jon Zylman, Cha: 


To Plan And Deliver Unique Easter Assembly 

Sophomores eagerly await introduction into W-L life as presented by student 
council president Jim Almand. 


Jack Kinkaid, 11-2; Dave 
Wynn, 11-3; Diane An- 
ello, 11-4; Lee Sneddon, 
11-5; Dick Thaxter, 11- 
6; Neil Ohlsson, 11-7. 

Carolyn Niland, 
Eric Poggenpohl, 
Peggy Sawyer. 
Shelley Jimeson, 
Chris Johnson, 
Michele Beatle, 



Linda Herrington, 
Bill Lovegrove, 
Darlene Wright, 
Warren Goodlett, 
Gelen Hekhuis, 
Bob Gibson, 11-19. 


4* iifk^ *nA tfc 

Cherry Mauer, 11-20; 
Gary Peet, 11-21; David 
Witkege, 11-22; Tom An- 
derson, 11-23; Pat Pou- 
liot, 11-24; Luwanda Mc- 
Kinney, 11-25. 

Andy Schwartz, Junior Class Treasurer 

Julie Nash, Junior Class President 


Marsha Huey, Junior Class Vice-President 


Junior Class Paints Bleachers For G. W. Game 

With its usual enthusiasm and drive, the Junior class started 
activities long before September. Summer months found mem- 
bers of the Class of '68 working hard on school pennants, a 
large class flag, and a mascot. The pennants were later sold as a 
fund raising project. 

The holiday season kept the diligent juniors working. Armed 
with paint and brushes, juniors invaded the stadium, painting 
row and seat numbers on the stands. Months of planning and 
preparation paid off as the class again presented the first-place 
winning float for the Thanksgiving Day Game. Organizing the 
traditional Christmas Assembly gave many a chance to show 
class spirit. 

The new year brought the annual chaos of ordering class 
rings. Waiting for the Spring day when seniors would slip on 
the rings, proved difficult for many. 

Closing the year with the same eagerness and zest with which 
it began, the Class of '68 enjoyed the Junior Prom as a perfect 
finale to a rewarding junior year. 

Nancy Elliott, Junior Class Secretary 


Juniors Make Preparations For College Boards 


Charles Abell, Janice Acree, Doug 
Adams, James Ahem, Mike Albert- 

Thomas Alexander, Craig Allen, Jim 
Alley, Ann Anderson, Bonnie An- 


John Anderson, Judy Anderson, 
Lynne Anderson, Tom Anderson, 
Jan Andrea. 

Diane Anello, Mary Ellen Anstine, 
Fred Anfonoff, Matt Applegate, 
Mary Jo Armstrong. 

Bob Artley, Dewitt Ashby, Kathy 
Ashley, Susan Atkins, Linda Atwell. 

Claritha Avery, Michele Baker, Rob- 
ert Baker, Linda Ball, Steve Ban- 

i .\ 

Karen Bark, Fran Bamette, David 
Barnhart, Sylvia Barrett, Meg Barth. 


Through Taking Of PSAT Tests In The Fall 

Bruce Barlett, John Bauckman, Tom 
Baxter, Claudia Beache, Michele 

Elizabeth Bell, Karen Bender, Billy 
Benett, Michael Bennett, Pat Berger- 


f^ ™ P 

Hudson Berrey, Yolanda Berumen, 
Judy Binns, Jean Birckhead, Helen 






* A 


David Bond, Pam Boone, Bob Bow- 
den, Chuck Bowen, Joe Bowers. 

Frederick Bowles, Brucell Boyce, 
Nadine Brackman, Carol Bradford, 
Ric Brady. 

Joyce Bragg, Terry Brandts, Larry 
Breeden, Lee Brent, Mari Brewer. 

David Brodsky, Earlene Brooks, Ter- 
ry Brooks, Kathie Brown, Ken 


Mabra Brown, Reid Brown, Sharon 
Brown, Huth Bryan, Linda Bryant. 

Terri Bockhantz, Douglas Bullock, 
James Burke, Jon Burleson, Gemma 

Wayne Bumette, Mary Cacciapaglia, 
Mike Cadle, Joyce Cahill. 

Dan Callahan, John Cannefax, John 
Carmichael, Naomi Carney, Walter 



r.k2 Ufe 


Kathy Carson, Joyce Casey, Maria 
Castellanos, Trudy Cavallo, Joyce 

Lydia Chapman, Louis Chobot, Val- 
lorie Christesson, Cathy Clark, Patty 

1 Am 4^,4^1 

Nancy Clevinger, Ann Clymer, Les- 
lie Coffitt, Kathy Coggins, David 


Work, Practices Pay Off In Powderpuff Game 

Pat Colburn, Rick Coleman, Mark 
Coleson, Hazel Colosimo, Mike 

Betty Corbin, Paula Corson, Phillip 
Craddock, Maynard Creel, Kathryne 

Steve Csicsery-Ronay, Jack Curtis, 
Debi Daiker, Margaret Dale, Jon 

Cathy Daniels, Christine Davis, 
Janice Davis, Jesse Davis, Norma 

Bob Decker, Margarita Dejongh, 
Glenn DeMarr, Mike Denholm, 
Clayton Deskins. 

Richard Deuterman, Mike Digges, 
Diana Dixon, Robert Dobey, Mary 

Carolyn Dove, Janis Duckett, Dana 
Dyer, Dave Eastling, Bill Eckert. 

Fred Edmondson, Paulette Eghiazar- 
ian, Donna Elliott, Linda Elliott, Nan- 
cy Elliott. 

Juniors Make Repeat Performance Of Last Year 

Bob Ellis, Debi Ellis, John Ellis, Rick 
Erickson, Renee Esparza. 

Jack Evans, Deborah Faggins, James 
Fantaski, Nancy Farris, Susan Fear- 


Linda Fessler, Barbara Fisher, Frank 
Flegeal, Jack Fleming, Jackie Flem- 

Louis Fogg, Bill Freeman, Mike 
Frye, Peggy Funkhouser, John Gar- 

a Life itk 


Diane Gardner, Cathy Garrett, John 
Garrison, Stephanie Gass, Ronnie 

Sylvia Genders, Linda Gentry, Hel- 
en Georgie, Raymond German, Or- 
sini Giancarlo. 

As Class Thanksgiving Float Takes First Place 

Bob Gibson, Gloria Gieser, Terry 
Glakas, Fred Glascoe, Lynn God- 

Darlene Goff, Sharon Goins, War- 
ren Goodlett, Lisa Goodrich, Lynn 

Norma Grau, Dennis Gray, Thomas 
Green, Winfred Green, Debbie 

k-4 Atwtt a 

Carole Greenlief, Harry Grimnitz, 
Lisa Grinnell, Jim Groves, Barbara 


National Beautification Campaign Strikes Schoo] 

Fred Gunnels, John Guthridge, Lar- 
ry Guthrie, Sandi Haines, Rick Hale. 

Bill Hall, John Hall, Sandy Hall, 
Terri Hall, Sally Halliburton. 

Mike Halpin, Alida Hamilton, Chris 
Hansen, Eva Hardgrove, Ruth Harp. 

Sallie Jo Hart, Helen Hartman, Holly 
Hawthorne, Danny Hayes, Earl 

Galen Hekhuis, Arthur Hel- 
mick, Linda Hendrick, Shir- 
ley Hendrickson, Christi- 
anne Henn, Richard Hen- 

Marilib Henry, Linda Her- 
rington, Suzy Hester, Mary 
Hicks, Sandy Higgins, An- 
thony Hill. 

John Hill, Pam Hill, Tom 
Hill, Donna Hillegass, Fred 
Hippie, John Hitt. 


As Junior Class Landscapes Underclass Court 

Ronald Hockman, Myril Hockman, 
Robert Honus, Jan Hooper, Ann 

Martin Hottle, Mike Hovermill, Ann 
Howard, Dennis Howard, Nancy 

Marsha Huey, Ruth Huey, Greg 
Huff, Judi Hurse, Adrienne Hyle. 

Norman Hyndman, Teresa Iliffe, 
David Irick, Khalid Izaz, Harold Jack- 


Orlando Jackson, Juanita 
Jackson, Ric Jacobsen, Fir- 
ouz Jahandri, Raymond Jar- 
vis, Mary Belle Jennings. 

Shelley Jimeson, Chris 
Johnson, James Johnson, 
Kathy Johnson, Pat Johnson, 
Sharon Johnson. 

Doug Jones, Florence Jones, 
Carolyn June, John Kaddatz, 
Keith Kane, Craig Kaster. 


Jeff Keels, Mike Kellum, Karen Ken- 
nedy, Carol Kent, Joyce Keys. 

Seasonal Carols Highlight 

David Kimball, Jill King, Pat King, 
Jack Kinkaid, Cindy Kirby. 

Janice Kirby, Val Kirkpatrick, Linda 
Kohlhaas, Sid Kresse, Fritz Kroesen. 

Vijay Kumar, Michael Kyles, Gail 
Laird, Doreen Landis, Bob Lane. 

Margaret LaPlante, Glen Lawrence, 
Julie Lawson, Margie Lawson, Mike 

Christmas Assembly 


■ ^ i 

Gloria Lee, Larry Lee, Har- 
ry Leichtman, Frank Lem- 
picki, Edward Lindsay, Jim 

Patty Love, Bill Lovegrove, 
Betsy Lucas, Marsha Lyn- 
am, Linda Maclsaac, Joe 

/O fit fi$ 

Gary Magann, Tom Magee, Riad 
Mahayni, Khalid Malik, Nancy Man- 

Donna Marker, Ellen Marshall, Jen- 
ny Marshall, Martha Martin, Mike 

In Traditional Junior Sponsored 

Yuletide Program 

Grace Marvin, Cherry Maurer, Caro- 
lynn May, Pam May, Aleda May- 

Gayle Mayer, Ellie McAdams, Mar- 
ilyn McAdams, Denny McAuliffe, 
Sharon McCaffrey. 

Bonnie McCarty, Jane McCarthy, 
Chip McCracken, Sherry McDaniel, 
Jane McEachern. 

Kathy McGuire, Ann Mc- 
Kenzie, Ed McKeown, Leu- 
wanda McKinney, Phil Mc- 
Knight, Alice McLeroy. 

Maureen McManus, Su- 
zanne McMenamin, Mary 
McNabb, Kevin McQuiddy, 
Bruce Meller, John Melson. 

Carol Miles, Alice Miller, Heather 
Miller, Jim Miller, Dave Mills. 

Margie Monday, Jet Montgomery, 
Patrice Montgomery, George Moore, 
Ray Moore. 

Susan Moore, Dee 
Morales, Chuck 
Morrow, Joy Mosse, 
Ruby Moye, Larry 

ifcrf/*" ii 

Karen Murray, Sharon Murray, 
Tamie Muse, Chris Musgrove, 
James Myers. 

Liz Myers, William Myers, Dave 
Namerdy, Eddie Namerdy, Julie 

Orin Netting, Debbie Newman, 
Carolyn Niland, Gaynelle Nixon, 
Eric Norton. 


Scholarships Give Incentive For Nat Merit Test 

Greg Nye, Patty Odend'hal, Karen 
O'Donnell, Neil Ohlsson, Stevie Ol- 

Leita Oldham, Cathy Oliver, Steve 
Olsen, Brad O'Neill, John O'Neill. 


Donnie Orndorff, Tatjana Ostopoff, 
Fran Packard, Patty Page, Virginia 

Chris Parmalee, Carlotta Parr, John 
Parsons, Diane Patterson, Gary Peet. 

Sherry Pelham, Mike Peltier, Dennis 
Pennington, Harold Peterson, Larry 

Eric Poggenpohl, Janet Poland, Gay 
Posey, Lee Potter, Pat Pouliot. 

Mary Prater, Camille Preciado, John 
Price, Stan Prill, Kate Puryear. 


Fredelen Pyles, Carol Quaintance, 
Gerry Quick, Gorana Radovanovic, 
Gregory Ray. 

Kaaren Ray, Kathy Ray, Mike Rei- 
mann, Vicky Rice, Artie Richmond. 

Arrival Of Class Rings Sparks School Tradition 

Joyce Ricks, Linda Ritchie, Sharon 
Ritenour, Lydia Rivera, R. B. Snider. 

Tony Roach, Linda Robey, Joan 
Roberts, MiKe Robinson, Nancy Rob- 


William Robinson, Elmer Rodas, 
Donna Roeder, Jim Roeder, Rich- 
ard Rose. 






Richard Rosette, Helen Ross, John 
Rottet, Larry Rovin, Valerie Roy. 

Mary Royce, William Ruckman, 
Nat Ruffner, Susan Rush, Tom Rus- 

Brenda Sabatell, Noriko Saito, 
Ginny Sanders, Charles Sara, Betty 

Jimmy Saunders, Jane Savage, 
Peggy Sawyer, Ursula Schlegel, 
Wiltrud Schlegel. 

As Junior Class Anticipates Final Year At W-L 


Delia Scholes, Andy Schwartz, 
Clayton Scott, Nicholas Seay, Rich- 
ard Sellers. 

Francesca Shaeffer, James Shaffer, 
Joan Shaffer, Lynn Shwaiko, Wil- 
liam Sheppard. 

^ ~ ~ 

*\ 1 1 k / ' iH, 1 


Carl Shoff, Cheryl Sieber, Fredrick 
Simmons, Sandra Sims, Bobbie 

Robert Sisko, Deborah Smith, Judy 
Smith, Linda Smith, Meredith 

Pat Smith, Ralph Smith, Shirley 
Smith, Lee Sneddon, Bonnie Soho. 

Inner Anxieties Develop 

While Awaiting Results 


Elizabeth Sowers, Jerome Spriggs, 
Nancy Spring, Ralph Stancill, Myles 

Chris Stann, Mike Stanton, Danny 
Stapleton, Sue Stark, Jack Stevens. 

Eddie Stevenson, John Stewart, Pat 
Stewart, Robin Stirling, Barbara 

Debbie Stratton, Dave Strube, Larry 
Strunk, Carolyn Stuart, Bill Surber. 

Marian Sutton, Susan Sutton, Chris 
Swartz, Mary Swearingen, Sue Tan- 

Jerry Tassa, Dick Thaxter, Nick 
Theofilos, Andrea Timotheou, Jane 


Of Crucial College Entrance 

Examination Boards 

A<» I 1 1^ # V 

Jan Thorman, Elaine Tingen, Doug- 
las Thurman, Nancy Tougias, Jim 

Doug Tracey, Bob Travis, Scott Van 
Cleef, Paul Van Doren, Mary Van 


Sylvia Van Horn, Ed Vankan, Elaine 
Vavra, Mike Vincent, Vilnis Vitols. 

Alan Vliet, Darlene Trumbo, Chris 
Tull, Soupie Tyler, Kenneth Wade. 

Edie Wagner, Phil Wagner, Charles 
Walker, Tim Walsh, Kathy Wands. 

John Warren, Robert Waters, Mi- 
chele Watson, Susan Weaver, Wil- 
liam Weaver. 


Sandra Webbere, Kathy Weber, 
Jack Webb, Ann Weisiger, Nancy 

James Wells, Polly West, Bill West- 
cott, Fred Westenberger, Karen 

Semi-Formal Junior Prom Offers Perfect Finale 

£t |R ^^ fy 

Bobbi Whalen, Drew Whikehart, 
Glenn Whitt, Kathie Whitten, Janice 

Arent Wiken, Don Wilkins, Eric 
Wilkinson, Jane Wilkinson, Michael 

John Willard, Audrey Williams, Pat 
Williams, Sydney Williams, Wendy 

Carolyn Wilson, Doug Winkel- 
mann, Thorn Winter, Gloria Wise, 
David Witkege. 


Laurie Wittmeier, Patsy Wood, Jeff 
Woodbury, William Woodfield, 
Henry Woodward. 

John Worth, Darlene Wright, John 
Wright, Wayne Wright, Dave 

For Second Year At W-L Class Of '68 

Linda Wall, Lynn Yeonas, Bob 
Young, Shari Young, Beatrice Zim- 

John Zimmerman, Taci Zunzer, 
Shirley Smith, Lath Harris, Rebecca 



Seniors Sponsor Class Of '69 Orientation Day 

Gordon Macrae, 12-1; Matt Red- 
man, 12-2; Larry German, 12-3; 
Russ Boiling, 12-4; Donna Griffin, 
12-5; Dave Price, 12-6. 

From the Morp to the Prom, the Senior Class 
of 1967 displayed the qualities of intelligence, 
leadership, and school spirit that three unforget- 
able years at Washington-Lee instilled. 

Before the commencement of the fall semester, 
the seniors sponsored a sophomore orientation 
day to familiarize the new W-Lites with the or- 
ganization and administration of the school. In 
accordance with this program, several of the 
seniors acted as "Big Brothers and Sisters" in a 
sophomore homerooms to answer any additional 
questions the underclassmen might have had. 

Throughout the year projects such as the 
Thanksgiving Assembly and .the Senior-Spon- 
sored Art Show highlighted the days of glory 
for the class of '67. 

The thrilling Senior Prom and solemn Gradua- 
tion brought mixed emotions to all seniors as 
they suddenly realized that three wonderful 
years had come to an end and that now they 
were on the verge of a new adventure. 

Barbara Whetstone, 12-7; Sheila 
Brannan, 12-8; Mary Emurian, 12- 
9; Pete Danforth, 12-10; Nolan 
Forness, 12-11; Bere Todd, 12-12. 

Janet McMahon, 12-13; Roger Gra- 
ham, 12-14; Helen Simpson, 12-15; 
Karen Fletcher, 12-16; Bruce Halli- 
burton, 12-17; Brian Woodrow, 12- 

Gil Anderson, 12-19; Mac Esta- 
brook, 12-20; Sue Speake, 12-21; 
Kay Gauzza, 12-22; Bob Jack, 12-23; 
Bob Mahan, 12-24. 


Front Row: Mike Trainum (Treasurer). Second Row: Jim Lamberson 
(Senator), Linda Mimms (Senator), Carole Reynolds (Secretary). Back 
Row: Chris Midgett (Vice-President), Ken Matts (President). 


School Customs, Traditions Introduced To Sophs 


Larry Adams William Adams Bruce Ahrons 

Martha Alford 

James Almand 

rSF ^ 

Gilbert Anderson 

Tim Alley 

Mary Allgaier 

Martha Amos 

Ida Altaian 

Sandra Alvord 

Lee Area 

Howard Anderson Linda Anderson Robert Ardura 

By Traditional Senior Class Big Brother Progam 

Dorothy Avery 

Christine Arnold Thomas Appich 

Nancy Avery 

David Babbel Maria Babcock 




Farid Bahig 

Feme Barbour 

Roxton Baker James Baldwin Bob Bales 

Claus Bang 

Joyce Barrett Barry Barton 

Thomas Bauer 

Upperclassmen Use Techniques Of Salesmanship 

Scott Baur 

Dan Bauserman Virginia Bayly Terry Bazzarre 


Linda Beach 

Rick Beale 


Alberto Benedi 



Jeff Bestic 

Shirley Benson 

Judy Bergeron 

Paul Bilek 



Suzanne Bisset 

Walter Billings Howard Bills Andrea Binkley 

To Sell Coffee And Donuts To Night Students 

Karen Bittenbring 

Jerrold Bonn 


Doug Bradshaw 

Dorothy Blankenship Mary Boger 


June Boothby 

Janet Bowman 

<3 ^ * 

Russ Boiling 

Shelia Boyer 

Sally Braun 

Joanne Bragg 

Mary Brandts 

Sheila Brannan 

Bonnie Bray 

Art Brew 

Sharon Brewington Katie Brier 

Fragile Nerves Crack And Blood Pressures Rise 

David Brigham 

Diana Brown 

Debby Britt 

Linda Brock 


Elliott Brown 

Kim Brown 

Shirley Brown 

Tom Brown 

Peggy Buck 

Paul Brugman 

Linda Burgess 

George Bullard 

Sharon Burkot 

As Upperclassmen Nervously Await Class Ranks 

Tony Cacciapaglia Dianne Caldwell 

Martha Busch 

Tom Callahan 

Diane Callan 

Judy Campbell 

Georgia Cameron 

Louella Canody 

\ Edward Carroll 

Kevin Carey Liston Carnie 

Tom Carson 

Greg Carroll 

Tom Carter 

Seniors Sponsors Assembly, Raising W-L Spirits: 

Charlie Caudill 

Christine Cheney 


Clovia Chinn 

Jim Clayton 




Barbara Cauthen Louie Celorio 



Lindsay Chapman 


Chuck Chin 

Henry Chew 

Byron Clarke 

Marc Clapp 

Kitty Clark 

Sue Cline 

Walter Clifton 

Madrigals Lead Students In 'Alma Mater Song 

Bruce Clymen 

Donna Cobert 

Judy Cloyed 

Diane Coleman 

Paula Coleman 

Alan Collier 

Audrey Colflesh 

Janice Collins ^v^^M ^ B^' • 

Julia Cooper 

Larry Connors 

Ronnie Costantini 

Peggy Cooper 

Pat Coppage 

Arlene Cope 

Class Of '67 Secures Long Awaited Privileges 

Joyce Cornett 

Judy Cozort 

Ann Crouse 

John Cone 

Linda Courtney 

Linda Crawford 

Judy Cudd Joanne Czarniewski 

Debby Darr 

Pete Danforth 


Jerry Coyne 

Sharon Croom 

Angle Dahmer 

Debby Davis 

Through United Efforts Of Upperclass Members 


Chris Dove 

Nancy Dubler 

Reid Dudley 

Susan Dunwoody 

Mac Estabrook 

Pat Edwards 

Alice Eldridge 

Larry Elliott 

Venida Ebert 

Pat Elliott 

Linda Ellis 

Micky Ellis 

Upperclassmen Stage Court Clean-Up, Renovation 


Charlie Ennis Eleanor Erice Dianna Escola Sandy Dawson 

John Deadwyler 

Sue Dean 

Lorice Deardorff 

Linda Deniston 



Diago Diaz 

Tom Derr 

Bob Derrickson 

Bev Diggle 


+*M dtk 

Susan Donnelly 

Carole Dinker June Dodson Dave Dove 

Mary Donohue 




Ken Evans 

Sharyn Farmer 

Kathy Dorset 

Carlos Esparza 

Roger Estes 

Cindy Fall 

Jim Everett 

Brett Fairchild 



Sonia Flegeal 

Mary Fasbender Steve Feaster 

Peter Fisher 

Bonnie Fleming Karen Fletcher 

Carol Fontein 

Alan Forde 

Al Forman 

Nolan Forness 

Nancy Foster 

Vernon Foster 

Senior Students Obtain New Privilege In Having 

Scott Fredericks Dean French 

Linda Franko 

Judy French 


Rimsey Frye 

Jane Frith 

Ronald Frey 

Jaime Fuentes 

Bart Fugler 

^ *<■ 

Eddie Furlow 

Tom Gallagher 

Eddie Gaarder 

Angie Galante 

Cafeteria Waiting Line Exclusive For Themselves 

Susan Gantt Barbara Gardner 

Vicky Gallagher 

Del Gardner 

David Gehser 

Kay Gauzza 

Glenn Geiger 

David Georges 

Seniors Enthusiastically Obtain Class ID Cards 

Cindy German 

Sue Goff 

Steve Goldsmith 


Bob Gilbert 

Larry German 

Mike Gibbs 

Denny Goldsmith 

Bud Goings 


Carol Gott 

Falima Gonzalez George Gorman 

Bob Graebener 

Julia Gouge 


Through Beginning of Washington-Lee Policy 


Lee Gray 

Diane Grentzar 

Delores Grau 

4S& ~. ! 


Donna Griffin 

Pris Guthrie 

Sona Hadid 

Debby Grey 

Mohamed Hadid 


Joe Hall 

Jenny Hall 
Maureen Hagel Craig Hall 

Valerie Hall Linda Halle 

Twelve W-L Seniors Show Intellectual Capability 

Bruce Halliburton 

Lana Hamilton 

Nancy Hamilton 

Robin Hart 

Susan Hart 

Valerie Hauch 
Claude Hayeck 


Winning Place As National Merit Semi-Finalists 

Mike Heindle 

Wayne Helm 

John Hellyer 

Jim Helms 

Kathy Henck 

Brian Hendrick 

John Henry 

Linda Hill Marie Henr Y 

Charles Higbee 

Warren HU1 

John Higbee 



Gail Hjortsberg 

Seniors Present Solemn Thanksgiving Assembly 

Elizabeth Hoore 



Craig Hoffman 

Mark Holcomb 

Linda Holshouser 

John Hoist 

Chris Horen 

Holly Howell 

Peggy Jo Home 

Jesse Horton 

Keen Holland 

Pat Hood 

Phil Hottle 
Rati Howze 



To Commence Turkey Day Celebrations 

Almira Hudnall 

Lee Hudson 

BUI Huie 


Al Hutchins 



Paul Hyndman 

Tommy Ivey 

Seema Izaz 

Beverly Ingles 

Martie Ishmael 

Tariq Izaz 

Bobbi Jacobsen 

Bob Jack 

John Jackson 

Hard Working Senior Girls Practice Successfully 


yf, <V\\ 

Jay Jerome 

Dale Johnson 

Robyn Jimeson 

Carol Johnson 

Doris Johnson 

Helen Johnson 

Kim Johnson 


Joyce Johnson 

Bernadine Jones 

Karen Johnson 

Tom Johnson 

Jill Jones 

Betsy Jones 


Lynne Jordan 

And Take Honors At Annual Powderpuff Game 

Jeannie Karas 

Brenda Keagy 

Chris Joyce 

Bob Keller 

Laura Kelly 

Carol Kerns 

Linda Kelly 

Jim Kessinger 

Nancy Kingman 

Kristi Kiley Delores King 

Kay Kirchman 

George King 
Mark Kissinger 

Seniors Produce Jr Miss Candidates Three 


Mark Kleber 


m 4. 

Connie Knowles 

Jean Ealuta 

j»e> * 

Andrea Koerner 

Kathy Knarr 

Sue Klein 

Rosemarie Kohlhaas 

Tom Kruse 

Mike Kroft 

Larry Krop 

Carolyn Kruse 
Katalina Kulifay-Nagy 


Class Members Win Semi-Finalist Billings 

Lynne Lahait 

m^ ** Tw 

Jim Lamberson Michelle LaMotte 

Carolyn Lanham 

Mary Laplante 

Sally Leigh 

Sandy Lane 

Diane Leeland 

Carlotta Lesshafft 

Bob Leme 

Rob Lewallen 

Nancy Lewis 

Reid Lewis 

Virginia Lewis 

Raymond Lilly 

Stuart Lipsky 

Anne Livingston 

Exclusive Christmas Dance For Seniors Chosen 

Betsy Loder 

Edward Loud 

Dave Long 

Andy Lose 

Mildred Long 


Pat Loveless 

-w*« .„, F 


Anne Ludlow 

Michelle Lynch 

By Class Officers As Special Holiday Activity 

Nidal Mahayni 

Lester Malhoyt 

Bob Mahan 

Lynne Manov 

Ann Martin 

Susan Manov 


Richard Martin 

Ronald Mason 


Russell Mason 

Angela Mathieu 

Eugenio Mathieu 

Ken Matte 

Michael Maybury 

*% A 

Wayne Mayhew 

Janet McMahon 

John McMillan 


Bill Matson 

Charlie McAdams 

Dennis McCausland l&^ "*A ' '■' A B "vlrwt M ^^ Wanda McKenzie 

Cathy McConnell David McGaffic Jean Mclntyre 

Jimmie McWhirt Vicki McWhorter 

Pamela Meadors 

Margaret Melia 

Deborah Meares 

Maureen Melia 

Seniors Take Advantage Of 'Lounge' Privilege 

Jane Melvin 

Teresa Mendola 

Chris Midgett .^A^fe*" ^^ 

Nat Miller Richard Miller 

Kathy Mokszanoski Pat Monahan 

Sighs Of Relief Sound Throughout The School 

Jeanne Monroe 

Kathy Mooney 

Linda Morris 



Wesley Mosburg 

Lindy Morey 

Karen Mootz 

Tyrone Morrow 

Lavillon Morrison 

Janet Myers 

Joanne Mueller Judy Mueller 

Carol Nackenoff 


Tom Naughton 

Lynda Nash 

As Long Awaited Letters Of Acceptance Arrive 

Lance Nealy 

Monica Newberry 

Ann Neal 

William Newton 

Barbara Newbauer 

Glen Newman 




Bruce Niles 

Valerie Newton 

Michael Neuman 

Phil Nickle 

Karen Nevitt Portia Nevitt 

Charlie Nohava Sandra Nye 

'67's Senior Class Carries On W-L Tradition 

Dave Ockert 

Lisa Oddone 

Garry O'Neill 

Maureen Ostrowski 

Cynthia Ours 

Brian O'Grady 

Eric Olson 

Mary Orth 

Joan Ormsbee 




Johnnie Otto 

Gene Otis 


Winnie Owens 

Pat Palmer 

With Presentation Of Own Class Gift 

i V tH 

Clete Pannell 

Alice Paterick 

Jerline Parham Linda Parrish 

l » 

Joseph Paul 

Charlotte Persons 

*f-3% «l 

Gary Payne 


Tighe Pearson 

Ronald Peterson 

Pat Petnosky 

Susan Pflieger 

Karen Phillips 

Seniors Nervously Await Final Exemption News 

Dianne Pickering 

Barbara Pigg 

Karen Plunkett 

Marty Pociask 

Joe Pociask 

Ken Poush 

Linda Powell 

David Price 

Lupe Puebla 

Nancy Price Viki Prohaska 

Miriam Puebla Liz Raleigh Bonnie Read 

Lissa Rantz 

In Order To Escape Tension Of Examinations 

Matt Redman 


Allan Reyes 

Kathy Reid 

Ed Rejuney 

Carole Reynolds 

Sandy Rhodes 

Rodney Rice 

Frank Rich 

Sherry Richter 

Dan Roberts Ralph Richardson 

Wanda Robinson 


Beholders Recognize Seniority Of Upperclassmen 

Rhea Rolfe 


Henry Rorabaugh Roger Rose 

Elizabeth Ross 

Milton Ruiz 

Thomas Russell 

Mary Russillo 


i^k An 

A 4* 

David Salisbury 


Angela Ryan Tim Ryan 

Semon Samaha Frank Sansalone George Savastano Francis Schaeffer 


While Seniors Sport Green And White Beanies 

Richard Scheele 

Pam Scherger 

Phil Schulman 

Mike Schwelien 

Sharon Scott 

Bob Scruggs 

Jean Sievers 

Darrow Sellers 

Kathy Semones 

Peter Senechal 


Donna Sheppard 

Sue Shapiro 

Donna Showers 

Linda Sheppard 

Mike Sherwood 

Seniors Celebrate Graduation With Exciting Prom 

Marsha Shultz 


Helen Simpson 

Jan Simmons 

Sidney Simmons 

Sue Sissler 


Richard Slettvet 

Curt Snyder 

Mike Slade 

James Smedegard 

Roger Smith 

Chris Smith 
Wendi Smith 

Eddie Smith 

Linda Smith 

Sue Speake 

Elizabeth Starkey Sharon Stephens 

Followed By Splash Party And Early Breakfast 

Anna Stewart 

Janet Stockard 

Mary Strait 

Bob Stewart 


David Stewart 

Thomas Stewart 

Margaret Stockett Donna Stocking 

Tom Surber 

Karl Striffler 

John Swain 

Kathi Studer Lucy Summit 

Barbara Sweeney Linda Sykes 

John Szlenker 

Seniors Attend Impressive Baccalaureate 

Nora Stone 

Lynne Storie 

Francine Stoss 

Steve Tanner 

Lee Tennyson 

Christine Talley 

Bill Thompson 

Donna Stowers 

James Tawes 

Brenda Thompson 


Daryl Tillinghast 

Sue Thompson 

Judy Tienken 

Address Stimulating Many Different Emotions 

Jay Tippens 


Edward Tomlinson 

Tony Tompas 

Donald Tucker 



Christine Tisdale Bere Todd 

Mike Trainum 

Gretchen Tomlin 

Linda Trogdon 

Joe Van Evera 

Joe Tucker 

Sharon Tyler 

Shelia Thompson 

Julio Vargas 

Eleni Veach 

Barry Von Lobstein Vikor Von Sabler 

Graduating Seniors Show Mixed Emotions In 


Thomas Wachtel 

Dennis Wagner 

Marty Walker 

Michael Wallace 

Gary Wallen 

Sushma Wahal 


William Waikart 

Betty Watkins 

Amy Walsh 
Cheryl Wagoner 

Ellen Wagner 

Diane Weaver 

Leaving School, Teachers, And Acquaintances 



David Webb 

+ 9± A" 

William Wegner ^ vT 


Pamela Wels 

Tom Weldon 

"W ^** 

Cynthia Welsh 

4*^ 4- 

David Wendelin HjjBji ^L A 


Ralph West 

Mike West 

Barbara Whetstone Esther White 


Dorothy Wilkens 


Gerald Williams 

Sue Williams 

John Wilson 

Warren Williams David Williamson 

Proud Graduates Attain Final Honor In Diplomas, 

Mark Wilson 

Anita Wolfe 

Mary Wilson Joseph Winstead 

Sandra Wood 


David Woodside 

Brian Woodrow 

Tim Woodward 


Dale Wortham 

Carla Wright 


Galen Wright 


Rebecca Zepeda 

Holly Wright Bob Wright 

Bob Youman 

Getting ready for the big kick-off, Russ Boiling and Michele 
LaMotte finish up a football for the float. 

Colonel Carl Brose assists the Madrigals in reviving school spirit 
with the Alma Mater at senior assembly. 

A warm autumn afternoon and impressive class spirit draws Carol 
Lanham out to dig weeds in the Sr. Court. 

Senior Directory 

Bill Adams — Baseball, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3,4; Basketball Scout 3,4; 

Epsilon Service Club 4; Go-Go Boys 4; Intramurals 2,3; Lav/ Club 4; 

Varsity Lettermen's Club 4. 
Larry Adams — Football, Junior Varsity 2; Intramurals 2,3. 
Caridad Aguilar — Ratael MaMendive High School, Cuba 2; Robert E. Lee 

High School, Springfield, Virginia 3; International Club 4; Spanish 

Club 4. 
Bruce Ahrons — Art Club 3, Vice President 4; Choir 4; Homeroom Treasurer 

4; Key Club 4; Look Homeward Angel 4; Thespian Honor Society 3,4. 
Raul Aicardi — International Club 2; Intramurals 2,3,4; Soccer 2,3,4. 
Tim Alley- -Baseball, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3,4; Epsilon Service Club 

4; Go-Go Boys 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Varsity Lettermen's Club 4. 
Mary Margaret Allgaier — Choir 4; Gamma Service Club 4; Girls' Athletic 

Association Representative 2, Sports Manager 3,4; Girls' Crew 2,3; 

Homeroom Secretary 4; Orchestra 2,3,4; Senior Advisory Council 4. 
Jim Almand — Debate Team, Varsity 2,3, Captain 4; Domestic Exchange to 

Grafton, Wisconsin 4; Go-Go Boys 4; Homeroom Vice President 2; Intra- 
murals 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Speaker's Bureau 2,3; Student 

Council Senator 3, President 4. 
Martha Amos — Choir 3,4; French Club 2; Girls' Athletic Association 2; 

Keyettes 4; Mixed Chorus 2; National Beta Club 4; Pep Club 2, 3. 
Ida Altman — Elos Honor Society 3,4; Homeroom Vice President 2; National 

Honor Society 2,34; SAFE Club 2; Spanish Honor Society 2,3, President 

4; Tikos Math Honor Society 2,3,4. 
Gil Anderson— Cross Country 4; French Honor Society 3,4; Homeroom 

President 3,4; Intramurals 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; National 

Merit Semi-Finalist 4; Science Honor Society Treasurer 4; Winter Track 4. 
Howard Anderson — German Club 3; Intramurals 2,3,4; Marching Band 2; 

Rescue Squad 2,3,4. 
Linda Anderson — Band 2,3; Basketball Statistician 3,4; Gamma Service 

Club 3,4; German Honor Society 3,4; Girls' Athletic Association 2,3,4; 

Homeroom Treasurer 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Orchestra 3. 
Tom Appich — Intramurals 2,3; German Honor Society 3,4; Latin Honor 

Society 2,3,4; Math Club 3; Russian Honor Society 4. 
Robert Ardura — Bible Club 4; Pro and Con Club 4; Spanish Honor So- 
ciety 4. 
Lee Area — Debate Team 3,4; Football, Junior Varsity 2; Homeroom Presi- 
dent 2; National Honor Society 3, Vice President 4; Omega Service Club 

3,4; Penman Editor-in-chief 4; Science Club 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 

Historian 3,4; Student Council 2nd Vice President 3. 
Harry Armstrong — Basketball, Junior Varsity 2, Scout 3,4; Epsilon Service 

Club President 4. 
Stephen Armstrong — Intramurals 2,3. 
Christine Arnold — St. Mary's Academy, Alexandria, Virginia 2; Beta Service 

Club 3,4; Pep Club 4. 
Fritts Arwood— Orchestra 2,3,4. 
Nancy Avery — Crossed Sabres Photographer 4; Gamma Service Club 3; 

Girls' Athletic Association Representative 3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4. 
Dee Avery — Concert Band 3,4; Delta Service Club Historian 4; Girls' 

Athletic Association Representative 2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Reserve 

Band 2. 
Dave Babbel — Intramurals 2,3,4; National Honor Society 4; Science Club 2. 
Maria Babcock — Jacksonville High School, Jacksonville, Alabama, 2. 
Roxton Baker — National Merit Semi-Finalist, 4; Tikos Math Honor Society 2. 
James W. Baldwin — Choir 3,4; Gymnastics 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Madrigals 

4; Mixed Chorus 2. 
Bob Bales — Go-Go Boys 4; Homeroom President 2,3, Vice President 4; 

Intramurals 2,3, Key Club, Secretary 4; Sailing and Boating Club 3. 
Claus Bang — Intramurals 2,3,4; Soccor 2,3. 

Joyce Barrett — Distributive Education Club Reporter 3, President 4. 
Tom Bauer— Chess Club 3, President 4; Go-Go Boys 4; Rifle Club 2; Tikos 

Math Honor Society 2. 
Dan Bauserman — Go-Go Boys 4; Intramurals 2,3; Wrestling, Varsity 3. 
Virginia Bayly— V.O.T. Club 4. 
Terry Bazzarre — Hillcrest High School, Dazell, South Carolina 2; Crossed 

Sabres Cartoonist 4; German Club 3,4; German Honor Society 4; National 

Honor Society 4; Ski Club 4. 
Linda Beach — Future Homemakers of America, Vice President 4; Girls' 

Choir 2; Keyettes 4; Nu Service Club 3. 
Rick Beale — Baseball, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3, Co-Captain 4; Football, 

Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3, Co-Captain 4; Homeroom President 2,3. 
Bruce Beckner — Crew 2,3,4; Debate Team 4; Elos Honor Society 4; Football, 

Junior Varsity 2; French Honor Society 3,4; Homeroom Treasurer 2, 

President 3; Intramurals 2; National Honor Society 3,4; National Merit 

Semi-Finalist 4; Northern Virginia Science Fair, First Place 2; Omega 

Service Club 3,4; Penman Fiction Editor 4; Tikos Math Honor Society 

Alberto J. Benedi— International Club 2,4; Soccer, 3,4. 
Jeff Bestic— Choir 3,4; Crew 2,3,4; Elos Honor Society 4; Go-Go Boys 4; 

Homeroom President 2,3, Treasurer 4; Madrigals 4; Mixed Chorus 2; 

National Honor Society 4; Omega Service Club 3,4; Soccer 2,3,4. 
Paul L. Bilek— Homeroom Treasurer 2, 3; Rifle Team 2; WLNS, President 4. 
Walter E. Billings — Football, Junior Varsity 2; Homeroom Secretary 3,4; 

Intramurals 3; Omega Service Club 3,4; Outdoor Track 2,3,4; Pro and 

Con Club 4; Winter Track 2,4. 
Andrea Binkley — Beta Service Club 2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Girls' Athletic Asso- 
ciation 2,3; Homeroom Secretary 3,4; Mixed Chorus 2; Modern Dance 

2; Pep Club 2,3,4. 
Suzanne Bisset — Bible Club 4; Gamma Service Club 2, Secretary 3,4; 

Latin Honor Society 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Penman Staff 4; 

Pep Club 4; Science 2; Vocabulary Club 3,4; WLNS 4; Welcome Club 4. 
Karen Bittenbring — Alpha Service Club 4; Future Teachers Of America 

4; Keyettes 4; Psychology Club 4. 
Dottie Blankenship— Girls Crew 2; Mixed Chorus 2; V.O.T. Club 4. 
Rodney Blevins — Falls Church High School, Falls Church, Virginia 3. 
Mary Boger — Psychology Club 4; Swim Club 2. 
Russ Boiling — Baseball, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3,4; Basketball, Junior 

Varsity 2, Varsity 3, Co-Captain 4; Boys State 3; Epsilon Service Club 

4; Homeroom Vice President 2, President 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Varsity 

Lettermen's Club 4. 
Jerrold Bonn — German Honor Society 4; National Honor Society 3,4; 

National Merit Semi-Finalist 4; Rocket Club 2,3,4; Science Honor Society 

Secretary 4; Sound Service Club President 3,4; Tikos Math Honor 

Society 3,4. 
Janet Bowman — Girls Crew 2; Pep Club 4; Psychology Club 4; Sigma 

Service Club 2,3. 
E. Douglas Bradshaw — Concert Band 2,3, President 4; Elos Honor Society 

4; National Honor Society 3,4; Tikos Math Honor Society 2,3,4. 
Joanne Bragg — Gamma Service Club 2, Treasurer 3; Girls' Athletic Asso- 
ciation 2; Mounted Generals 4; Pep Club 4; Teenage Republicans 2; 

Welcome Club 4. 
Mary Brandts— Blue and Gray Copy Staff 3, Copy Editor 4; Choir 4; 

Quill and Scroll Honor Society 3,4; Red Cross Club 2; Spanish Club 2. 

Sheila Brannan — York Suburban High School, York, Pennsylvania 2; Blue 
and Gray Copy Staff 3, Photography Editor 4; Homeroom Vice Presi- 
dent 3, President 4; Latin Honor Society 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Pep 
Club 3,4; Quill and Scroll Honor Society 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4. 

Sally Braun — Alpha Service Club 2; Nu Service Club Secretary 3,4; Pep 
Club 3,4; Psychology Club 4. 

Bonnie Bray — Choir 4; Homeroom Secretary 2,3; National Beta Club 4; 
Tau Service Club 4. 

Katherine Brier — Concert Band 2; Girls Crew 3. 

David Bingham — Math Club 2; National Honor Society 4; Rescue Squad 
4; Science Club 4; Science Honor Society 4; Tikos Math Honor Society 
4; Wrestling, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3. 

Deborah Cheryl Britt— Girls Crew 2,3, Co-Captain 4; Gymnastics Club 2,3. 

Linda Brock— Mixed Chorus 2,3. 

Carolyn Brower — Morristown High School, Morristown, New Jersey 2,3; 
Art Club 4; Drama Club 4. 

Diana Brown— Girls' Athletic Association 2 ,SAFE Club 2,3; VOT Club 4. 

Elliott Brown — Go-Go Boys 4. 

Kim Brown — Gamma Service Club 3; Homeroom Treasurer 2, Secretary 3; 

, 4; Pep Club 4; Psychology Club 4; Ski Club 2. 

George Bullard — North Kingstown High School, North Kingstown, Rhode 
Island 3; Crew 2,4; Football, Junior Varsity 2; Go-Go Boys 4; Intra- 
murals 4; Key Club 4; Northern Va. Science Fair 1st Place Physics 2; 
Science Club 2,4. 

Linda Burgess — Girls' Athletic Association 2,3; Psychology Club 4. 

Suzanne Burk — Beta Service Club 2,3, Treasurer 4; Girls' Athletic Associa- 
tion 2,3,4; National Honor Society 4; Pep Club 2,3; Service Club Council 
3; Student Exchange To Grafton, Wisconsin 4. 

Sherri Burkot — Choir 4; French Club 2,3,4; French Honor Society 4; 
Future Teachers Of America 3; Kappa Service Club 2,3; Spanish Honor 
Society 3,4; Thespian Honor Society 4; Welcome Club 2. 

Frank A Cacciapaglia — Cross Country 2,3; Epsilon Service Club 4; Home- 
room Vice President 2; Intramurals 2,3,4; Outdoor Track 2,3,4; Swim 
Club 3, Vice President 4; Winter Track. 

Dianne Caldwell — Mounted Generals 2,4, Treasurer 3; Teenage Repub- 
licans 4. 

Diane Callan— Alpha Service Club 2; Delta Service Club 3,4; Girls' 
Athletic Association 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3,4; Pep Club 3; Service 
Club Council 3. 

Georgia Cameron — French Club 2; Girls' Athletic Association 3; Nu Service 
Club 2; Service Club Council 2; Welcome Club 4. 

Judy Ann Campbell — Distributive Education Club 4. 

Louella Canody — Girls' Crew 4; Mixed Chorus 2,3; Mounted Generals 2; 
V.O.T. Club 4. 

Kevin Carey — Go-Go Boys 4; Homeroom Vice President 3; Key Club 4; 
Vocabulary Club 3; WLNS 4. 

Liston Carnie — Go-Go Boys 4; Homeroom Treasurer 2; Intramurals 2,3; Key 
Club 2,4, Secretary 3; Soccer 3; Wrestling, Junior Varsity 2. 

Tom Carson — J.E.B. Stuart High School, Falls Church, Virginia 2; Crew 3. 

Charles Caudill— Omega Service Club 3,4; Rifle Club 2; Soccer 4; Wres- 
tling, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3. 

Barbara Jean Cauthen — Beta Service Club 3; Homeroom Secretary 2; Girls' 
Athletic Association 3,4; Math Club 2,3,4; WLNS Secretary 4. 

Lindsay Margaret Chapman — Future Homemakers Of America 4; Girls' 
Crew 2; Girls' Athletic Association 2,3,4; Crossed Sabres Staff 3; Mixed 
Chorus 2; Ski Club 4; Sailing and Boating Club, Secretary-Treasurer 
3; Swim Club 3,4. 

Christine Cheney — Art Club 4; Homeroom Secretary 3; Intramurals 3,4; 
Look Homeward, Angel 4; Science Club 3, Secretary 4. 

Richard Chew — Crew 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Thespian Honor Society 3,4; 
Outdoor Track 4. 

Chuck Chin — Bible Club 4; Intramurals 3. 

Clovia Chinn — French Honor Society 3,4; Girls' Athletic Association 2,3,4; 
Modern Dance Club 3,4, Secretary 2; Psychology Club 4; Welcome 
Club 3, Secretary 4. 

Marc Clapp — Essex Junction High, Essex Junction, Vermont 2; Elos Honor 
Society 4; Football, Varsity Manager 4; French Honor Society 3,4; 
Intramurals 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Tikos Math Honor Society 
3, Vice President 4. 

Kitty L. Clark— Bible Club 4; Choir 4; Girls' Athletic Association 2, 
Sports Manager 3, Points Recorder 4; Keyettes 4; Mixed Chorus Vice 
President 2, President 3. 

A. Byron Clark — Bible Club 2; Concert Band 2, Treasurer 3; Homeroom 
President 2, Treasurer 3; Intramurals 2,3; Marching Band 2,3,4; Orches- 
tra 4. 

Sue Cline — Girls' Athletic Association 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; 
Pro and Con Club 4; SAFE Club 2,3; Spanish Honor Society 2,3, 
Historian 4; Teenage Democrats 4; Teenage Republicans 2,3; Weekend 
History Club 2. 

Bruce Clymer— Concert Band 2,3,4; Key Club 4; Marching Band 2,3,4; 
Orchestra 4. 

Diane Coleman — Girls' Athletic Association 2; Homeroom Vice President 
2, President 3, Treasurer 4; Nu Service Club, Vice President 3, Presi- 
dent 4; Pep Club 4; Service Club Council Secretary 4; Student Activity 
Council 4; "The Man Who Came To Dinner," 2. 

Paula J. Coleman — Girls' Athletic Association 2; Homeroom Secretary 2,4, 
Vice President 3; Keyettes Secretary 4; Modern Dance Club 4; Science 
Club 2; Ski Club 4; Swim Club 4. 

Audrey Colflesh — Connellsville Senior High School, Connellsville, Penn- 
sylvania 2; Red Cross Club 4. 

Alan Collier— Baseball, Junior Varsity 2; Basketball, Junior Varsity Captain 
2; Epsilon Service Club 4; Go-Go Boys 4; Homeroom President 2,3, 
Vice President 4; Intramurals 2,3,4. 

Janice Collins— French Club 2,3,4; Future Teachers Of America 3; Nu 
Service Club 2; Psychology Club 3,4; Red Cross Club 4; Welcome Club 
Historian 4. 

Leslie Collins — West Anchorage High School, Anchorage, Alaska 2,3; 
Intramurals 4; Wrestling Manager 4. 

Larry Connors — French Honor Society 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4. 

Peggy Cooper— Alpha Service Club 2; French Club 3,4; Future Teachers 
Of America 3; Gamma Service Club 3, Historian 4; Girls' Athletic 
Association 2,3,4; National Honor Society 4; Psychology Club 3; Spanish 
Honor Society 3,4. 

Arlene Cope— German Club 2,3, President 4; Nu Service Club 3,4; 
Welcome Club 3, President 4. 

Joyce Cornett — Girls' Athletic Association 3; Mixed Chorus 2,3; Mounted 
Generals 2; VOT Club 4. 

John Cotte— Go-Go Boys 4; Gymnastics 4; Intramurals 2,3,4. 

Mike Counselman — DeMatha High School, Hyattsville, Maryland 2; Distribu- 
tive Education Club 4. 

Linda Courtney— Girls' Athletic Association 2,3; Girls' Chorus 2,3, Secre- 
tary 4; Keyettes 4; Red Cross Club 2. 


Senior Directory 

Jerry Coyne — Heidelberg American High School, Heidelberg, Germany 2; 
German Honor Society 3, President 4; Intramurals 3,4; National Honor 
Society 3,4; Senior Advisory Council 4. 

Anne Crouse — Choir 3,4; Domestic Exchange To Little Rock, Arkansas 3; 
Elos Honor Society 4; Future Homemakers Of America 2,3,4; Girls' 
Athletic Association 2; National Honor Society 4; Thespian Honor So- 
ciety 3,4; Vocabulary Club 3,4. 

Judy Cudd — Homeroom Treasurer 3. 

Angie Dahmer — Crossed Sabres 3, Associate News Editor 4; "Dark Of 
The Moon," 2; "Death Of A Salesman," 3; Elos Honor Society 4; Girls' 
Athletic Association 2; Girls' State 3; Homeroom Treasurer 2,4; Look 
Homeward, Angel 4; Quill and Scroll Honor Society 3,4; "The Glass 
Menagerine" 3; "The Man Who Came To Dinner" 2; Thespian Honor 
Society 3, Vice President 4; Sigma Service Club 3,4. 

Lee H. Dahmer— Outdoor Track 2,4; Winter Track 2; Wrestling, Varsity 3. 

Peter Danforth — Cross Country 4; Domestic Exchange To Grafton, Wiscon- 
sin 4; Gymnastics 3; Homeroom Treasurer 2, President 3,4; Swim Club 
2,3,4; Winter Track 2,4. 

Debbie Darr — Elos Honor Society 3,4; French Honor Society 3,4; Future 
Teachers Of America 2,3, President 4; German Honor Society 3,4; 
National Honor Society 3,4. 

Deborah Davis — Choir 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4. 

Gary Davis — Djstributive Education Club 4; Library Club 3; Psychology 
Club 3; Rocket Club 3; Science Club 2,3; Ski Club 2,3; Sound Service 
Club 2,3. 

Sandra Dawson — Delta Service Club 2,3,4; Domestic Exchange to Grafton, 
Wisconsin 4; French Honor Society 3,4; Future Teachers of America 4; 
Girls' Athletic Association 2,3,4; National Honor Society 4; Science Hon- 
or Society 4. 

John Deadwyler — Intramurals 2,3; Homeroom Secretary 2; Psychology Club 

Sue Ellen Dean— Girls' Athletic Association 2,3; Girls' Crew 3; V.O.T. Club 

Lori Deardorff — Bible Club 2; Girls' Athletic Association 2; Gymnastics 3; 
Keyettes 4. 

Linda Deniston — Girls' Choir 2. 

Tom Derr — Basketball, Varsity Manager 2; Cross Country Manager 2,3; 
Football, Varsity Manager 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Law Club 4; Winter 
Track Manager 3. 

Bev Diggle— Art Club 4; Crossed Sabres Staff 3; Penman Staff 4; Red 
Cross Club 2; Science Club 3,4. 

Carole Dinker — VOT Club 4. 

June Dodson — Girls' Athletic Association 2,3. 

Mary Donahue — Alpha Service Club 2; Future Teachers of America 3,4; 
German Club 4; Weekend History Club 3. 

Kathy Dorset — Girls' Athletic Association 2,3; Homeroom Secretary 3; 
Kappa Service Club 3,4. 

Christopher Dove — Intramurals 2; Marching Band 2,3,4. 

David A. Dove — German Club 3,4; Homeroom Vice President 3,4; Intra- 
murals 2,3. 

Reid M. Dudley — Go-Go Boys 4; Homeroom President 2, Treasurer 4; In- 
tramurals 2,3,4; Mounted Generals 2,3, President 4; Science Club 2; 
Swim Club 3. 

Susan Dunwoody — Girls' Athletic Association 2, Second Vice President 3, 
First Vice President 4; Girls' State 3; Homeroom Vice President 2, 4; 
National Honor Society 3; Nu Service Club 3, Pep Club 3; Tau Service 
Club Historian 4. 

Venida Ebert — Distributive Education Club 4; Girls' Athletic Association 

Lynn Edwards — Mounted Generals 3; Welcome Club 4. 

Alice Eldridge— Girls' Chorus 2,3,4; Mounted Generals 4. 

Larry Elliott — Choir 3,4; Madrigals 4; Mixed Chorus 2. 

Mickey Ellis — Homeroom Vice President 3; Kappa Service Club 3,4; Pep 
Club 4; Psychology Club 4. 

Rick Ellis — Cross Country 3,4. 

Mary Emurian — French Club 3,4; Gamma Service Club 3,4; Homeroom 
Secretary 3, President 4; National Honor Society 4; Psychology Club 3. 

Eleanor Erice— Pep Club 3; Spanish Club 4. 

Diana Escola — Killeen High School 2; Choir 4; Homeroom Secretary 4; 
Pep Club 4; Sigma Service Club 3,4; Ski Club 3, Treasurer 4. 

David Estabrook— Boys State 3; Crossed Sabres 3, Sports Editor 4; Foot- 
ball, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3,4; Go-Go Boys, Co-Captain 4; Home- 
room President 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Quill 
and Scroll Honor Society 3, President 4; Wrestling, Junior Varsity 2; 
Varsity Lettermen's Club 4. 

Roger Estes — Chess Club 4; Concert Band 2,3,4; Intramurals 3,4; Marching 
Band 2,3,4; Rifle Team 2,3, Captain 4. 

Ken Evans — Baseball, Junior Varsity 2; Intramurals 2,3,4; Soccer 2,3. 

James Everett — Homeroom Treasurer 4; Soccer 3,4. 

Gary Ezzell — American High School, Theran, Iran 2,3. 

Brett Fa irchild— Choir 3,4; Go-Go Boys 4; Intramurals 2,3; Mixed Chorus 2. 

Cynthia Fall — Alpha Service Club 2; Choir 3,4; Domestic Exchange to 
Grafton, Wisconsin 4; Homeroom Secretary 2, President 3, Treasurer 4; 
Mixed Chorus 2; Senior Advisory Council 4; Service Club Council 3; 
Tau Service Club 3, President 4. 

Sharyn Farmer — Ludwigsburg American High School, Germany 2; Aber- 
deen High School, Aberdeen, Maryland 3; Mounted Generals 4; Swim 
Club 4. 

Mary Stephanie Fasbender — Homeroom Secretary 3,4; Student Advisory 
Council 4; Welcome Club 2, Treasurer 4. 

Sonia Flegeal— French Club 2,3; German Club 2,3; German Honor Society 
3,4; Russian Honor Society 4. 

Karen Fletcher — Girls' State 3; Homeroom Vice President 3, President 4; 
National Honor Society 3, Secretary 4; Nu Service Club 3; Service Club 
Council Vice President 3; Sigma Service Club 4. 

Carol Fontein— Beta Service Club 2,3; Elos Honor Society 3, President 4; 
French Club 2, Vice President 3, President 4; French Honor Society 
2,3,4; Girls' Athletic Association 2,3; Homeroom Secretary 2,3; Latin 
Honor Society 2,4, Treasurer 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Red Cross 
Club 2,4, Treasurer 3. 

Nolan Forness — Baseball, Junior Varsity 2; Football, Junior Varsity 2, Var- 
sity 3,4; Go-Go Boys 4; Homeroom Vice President 2,3, President 4; In- 
tramurals 2,3,4; Track, Winter 4, Outdoor 2,4; Varsity Lettermen's Club 4. 

Linda Franko — Girls' Athletic Association 2,3; Girls' Chorus 2. 

Scott Fredericks — Warren High School, California 2; Intramurals 3,4; Key 
Club 4; Soccer 3. 

Dean French— Baseball, Varsity 3,4; Football, Varsity 3,4; Go-Go Boys 4; 
Homeroom President 3. 

Judy French — Girls' Athletic Association 2,3,4; Girls' Chorus 2. 

Jimsey Frye — Alpha Service Club 3; Choir 3,4; Gymnastics Club 3,4; 
Homeroom Secretary 3, Treasurer 4; Keyettes 4; Madrigals 4; Mixed 
Chorus 2; Pep Club 3; Senior Advisory Council 4. 

Jaime Fuentes — Law Club 4; Science Club 2. 

Edward P. Furlow — Intramurals 2,3,4; Rifle Club President 4. 

Eduardo Gaarder — International Club 4; Intramurals 3,4; Soccer 3,4. 

Angela Galante — Choir 3,4; Girls' Choir 2; Homeroom Treasurer 2; Key- 
ettes 4; Madrigals 4. 

Victoria Gallagher — Girls' Crew 3; Homeroom Secretary 3; Mixed Chorus 
3,4; Nu Service Club 3; Pep Club 3. 

Del Gardner— Concert Band 2; Football Band 2; Football, Junior Varsity 
2; Track, Outdoor 3,4, Winter 2,3,4. 

Kay Gauzza — Choir 3, Recording Secretary 4; Club Activity Council Sec- 
retary 4; Homeroom Secretary 2, President 3,4; Kappa Service Club 2, 
Treasurer 3, President 4; Pep Club 2,3. 

David F. Gebser — Mount Hermon School, Mount Hermon, Massachusetts 
2; Brocketon High School, Brockton, Massachusetts 3. 

Glenn Allen Geiger — German Honor Society 4; "Penman" Business Man- 
ager 4; Wrestling, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3,4. 

Chris George — National Honor Society 3,4; No Trump Bridge Club 3; Sci- 
ence Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Tikos Math Honor 
Society 2,3, Honorary President 4; Wrestling, Junior Varsity 2; Reed 
College, Portland, Oregon 4. 

David Georges— D.E. Club 2,4; Football Statistician 4; Intramurals 2,3,4. 

Cindy German — Airline High School, Bessier City, Louisiana 2,3; Pro and 
Con Club 4. 

Larry German — Homeroom Vice President 3, President 4; Intramurals 2,3; 
Track, Outdoor 2. 

Mike Gibbs— Intramurals 2,3,4; Ski Club 2. 

Susan Glavor — Fremont High School, Oakland, California 2,3. 

Sue Goff — Gamma Service Club 2; Girls' Crew 3; Sigma Service Club 4. 

John Goings — Crew 2; Football, Junior Varsity 2. 

Steve Goldsmith— Baseball, Varsity 2,3,4; Football, Junior Varsity 2, Var- 
sity 3,4; Go-Go Boys 4; Homeroom Treasurer 2; Varsity Lettermen's Club 

Sylvia Gonzalez — St. Theresa's College, Philippines 2,3; International Club 
4; Modern Dance Club 4. 

George Gorman — Football, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; 
Varsity Lettermen's Club 3,4; Wrestling, Junior Varsity 2; Varsity 3,4. 

Carol Gott — Mixed Chorus 3. 

Robert Graebener — Epsilon Service Club 4; Go-Go Boys 4; Homeroom 
Treasurer 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Soccer 2,3,4; Tennis, Junior Varsity 3, 
Varsity 4. 

Roger Graham — Baseball, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3,4; Domestic Exchange 
to Grafton, Wisconsin 4; Football, Junior Varsity 2; Homeroom Presi- 
dent 4; Nu Service Club 4; Varsity Lettermen's Club 4. 

Lee Gray — Baseball, Junior Varsity 2; Intramurals 2,3,4. 

Diane E. Grentzer — Coronado High School, Coronado, California 2,3; Girls' 
Crew 4; Mounted Generals 4; Swim Club 4. 

Debbie Grey — George Washington High School, Denver, Colorado 2; Cen- 
tral High School, Aurora, Colorado 3; German Club 4; Ski Club 4; Tau 
Service Club 4. 

Donna Griffin — Homeroom Secretary 2,3, President 4; Majorettes 2, Co- 
Captain 3, Captain 4; Pep Club 4; Psychology Club 4; Sigma Service 
Slub 2, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4. 

Art Growder — Yorktown High School, Arlington, Virginia 2,3; D.E. Club 
3,4; Track Team 3. 

Priscilla Guthrie — Chess Club 4; German Club 3; Math Club Secretary 2, 
Treasurer 3,4. 

Mohamed Hadid— French Club 2,3; International Club 2,3, President 4; 
Intramurals 2,3,4; Key Club 4; Science Club 4; Soccer 3,4. 

Maureen Hagel — Cheerleader, Varsity 4 ; Girls' Crew 2; Homeroom Vice 
President 3, Secretary 4; Pep Club 3,4; Science Club 3; Sigma Service 
Club 3, President 4. 

Craig Hall— Go-Go Boys 4; Library Club 2,3; WLNS 4. 

Jennifer Hall — Girls' Athletic Association 2,4; Homeroom Secretary 4; Kap- 
pa Service Club 3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Psychology Club 3,4. 

Josephine Hall — Girls' Choir 2; Mixed Chorus 4; Modem Dance Club 2; 
V.O.T. Club 4. 

Tom Hall— Baseball, Junior Varsity 2; D.E. Club 4. 

Lindie Halle — Wakefield High School, Arlington, Virginia 2; Beta Service 
Club 3; Delta Service Club 4; Girls' Crew 3; Mounted Generals 3. 

Bruce Halliburton— Crew 2,3,4; Football, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3,4; 
Homeroom Vice President 3, President 4; Science Club 4. 

Nancy Hamilton — Girls' Athletic Association 2; Girls' Crew 2; Ski Club 2. 

Rosemary Hamm — Beta Service Club 4; Pep Club 3; Psychology Club 3,4. 

Linda Hanback — Homeroom Treasurer 3. 

Carolyn Hannebaum — Mounted Generals 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2; Teenage 
Republicans 4. 

Robin Hart — Psychology Club 4. 

Susan Hart — French Club 3, Treasurer 4; French Honor Society 4; Na- 
tional Honor Society 4. 

Valerie C. Hauch— Bible Club 2; Concert Band 2,3,4; Elos Honor Society 
2,3, Treasurer 4; German Honor Society 3, Treasurer 4; Marching Band 
2,3,4; Math Club 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Orchestra 3,4; Science 
Club 4; Tikos Honor Society 3,4. 

Wayne Hawley— D.E. Club 4. 

Claude Hayeck — International Club 2,3,4. 

Mike Heindl— Track, Varsity 4. 

John Hellyer — Intramurals 2,4; Soccer 2; Teenage Republicans 4. 

Jim Helms — Crew 2,3,4; Epsilon Service Club 4; Soccer 2,3,4. 

Kay Henck — Alpha Service Club 2,3,4; Teen Democrats 2; Teenage Re- 
publicans 3,4; Pro and Con Club 4. 

Brian Hendrick — Football, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 4; Track, Outdoor 
2,3,4, Winter 3,4. 

Marie Henry — Astronomy Club 3; Choir 4; Girls' Athletic Association 
2,3,4; Majorettes 2,3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4. 

Charles W. Higbee — Bel Air Senior High School, Bel Air, Maryland 2; 
Crew 4; Cross Country 4; Epsilon Service Club 4; Go-Go Boys 4; Home- 
room Vice President 4; Intramurals 3,4; Swim Club 3; Track, Outdoor 3, 
Winter 3,4. 

Linda Hill— Chorus 2; Delta Service Club 3; French Club 2,3; Law Club 4; 
Mounted Generals 2. 

Warren Hill— Intramurals 2,3,4; Soccer 3; SAFE Club 2,3; Transcievers 
Club 2,3. 

Gail Hjortsberg — Alpha Service Club 2; Domestic Exchange To Little 
Rock, Arkansas 3; Future Homemakers of America 4; Homeroom Treas- 
urer 3; National Beta Club 3. 

Lisa Hoare — International Club 3,4. 

Craig Hoffman — Homeroom Vice President 3. 

Mark Holcomb — Wakefield High School, Arlington, Virginia 2; Anthon 
High School, Anthon, Iowa 3; Choir 4; Mixed Chorus 3; Science Club 4. 

J. Keen Holland— International Club 4; Law Club 2,3, Vice President 4; 
Mounted Generals 2,3; Pro and Con Club President 4; Social Studies 
Honor Society 4; Teenage Republicans 4. 

John N. Hoist — Blue and Gray Staff 4; Look Homeward, Angel 4; Na- 
tional Honor Society 3,4; Science Club 2,4, President 3; Science Honor 
Society 4; Spanish Honor Society 2,3, Treasurer 4. 


Senior Directory 

Peggy )o Home — Future Homemakers of America 3; Girls' Athletic Asso- 
ciation 2.3,4; Homeroom Treasurer 3; National Thespian Honor Society 
3.4; Ski Club 3,4. 

Kati Hauze— Bible Club 2; Delta Service Club 4; French Club 4; Girls' 
Athletic Association 2,4; Homeroom Secretary 4. 

Holly Howell — Beta Service Club 2, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4; Cheerleader, 
Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 4; Choir 3,4; German Honor Society 4; Girls' 
Athletic Association 2,3,4; Girls' Crew 2; Homeroom Vice President 2,3; 
Mixed Chorus 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 3,4. 

Almua Hudnall — Choir 4; Future Teachers of America 3; Keyettes 4; Na- 
tional Honor Society 4; Orchestra 2. 

Judith M. Huf— Art Club Secretary 4; Elos Honor Society 3,4; Interna- 
tional Club 4; National Honor Society 4; Penman Art Editor 4; SAFE 
Club 2,3. 

Bill Huie— Teenage Republicans 4; WLNS 4. 

Kathy Hunter — Rogers High School, Newport, Rhode Island 2; Woodrow 
Wilson High School, Long Beach, California 3; Blue and Gray Staff 
4; National Honor Society 4. 

Al Hutchins— Concert Band 2,3,4; Crew 2,3,4; Homeroom President 2,3, 
Vice President 4; Orchestra 2,3, Vice President 4; Rocket Club 3,4; Sci- 
ence Club 3,4; Science Honor Society 4; Sound Service Club 3,4; Track, 
Winter Manager 2. 

Paul C. Hyndman — American Community School, Beirut, Lebanon 2; In- 
tramurals 3; Rifle Club 3,4; Science Club 4; Ski Club 4. 

Beverly Ingles — Girls' Athletic Association 2,3; Red Cross Club 4. 

Seema Izaz— Aisha Bawany High School, Karachi, Pakistan 2; Interna- 
tional Club 3,4; Psychology Club 4; Spanish Club 4. 

Tariq Izaz — Public School, Karachi, West Pakistan 2; Soccer 4; Wrestling, 
Junior Varsity 4. 

Bob Jack— Crew 2,3,4; Debate Team 2,3; Domestic Exchange To Little 
Rock, Arkansas 3; Elos Honor Society 4; Go-Go Boys 4; Homeroom 
President 4; Intramurals 2,4; Marching Band 2,4; Orchestra 2,4; Science 
Club 2; Senior Advisory Council 4; Sophomore Class President 2; Stu- 
dent Council First Vice President 3; Teenage Republicans 2; Tikos Math 
Honor Society 2,3,4; Varsity Lettermen's Club 4. 

Jay Jerome— German Club 3,4; Go-Go Boys 4; Key Club 4; Law Club 4; 
Rescue Squad 2, Captain 3,4. 

Carol Johnson — Beta Service Club 2; Choir 4; Elos Honor Society 3,4; 
National Honor Society 4; Nu Service Club 3, Vice President 4; Orches- 
tra 2, Secretary 3, Vice President 4; Pep Club 3,4; Spanish Honor So- 
ciety 3,4. 

Doris Johnson — Future Homemakers of America 4; Mounted Generals 2,3; 
Nu Service Club 4; Spanish Club 2; Welcome Club Vice President 4. 

Helen Johnson — Alpha Service Club 2,3; Homeroom President 2; Law Club 
Secretary 4. 

Karen Johnson— SAFE Club 2; V.O.T. Club 4. 

Jill Jones — Perryville High School, Perryville, Maryland 2; Maury High 
School, Norfolk, Virginia 3; French Honor Society 4. 

Robert Jones— Intramurals 2; Math Club 4; Rifle Club 2. 

Lynne Jordan — Alpha Service Club 2, Treasurer 3; Choir 4; Elos Honor 
Society 3, Secretary 4; French Honor Society 2,3, President 4; Home- 
room Secretary 2, Vice President 3; Latin Honor Society 2,4, Secretary 
3; National Honor Society 3,4; Speakers' Bureau 3; Thespian Honor 
Society 2,3, Secretary 4. 

Chris Joyce — Death of A Salesman 3; Intramurals 2,3,4; Look Homeward, 
Angel 4; "Penman" Sales Manager 4; Soccer 3; Swim Club 3; Tennis, 
Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3, Captain 4; Thespian Honor Society 4; Wres- 
tling, Junior Varsity 2. 

Jean T. Kaluta — Girls' Crew 2; Modern Dance Club 3,4; Sigma Service 
Club 2; Thespian Honor Society 4. 

Jeannie Karas — Alpha Service Club 2; Homeroom Secretary 4; Kappa 
Service Club 3, Secretary 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Psychology Club 3, Presi- 
dent 4. 

Brenda Keagy— V.O.T. Club 4. 

Bob Keller— Baseball, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3,4; Choir 4; Go-Go Boys 
4; Intramurals 2,3; Mixed Chorus 2; Omega Service Club 3,4; Soccer 

Linda C. Kelly— Girls' Athletic Association 2; V.O.T. Club Secretary 4; 
Welcome Club 2,3,4. 

Carolyn Kay Kerns — Newton Memorial School, Oshogbo, Nigeria 2; Kel- 
logg High School, Kellogg, Idaho 3; Mounted Generals 4; Red Cross 
Club 4; Tau Service Club 4. 

James Kessinger — Basketball, Junior Varsity Manager 2, Varsity Manager 
3; German Club 3; German Honor Society 4; Homeroom Vice President 
2; National Honor Society 3,4; Rocket Club 2,4, Secretary-Treasurer 3; 
Science Club 2,4, Treasurer 3; c Science Honor Society 3, President 4; 
Tikos Math Honor Society 4. 

Delores King — Spanish Honor Society 4; Welcome Club 4. 

George William King, Jr.— Crew 2,3,4; Epsilon Service Club 4; Go-Go 
Boys 4; Homeroom Treasurer 2,3; Intramurals 2,3,4. 

Nancy Kingman — Gamma Service Club 4; Girls' Crew 2,3; Homeroom Sec- 
retary 3,4; Pep Club 4. 

Kay Kirchman — German Club 3, Secretary 4; Girls' Crew 2, Co-Captain 
3,4; Homeroom Vice President 2; Ski Club 4; Tau Service Club 3,4. 

Mark Kleber — Baseball, Junior Varsity 2; Basketball, Junior Varsity 2, Var- 
sity 3; Homeroom Treasurer 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4. 

Kathy Knarr — Yorktown High School, Arlington, Virginia 2; Pep Club 3; 
V.O.T. Club 4. 

Constance Knowles — Fort Hunt High School, Fort Hunt, Virginia 2; French 
Honor Society 3,4; Girls' Athletic Association 3,4; National Honor So- 
ciety 3,4; Sailing and Boating Club 4; Science Honor Society 4; Swim 
Club 3,4; Tikos Math Honor Society 4. 

Andrea Koerner — Girls' Choir 2; Girls' Athletic Association 2,3,4; Major- 
ettes 4. 

Rose Marie Kohlhaas — American Academy School, Athens, Greece 2; 
I.C.T. Club 4. 

Walter Harrison Kolb— Bible Club 3, Vice President 4; Chess Club 3; In- 
tramurals 2,3; Pro and Con Club 4; Rescue Squad 4; Science Club 3; 
Weekend History Club 3; WLNS 4. 

Michael Kraft— O'Connell High School, Arlington, Virginia 2,3; V.O.T. 
Club Vice President 4. 

Carolynn Kruse — Seoul American High School, Seoul, Korea 2; Alpha 
Service Club 3; French Club 3,4; Future Teachers of America 3,4; Gam- 
ma Service Club 4; National Honor Society 4; Psychology Club 3. 

Tom Kruse— Art Club 3; French Club 2; Pro and Con Club 4; Science 
Club 3,4. 

Katalina Kulifay-Nagy — International Club 3,4. 

Jim Lamberson— Basketball, Varsity Scout 3,4; Boys' State 3; Cross Coun- 
try 3; Football, Junior Varsity 2; Go-Go Boys 4; Homeroom Vice Presi- 
dent 2, President 3; Intramurals 2,3,4; Omega Service Club 3, Treasurer 
4; Senior Class Senator 4. 

Sandra Sue Lane— Wakefield High School, Arlington, Virginia 2; Library 
Club 3,4. 

Carolyn Lanham— Crossed Sabres Reporter 4; Girls' Athletic Associa- 
tion 2,3; Pep Club 3,4; Sigma Service Club 3, Secretary 4. 

Mary LaPlante — Girls' Athletic Association 2,3; Girls' Crew 3,4; Swim 
Club Treasurer 2. 

Robert D. Leme — Football, Varsity 4; Go-Go Boys 4; Homeroom Treasurer 
2; Soccer 2,3,4. 

Carlotta Lesshafft — Ghana International School, Accra, Ghana 2,3; Domes- 
tic Exchange To Grafton, Wisconsin 4; Teenage Republicans 4. 

Rob Lewallen — Concert Band 2; Football, Junior Varsity 2; Intramurals 
2,3; WLNS 4. 

Nancy Lewis — Choir 3,4; Girl's Choir 2; Homeroom Secretary 2,3, Treas- 
urer 4; Keyettes 4; Madrigals 4; National Beta Club 4; Nu Service Club 
Treasurer 3. 

Virginia Lewis — Girls' Athletic Association 2; V.O.T. Club 4. 

Raymond Lilly— D.E. Club 3,4. 

Arno R. Livingston — Crew 3; Football, Junior Varsity 2; Rifle Team 4; 
Track 2; Wrestling, Junior Varsity Co-Captain 2, Varsity 3, Co-Captain 

Julia Loftin — Osbourn High School, Manassas, Virginia 2; Girls' Choir 2, 
Treasurer 3; V.O.T. Club 4. 

David Logan— Basketball, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3,4; Crossed Sabres 
Staff 4; Go-Go Boys 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Omega Service Club 3,4; Var- 
sity Lettermen's Club 4. 

Dave Long — Homeroom Vice President 3; Teenage Republicans President 
2; Wrestling, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3,4. 

Andi Lose — Crossed Sabres Third Page Editor 3, Business Manager 4; 
Delta Service Club 2; Domestic Exchange To Grafton, Wisconsin 4; 
Girls' Athletic Association 2; Homeroom Secretary 2,3, Treasurer 4; Na- 
tional Honor Society 4; Pep Club 3,4; Quill and Scroll Honor Society 
3,4; Sigma Service Club 3, Treasurer 4; Vocabulary Club 3. 

Edward Loud — Intramurals 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; Science Club 
3,4; Science Honor Society 4; Teenage Republicans 2; Tikos Honor So- 
ciety 2. 

Andre Peter Loustalot — Cross Country 4; Homeroom Vice President 4; 
Intramurals 2,3,4; International Club President 4; Pro and Con Club 
Vice President 4; Ski Club 4; Social Studies Honor Society 4; Soccer 2; 
Tennis 4; Varsity Lettermen's Club 4; Young Citizens For Lyndon and 
Gus Johnson 2. 

Pat Loveless — Cheerleader, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3, Captain 4; Home- 
room Treasurer 2, Secretary 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Psychology Club 4; Tau 
Service Club 2,3,4. 

Anne Ludlow — Cheerleader, Junior Varsity 2, Captain 3, Varsity 4; Pep 
Club 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; Tau Service Club 2,3, Vice President 4. 

Gordon Macrae — Bible Club 4; Debate Team 4; German Club 2, President 
3; Go-Go Boys 4; Homeroom President 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Key Club 
3,4; Pro and Con Club 4; Speakers Bureau 4; Teenage Republicans 2, 
Vice President 3,4. 

Bob Mahan — Homeroom President 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Key Club 3,4; 
Track, Outdoor 3, Winter 3. 

Nidal Mahayni — Choir 3,4; Football, Junior Varsity 2; Go-Go Boys 4; 
Homeroom Vice President 2,3; Intramurals 2,3,4; Madrigals President 4; 
Soccer 3,4; Tennis 2,3,4. 

Joanne Maitland — Nutley High School, New Jersey 2; Plainedge High 
School, New York 2,3,4. 

Evelyn Manov — Ludwigsburg American High School, Ludwigsburg, West 
Germany 2,3; German Club 4; Mounted Generals 4; National Honor 
Society 4; Ski Club 4. 

Ann Marie Martin — Delta Service Club 2,3, Secretary 4; French Honor So- 
ciety 3,4; Girls' Crew 3; Homeroom Treasurer 3,4; National Honor So- 
ciety 3,4; Red Cross Club 2; Senior Advisory Council 4. 

Richard Martin — Basketball, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3,4; Epsilon Service 
Club 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; National Honor Society 4; Varsity Lettermen's 
Club 4. 

James W. Martinez — West Jefferson High School, Harvey, Louisiana 2,3; 
Chess Club 4. 

Ronald Mason— Scuba Club 2,3,4; Track, Outdoor 3,4, Winter 4. 

Eugenio Mathieu — Soccer 2,3, Co-Captain 4. 

William L. Matson — Crew 2; Epsilon Service Club 4; Homeroom President 
2; Intramurals 2,3; Junior Class Senator 3; Senior Advisory Council 4; 
Student Council Second Vice President 4. 

Ken Matts — Baseball, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3,4; Football, Junior Varsity 
2, Varsity 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Junior Class President 3; Senior Class 
President 4; Sophomore Class Senator 2. 

Wayne Mayhew — Intramurals 3; Soccer 3; WLNS 4. 

Michael Moaybury — Forrest Sherman High School, Naples, Italy 2,3. 

Dennis McCausland — Go-Go Boys 4; Homeroom Secretary 3, Vice President 
4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Key Club 3, President 4; Wrestling, Junior Varsity 2. 

Sue McConnell — Millikan High School, Los Angeles, California 2; Psy- 
chology Club 4. 

David McGaffic — Concert Band 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4. 

David Mclnturff— Intramurals 2,3; Math Club 2; National Honor Society 4; 
Science Club 4. 

Jean Mclntyre — Girls' Athletic Association 2; V.O.T. Club Treasurer 4. 

Janet McMahan — Girls' Crew 2; Co-Captain 3,4; Homeroom Secretary 2,3, 
President 4; Swim Club 3,4. 

John McMillan— Crew 2,3,4; Go-Go Boys 4; Key Club 4. 

Jim McWhirt, Jr. — Raymore-Peculiar High School 2; Lee's Summit High 
School 3; Football, Varsity 4. 

Vicki McWhorter — Girls' Athletic Association 2; Majorettes 3, Co-Captain 
4; Sigma Service Club 3,4. 

Deborah Meares — Mounted Generals 4; Russian Honor Society Secretary 
4; SAFE 2; Spanish Club 3. 

F. Maureen Melia— V.O.T. Club President 4. 

Jane Tilley Melvin — Art Club 3; Elos 4; Homeroom President 2,3; Kappa 
Service Club 2,3,4; Look Homeward, Angel 4; National Honor Society 
3,4; Service Club Council Secretary 3; Thespian Honor Society 3,4; 
Tikos Math Honor Society 3,4. 

Richard Merriman — Football, Junior Varsity 2; Go-Go Boys 4; Law Club 4. 

Stuart J. Myerson — Choir 4; Go-Go Boys 4; Homeroom President 2,3, 
Treasurer 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Mounted Generals 4; Omega Service 
Club 3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4; Soccer 4; Tennis 2,3,4; Varsity Lettermen's 
Club 4; Wrestling, Junior Varsity 2. 

Chris Midgett — Intramurals 2,3,4; Junior Class Treasurer 3; Omega Service 
Club 3,4; Science Club 2; Senior Class Vice President 4; Sophomore 
Class Treasurer 2; Wrestling Junior Varsity Co-Captain 2, Varsity 3, 
Co-Captain 4. 

Linda Mimms — Beta Service Club 2,3,4; Cheerleader, Varsity 3, Co-Cap- 
tain 4; Domestic Exchange To Grafton, Wisconsin 4; Girls' State 3; 
Homeroom President 3; Junior Class Senator 3; Pep Club 2,4, Secretary 
3; Senior Advisory Council 4; Senior Class Senator 4; Spanish Honor 
Society 2,3, Vice President 4; Sophomore Class Secretary 2. 

R. Marshall Moist — Crew 2,3,4; Football, Junior Varsity 2; Intramurals 
2,3,4; Scuba Club 4. 

Kathy Mooney— Beta Service Club 3; Girls' Crew 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4. 


Senior Directory 

Lavillon Morrison — Beta Service Club 2,3,4; Domestic Exchange To Little 
Rock, Arkansas 3; Girls' State 3; Junior Class Secretary 3; National 
Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; SCA Secretary 4; Senior Advisory 
Council 4; Service Club Council 2; Sophomore Class Senator 2. 

Joanne Mueller— Beta Service Club 2,4, Secretary 3; Pep Club 2,4. 

Judith C. Mueller — National Honor Society 4; Psychology Club 3. 

Ken Mullinix — Football, Junior Varsity 2; Homeroom Vice President 3; 
Rescue Squad 2. 

Janet Myers— Choir 3,4; Girls' Crew 3,4; V.O.T. Club 4. 

Carol Nackenoff Beta Service Club 2,3,4; Domestic Exchange To Grafton, 
Wisconsin 4; Elos Honor Society 2,3, Vice President 4; French Club 2; 
French Honor Society 2,3, Secretary 4; Homeroom Secretary 4; Keyette 
Service Club 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4; Pep Club 3. 

Lynda Jean Nash — Red Cross Club 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4. 

Glenn Neuman — Band 2,3,4; Crew 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3; Orchestra 2,3,4; 
Swim Club 3, President 4. 

Mike Neumann — Leavenworth Senior High School, Leavenworth, Kansas 
2; Cordova Senior High School, Rancho Cordova, California 3; Law 
Club 4; Math Club 4; National Honor Society 4; Pro and Con Club 4. 

Valerie Newton— V.O.T. Club 4. 

William R. Newton— D.E. Club 3, Parliamentarian 4. 

Portia Nevitt— D.E. Club 4. 

Barbara Neubauer— Beta Service Club 3,4; Choir 3,4; French Club 2,3,4; 
Girls' Athletic Association 2; National Honor Society 3,4. 

Monica Newberry — Blue and Gray Copy Staff 3; Editor 4; Domestic 
Exchange To Grafton, Wisconsin 4; Future Teachers of America 3,4; 
Girls' Athletic Association 2,3,4; German Club 2; German Honor So- 
ciety 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Quill and Scroll Honor Society 
3,4; Red Cross Club 2,3. 

Lance Nealy — Basketball, Junior Varsity 2; Go-Go Boys 4. 

Ann Neal— Art Club 2,3, President 4; Girls' Athletic Association 2,3,4; Red 
Cross Club 3,4. 

Philip Townsend Nickle — Cross Country 3,4; Teenage Republicans Vice 
President 2, President 3,4; Track, Outdoor 3,4, Winter 4. 

Bruce Niles — Baseball, Varsity 3; Choir 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; 
Omega Service Club Treasurer 3, President 4; Soccer 2,3,4; Sophomore 
Class Vice President 2; Student Council Treasurer 4. 

David Ockert— Crew 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Key Club 2; Scuba Club 4; 
Wrestling, Junior Varsity 2. 

Lisa Oddone— Holy Trinity High School, Washington, D.C. 2. 

Brian S. O'Grady— Blue and Gray Staff 3; Domestic Exchange To Graf- 
ton, Wisconsin 4; Epsilon Service Club 4; Go-Go Boys 4; Key Service 
Club 4; Speaker's Bureau 4; Track, Varsity 3,4; Wrestling, Varsity 4. 

Eric Olson — Frankfurt Senior High School, Frankfurt, Germany 2,3. 

Garry O'Neill — Hammond Senior High School, Alexandria, Virginia 2; 
Homeroom Vice President 4; Intramurals 3; Pro and Con Club 4; Sci- 
ence Club 4. 

Joan Ormsbee— Delta Service Club 2,3, President 4; Girls' Chorus 3; Red 
Cross Club 2; Service Club Council 3. 

Mary Orth — Wausau Senior High School, Wausau, Wisconsin 2,3; Chess 
Club 4; Homeroom Secretary 4; Law Club 4; Psychology Club 4; WLNS 
4; Wrestling Program Staff 4. 

Maureen Ostrowski — Girls' Crew 2; Knitting Club 2. 

Gene Otis— Basketball, Varsity 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4. 

Johnnie Otto — Alpha Service Club 4; Homeroom Secretary 2,3,4; Pep Club 

Winnie Owens — Girls' Athletic Association 2,3, President 4; Girls' Crew 
2; Homeroom Secretary 2,3,4; Swim Club 3,4. 

Fred Page — Hutchinson Senior High School, Hutchinson, Kansas 2; Intra- 
murals 2,3. 

Dianne Pickering — Concert Band 2,3,4; German Club 2, Secretary 3, Vice 
President 4; Future Teachers of America 2, Vice President 3, Treasurer 
4; Girls' Athletic Association 2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4. 

Barbara Pigg — Choir 4; French Honor Society 4; Homeroom Treasurer 3; 
Keyettes 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 4. 

Karen Plunkett — Norview Senior High School, Norfolk, Virginia 2,3. 

Martin Pociask — Art Club. 

David Price — Choir 4, Treasurer 3; Crew 2,3,4; Football, Junior Varsity 2, 
Varsity 3,4; Go-Go Boys 4; Homeroom Treasurer 2,3, Secretary 3, Presi- 
dent 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Mixed Chorus Treasurer 2; Varsity Lettermen's 
Club 3,4. 

Nancy Louise Price — Mounted Generals 2,3,4. 

Victoria Prohaska — Choir 4; Girls' Crew 3,4; Homeroom Treasurer 2; In- 
tramurals 2; Keyettes 3,4; Math Club 2; Mixed Chorus 2,3; National 
Beta 4; Vocabulary Club 3. 

Lupe M. Puebla— International Club 2,3,4. 

Miryan Puebla — International Club 2,3,4. 

Linda Parrish— DuBois High, Wake Forest, North Carolina 2,3; I.C.T. Club 

Alice Palerick — Choir 3,4; Homeroom President 2; Kappa Service Club 2, 
Secretary 3, Vice President 4; Madrigals 4; Orchestra 2,3,4; Wrestling, 
Junior Varsity Statistician 3. 

Gary Payne — Caulfield High School, Melbourne, Australia 2; Baseball 3; 
Cross Country 3; Homeroom Vice President 4; Law Club 4; National 
Honor Society 4; Pro and Con Club 4. 

Jim Pearson — McCallum High School, Austin, Texas 2,3. 

Joan Pearson — Izmir High School, Izmir, Turkey 2; Fort Campbell High 
School, Fort Campbell, Kentucky 3; National Honor Society 4. 

Richard Pearson — Izmir High School, Izmir, Turkey 2,3; Castle Heights 
Military Academy, Lebanon, Tennessee 3; Band 4. 

Charlotte Persons — Carlisle High School 2; Elos Honor Society 4; Spanish 
Club 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 4. 

Ronald Peterson — Radford High School, Pearl Harbor 2; Intramurals 3,4. 

Karen Phillips — Choir 4; Marching Band 4; Orchestra 2,4; Red Cross Club 
Treasurer 2. 

Jerline L. Parham— Girls' Athletic Association 2,3; SAFE Club 3; V.O.T. 
Club 4; Welcome Club 3,4. 

Patti Palmer— Girls' Crew 2; Psychology Club 3,4; Sigma Service Club 

Clete Pannell — National Honor Society 3,4; Pro and Con Club 4; Tikos 
Math Honor Society 2,3,4. 

Liz Raleigh— Art Club 4; Elos Honor Society 4; French Honor Society 
2,3,4; Future Teachers of America 2,4, 2nd Vice President 3; National 
Honor Society 3,4; Naitonal Merit Semifmalist 3; SAFE Club 2,3. 

Lissa Rantz — J.E.B. Stuart High School 4; Blue and Gray Staff 4; French 
Honor Society 2,3,4; Girls' Athletic Association Representative 2; Home- 
room Secretary 3; National Honor Society 3,4. 

Bonnie Read — Crossed Sabres Staff 2,3; Modern Dance Club 2; Penman 
Art Club 2; Psychology Club 3,4; Quill and Scroll Honor Society 2,3,4; 
Vocabulary Club 3. 

Matt Redman — Homeroom President 3,4. 

Kathy Reid — Gamma Service Club 2; Girls' Athletic Association 2,3,4; 
Homeroom Treasurer 3. 

Ed Rejuney — Death of A Salesman 3; Elos Honor Society 2,3,4; French 
Honor Society 2,3, Vice President 4; Homeroom Treasurer 2,4; Math 
Club 2,4, Vice President 3; National Honor Society 2,3,4. 

Allan P. Reyes— D. J. O'Connell High School, Arlington, Virginia 3; Chess 
Club 2; Intramurals 4; International Club 4; Law Club 4; Pro and Con 
Club Secretary 4; Spanish Club 4; Spanish Honor Society 2,4. 

Carole Reynolds — Cheerleaders, Junior Varsity Co-Captain 3; Choir 4; 
Homeroom Vice President 2,3; Kappa Service Club 4; Look Homeward, 
Angel 4; Mounted Generals 3; Psychology Club 3, Treasurer 4; Senior 
Class Treasurer 4; Student Exchange to Little Rock, Arkansas 3; Vocabu- 
lary Club 3. 

Sandra L. Rhodes— Choir 4; National Beta Club 4; Pep Club 3; Psychology 
Club 4; Swim Club 2,3,4. 

Rodney Rice — Go-Go Boys 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Key Club 3, Vice Presi- 
dent 4. 

Frank Rich — Crew 2,3,4; Go-Go Boys 4; Homeroom Vice President 3; 
Omega Service Club 2, President 3, Secretary 4; Varsity Lettermen's 
Club 3,4. 

Joyce Ricks— D.E. Club 3, Secretary 4. 

Daniel Willard Roberts, Jr. — Cross Country 3, Co-Captain 4; Go-Go Boys 
4; Homeroom Vice President 4; Intramurals 2,3; Key Club 3, Secretary 
4; Track, Outdoor 3; Winter 3. 

Rhea Rolie — Alpha Service Club 2,3; Elos Honor Society 4; French Honor 
Society 3,4; Math Club 4; National Honor Society 4; Orchestra 2,3,4; 
SAFE Club 2,3; Tikos Math Honor Society 2, Secretary 3, Second Vice 
President 4. 

Elizabeth Ross — Choir 3,4; Elos Honor Society 4; National Honor Society 
4; Orchestra 2,3. 

Milton Ruiz — International Club 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4. 

Thomas R. Russell — Crew 2; Soccer 2; Sound Service Club 2,4, Vice Presi- 
dent 3. 

Mary Russillo — Matthew F. Maury High School, Norfolk, Virginia 2,3; Pep 
Club 4; Sigma Service Club 4. 

Angela Ryan — Crossed Sabres Reporter 3; French Club 2,4; French 
Honor Society 3,4; Girls' Athletic Association 2; National Honor So- 
ciety 4; Tikos Math Honor Society 4. 

Tim Ryan — Homeroom Vice President 3,4; Intramurals 2. 

Jojo Sanchez — International Club 3, President 4; Soccer 3; Thespian Honor 
Society 4. 

George Savastano — Football, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity Manager 3,4; Home- 
room Treasurer 3, Vice President 4; Intramurals 2; Senior Advisory 
Council 4; Spanish Club 3; Track, Winter 4, Outdoor 3,4. 

John Schaeffer — Baseball, Junior Varsity 2; Football, Junior Varsity 2; 
Choir 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 2,3; Soccer 3,4; Wrestling, 
Junior Varsity 2. 

Richard Allan Scheele — Baseball, Junior Varsity 2; Basketball, Junior Var- 
sity 2, Varsity 3,4; Epsilon Service Club 4; Homeroom Treasurer 2; 
Intramurals 2,3. 

Pam Scherger — Girls' Athletic Association 2,3; Girls' Crew 2,3; Look 
Homeward, Angel 4; Nu Service Club 4. 

Phil Schulman — Baseball, Junior Varsity 2; Epsilon Service Club 4; Go-Go 
Boys 4; Intramurals 2,3,4. 

Michael Schwelien — Schuldorf Bergstrasse, Germany 2; Crew 3,4; Go-Go 

Boys 4; Intramurals 3,4; Omega Service Club 3,4; Soccer 3,4. 
iobert Scruggs — Intramurals 2,3; Teenage Republicans 2. 

Darrow H. Sellers— Skyline High School, Oakland, California 2,3; WLNS 
4; Ski Club 4. 

Pete Senechal — Heidelberg High School, Heidelberg, Germany 2,3; Cross 
Country 4; Ski Club 4; Tikos Math Honor Society 4; Track, Outdoor 4, 
Winter 4; Varsity Lettermen's Club 4. 

Sue Shapiro — Crossed Sabres Reporter 3, Editor 4; Future Teachers Of 
America 2, Treasurer 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Quill and Scroll 
Honor Society 3,4. 

Linda Shepard — Homeroom Vice President 4; Thespian Honor Society 4; 
WLNS 4. 

Donna Sheppard — Girls' Crew 2; Homeroom Secretary 3; Sailing and Boat- 
ing Club 3; Tau Service Club 4. 

Donna Showers — Saint Andrew's Priory 2,3. 

Marsha Shultz — Gamma Service Club 3; Homeroom Vice President 3,4; 
Kappa Service Club 4; Pep Club 4; Psychology Club 3,4; Senior Ad- 
visory Council 4. 

Jean Sievers — Library Club Vice President 2, President 3; Math Club 
2,3,3; Orchestra 2,3; Teenage Republicans 4. 

Jan Simmons — N. C. Kinnick High School, Yokohama, Japan 3; Beta Service 
Club 4; Girls' Athletic Association 2; Girls' Crew 2; Pep Club 2,4; Tau 
Service Club 2. 

Helen Simpson — Beta Service Club 3,4; Domestic Exchange To Grafton, 
Wisconsin 4; German Honor Society 4; Girls' Crew 2; Homeroom Sec- 
retary 2; Treasurer 3; President 4; Mixed Chorus 2; Pep Club 3,4; Psy- 
chology Club 3,4. 

Suzanne Sissler — Distributive Education Club 3; Swim Club 3. 

Mike Slade— Baseball, Varsity 2,3,4; Basketball, Varsity 2,3,4; Football, 
Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3,4; Varsity Lettermen's Club 2,3,4. 

Richard Slettvet — Crew 2; Domestic Exchange To Grafton, Wisconsin 4; 
Football, Junior Varsity 2; Homeroom President 2, Vice President 4; In- 
tramurals 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Science Honor Society 3; 
Tikos Math Honor Society 2,3,4. 

Jim Smedegard — Go-Go Boys 4; Intramurals 3; Teenage Republicans 2,3. 

Chris Smith — Debate Team 3,4; Domestic Exchange To Little Rock, Arkan- 
sas 3; French Club 3,4; Keyettes 3; National Beta Club 3,4. 

Edward Smith — Concert Band 2,3,4; Football, Junior Varsity 2; Intramurals 
2,3; Marching Band 2,3,4; Orchestra 4; Rescue Squad 2; Rifle Team 3. 

Roger Smith— Chofu High School, Chofu, Japan 2; WLNS 4. 

Curtis Snyder — Crossed Sabres Staff 4; Epsilon Service Club 4; Home- 
room President 3, Treasurer 4; Law Club 4; Science Club 2,3. 

Elizabeth Starkey— Western High School 2,3; V.O.T. Club 4. 

Sharon Stephens— V.O.T. Club 4. 

Anna Stewart — Welcome Club 4. 

David Stewart— Debate Team 2; Elos Honor Society 3,4; French Honor 
Society 2,3,4; Homeroom Treasurer 2,3; National Honor Society 3, 4; 
Penman Poetry Editor 4; Teenage Republican 2,3, President 4; Thes- 
pian Honor Society 3,4. 

Robert Allan Stewart — Basketball, Junior Varsity 2; Baseball, Junior Var- 
sity 2; Crew 3; French Honor Society 4; Go-Go Boys 4; Intramurals 
2,3,4; National Honor Society 4; Omega Service Club 3,4; Service Club 
Council 3; Soccer 3,4. 

Janet Stockard — Beta Service Club 2, Historian 3, Vice President 4; Cheer- 
leader, Junior Varsity 3, Varsity 4; Choir 3,4; Domestic Exchange To 
Grafton, Wisconsin 4; Elos Honor Society 4; Girls' Choir 2; Homeroom 
Vice President 2,3; Pep Club 3,4. 
Margaret Stockett — Distributive Education Club 3,4. 

Donna Stocking — O'Connell High School, Arlington, Virginia 2; Kappa 
Service Club 4; Swim Club 3. 


Senior Directory 

David Stone — Epsilon Service Club 4; Football, Junior Varsity 2; Go-Go 
Boys 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Law Club 4. 

Nora Stone — Woodrow Wilson High School, Washington, D.C. 2; Inter- 
national Club 3,4; Modem Dance Club 3,4; Pro and Con Club 4. 

Lynn Storie — Cheerleader, Junior Varsity 3; Choir 4; Domestic Exchange 
To Grafton, Wisconsin 4; Girls' Athletic Association 2; National Honor 
Society 3,4; Nu Service Club 3; Pep Club 3,4; Science Club 4; Sigma 
Service Club Historian 4; Ski Club 2. 

Fraucine Stoss — Choir 3, Treasurer 4; Club Activity Council 4; Girls' 
Athletic Association 2,3; Homeroom President 2,3; Madrigals Historian 
4; National Beta Club 2,3, President 4; National Honor Society 4; Science 
Honor Society 4; Service Club Council 4. 

Donna Stowers — Concert Band 2, Secretary 3, Vice President 4; Home- 
room Secretary 2,3, Vice President 4; Gamma Service Club 3, Vice 
President 4; Girls' Athletic Association 2,3,4; Spanish Honor Society 4. 

Kathi Studer — Alpha Service Club 3, President 4; Art Club 4; Elos Honor 
Society 3,4; French Club 3,4; French Honor Society 3,4; Future Teachers 
of America 3; Girls' Crew 3; National Honor Society 3,4. 

Thomas G. Surber — Football, Junior Varsity 2; Homeroom Treasurer 2; 
National Honor Society 3,4; Penman Advertising Manager 4; Science 
Honor Society 3; Wrestling, Junior Varsity 2. 

John Peyton Swain — Blue and Gray Photographer 2,3,4; Crossed Sa- 
bres Photographer 2,3,4; German Club 3; Intramurals 3. 

Barbara Sweeney — Girls' Athletic Association 2,3; Psychology Club 4. 

Bere Todd — Crew 2,3,4; Go-Go Boys 4; Homeroom Treasurer 2,3, President 
4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Omega Service Club 3,4; Soccer 3,4. 

Christiane Tisdale — French Club 3; German Club 3; Mounted Generals 
2,3,4; Pep Club 3; Ski Club Treasurer 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3; Swim Club 
Treasurer 3. 

Albert Tillson — Law Club 4; Pro and Con Club 4; Teenage Republicans 2, 
Treasurer 3,4. 

Daryl Tillinghast — International School of Ibidan, Nigeria 2; Huntington 
Beach High School 3; Art Club 4; Psychology Club 4. 

Suzanne Thomson — Alpha Service Club 3, Secretary 4. 

Park Thompson — Crew 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4. 

Brenda Thompson — Beta Service Club 3, Historian 2; Pep Club 3. 

Bill Thompson — Baseball, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3,4; Football, Junior 
Varsity 2, Varsity 3,4; Go-Go Boys 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; National Honor 
Society 4; Omega Service Club 3,4; Varsity Lettermen's Club 4; Wres- 
tling, Junior Varsity 2. 

Lee Tennyson — Concert Band 3; Girls' Crew 2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3; 
Sailing and Boating Club 4. 

James Tawes — Law Club 4; Psychology Club 4; Senior Advisory Council 4. 

Steve Tanner — German Club 3; Intramurals 2,3; Tennis, Junior Varsity 4. 

Gretchen L. Tomlin— Bible Club 2; Mixed Chorus 2; Spanish Club 2. 

Ed Tomlinson — Gymnastics 3,4; Intramurals 2; National Honor Society 
3,4; Science Club 2,3; Science Honor Society 3,4. 

Michael Trainum — Choir 3, President 4; Football, Junior Varsity Captain 
2, Varsity 3, Captain 4; Homeroom President 2; Junior Class Vice 
President 3; Senior Class Treasurer 4; Wrestling, Junior Varsity 2, Var- 
sity 3. 

Linda Trogdon — Alpha Service Club 2,3; French Honor Society 2,3,4; 
Homeroom Vice President 2; Latin Honor Society 3, Treasurer 4; Na- 
tional Honor Society 3,4; Tikos Math Honor Society 2,3, Secretary 4. 

Don Tucker— Intramurals 2,3,4; Rifle Club 2. 

Joe Tucker — Football, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3,4; Go-Go Boys 4. 

Julio R. Vargas — International Club 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Soccer 2,3. 

Eleni Veach — Alpha Service Club 3,4; French Club 3,4; Girls' Crew 2; 
Pep Club 4. 

French Club 4; French Honor 
National Honor Society 2,3,4; 
Tikos Math Honor Society 2, 

Vic Von Sabler — Crew 2; German Club 4; German Honor Society 3,4; 

Homeroom President 2. 
Ellen Wagner — Alpha Service Club 2; French Club 4; French Honor So- 
ciety 3,4; Future Teachers Of America 3; Gamma Service Club 4; 

National Honor Society 3,4; Tikos Math Honor Society 4. 
Cheryl Wagoner — Mixed Chorus 4. 

Sushma Wahal — Gamma Service Club 4; International Club 3,4. 
Marty Walker — Central High School, London, England 3; Blue and Gray 

Copy Staff 3, Advertising Editor 4; Homeroom Secretary 3, Treasurer 

4; Nu Service Club 3; Pep Club 3,4; Sigma Service Club 4. 
Gary Wallen — Domestic Exchange To Grafton, Wisconsin 4; Go-Go Boys 4; 

Homeroom Treasurer 2, President 3, Vice President 4; Omega Service 

Club 2,3; Tennis 2,3,4. 
Amy Jo Walsh— Mixed Chorus 2,3,4. 
Diane Weaver — Elos Honor Society 2,3,4; 

Society 2,3, Treasurer 4; Math Club 4; 

Orchestra 2,3,4; Pro and Con Club 4; 

Secretary 3. 

William Michael Wegner— Wrestling, Varsity 2,3. 
Tommy Welden— Crew 2; Go-Go Boys 4; Key Club 4; Mixed Chorus 2; 

Wrestling, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3. 
Cindy Welsh— V.O.T. Club 4. 
David Wendelin— Orchestra 2,3,4. 
Mike West — Yorktown High School, Arlington, Virginia 2; Crew 3, Captain 

4; Go-Go Boys 4; Homeroom Vice President 3,4; Intramurals 3,4; Na- 
tional Honor Society 4; Omega Service Club 3, Vice President 4; Pen- 
man Business Manager 4; Varsity Lettermen's Club 4. 
Ralph West— Football, Varsity 3; Intramurals 2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 2,3. 
Barbara Whetstone — Eastmoor High School, Columbus, Ohio 2; Choir 3,4; 

Homeroom President 4; Kappa Service Club 3,4; Pep Club 3. 
Christopher White — Baseball, Junior Varsity Manager 2, Varsity Manager 

3,4; Intramurals 2,3; Rescue Squad 2,3, Co-Chief 4; Science Club 2,3, 

Treasurer 4; Soccer, Varsity Manager 2,3. 
Esther White— Delta Service Club 4; French Club 2,3; Girls' Athletic 

Association 2; Keyettes 3,4; Psychology Club 4. 
Gerald L. Williams — Intramurals 2,3,4; Sound Service Club 3,4; Tranceivers 

Club 2,4. 
Susan Williams — Beta Service Club 3,4; Cheerleader, Varsity 4; Homeroom 

President 2,3, Vice President 4; Pep Club 4; Pschology Club 4. 
Warren Williams — Football, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3,4; Intramurals 

2,3; Marching Band 2; Wrestling, Junior Varsity 2. 
Johnny Wilson — Blue Ridge School For Boys, Henedrsonville, North 

Carolina 2,3. 
Mike Winters — Oceanside High School, Oceanside, California 2,3. 
Bunny Wolfe — Junction City High School, Junction City, Kansas 2; Carlisle 

Senior High School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania 3; Blue and Gray Staff 4; 

Keyettes 4; Pep Club 4. 
Tim Woodard— Auto Club 3,4; Concert Band 2. 
Dave Woodside — Cross Country 3; Gymnastics 3,4; Thespian Honor Society 

4; Track 2,3. 
Bob Wright— Basketball, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3;; Football, Junior 

Varsity 2; Go-Go Boys 4; Omega Service Club 3,4; WLNS. 
Carla Wright— French Club 3; Pep Club 3,4; Psychology Club 4; Tau 

Service Club 4. 
David Williamson — Football, Junior Varsity 2, Varsity 3,4; Homeroom 

President 2,3, Treasurer 4; Intramurals 2,3. 
Becky Zepeda — Karlsruhe American High School, Karlsruhe, Germany 2; 

Homeroom Secretary 4; V.O.T. Club 4. 


Whether your goal is college, 
marriage or a career, 
our bank can help 

you with the finances 

Member: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 




Checking Accounts 
Christmas Savings Clubs 
Automobile Loans 
Home Loans 
5% Savings Bonds 
Savings Accounts 
Personal Loans 
Safe Deposit Boxes 
After Hour Depository 


TELEPHONE: 521-9200 




A Member Bank of The First Virginia Corporation 




School Supplies 

Candy, Ice Crea-n. Milk. Soft Drink*, 

Near High School 


"The House that Joe Built ' 

Phone Clarendon 644 Cherrydale, Va. 

Phone Clar. 270 



14 Wilson Building, West, Clarendon, Va. 

Compliments of 


Clarendon, Va. 

Telephone Clarendon 73 

Compliment* of 


Cherrydale, Va. 

Compliments of 


5853 North Washington Boulevard 

J. W. Ayers 

KE 8-5678 

Arlington, Virginia 

In consultation among the huge selection of paints 
are Lav Morrison and Ken Matts. Whatever their needs 
may be, they know that J. W. Ayers is the best source. 
From home improvement — gardening supplies, paints, 
and pliers — to self-improvement — school supplies or 
beauty needs — you are certain to find anything that you 
are looking for. 

J. W. Ayers' customers are always satisfied custom- 
ers, since quality merchandise together with pleasant 
service are only two of its advantages. With one visit 
to Ayers, you'll discover that they carry all dime store 
needs and then some. Shop at J. W. Ayers and become 
another of their satisfied customers. 


Caffi's Florist 

4219 N. Fairfax Drive 
Arlington, Va. 

Jim Almand is shyly presented with 
a blossom by Lissa Rantz. Is there 
someone that you think deserves 
flowers? Be wise and get them at 
Caffi's, where there's no doubt of their 
freshness. For special occasions such as 
weddings or proms, Caffi's will fill the 
bill. Whatever your choice may be, 
Caffi's has it among their wide selection. 
Also available are lovely arrangements 
of artificial flowers, in addiiton to charm- 
ing figurines and vases. You are sure to 
please at Caffi's. 


3018 Wilson Boulevard 
Arlington, Virginia 
Ja 8-0557 

Holly Howell and Richard Scheele 
make a toast to Castleberg Jewelers, 
noted for top quality merchandise cou- 
pled with good buys. They know that 
whatever their needs may be, from 
wedding gifts to watch repair, Castle- 
berg's is sure to please. They're ready 
for any kind of customer, no matter how 
particular. If your TV is begining to 
show its age, your girl friend's birthday 
is coming up, or if you just feel like 
browsing, Castleberg's Jewelers can 
help you. 


Casual Corner 

4224 Wilson Boulevard 
Arlington. Va. 

Though it was a hard choice to make 
among the many styles, Andy Lose and 
Sheila Brannan exhibit their favorite en- 
sembles. You can't miss at Casual Cor- 
ner where the finest in fashion is at your 
fingertips. Besides separates, suits, and 
pants suits, you will also find quality ac- 
cessories such as purses, jewelry, and 
belts. Perhaps you're in need of a good 
coat, or maybe you could use another 
pair of slacks. Smart shoppers looking 
for fine clothes at popular prices meet at 
Casual Corner. 

Cavalier Cars, Inc. 

4045 Lee Highway 
Arlington, Va. 

That beetle-shaped car, the Volks- 
wagen sedan, is a familiar sight on the 
streets today, but there are also other 
models of this practical auto at Caval- 
ier Cars. One is this V-W camper, which 
Marty Walker and Tom Surber have 
found to be spacious and comfortable. 
The famous Volkswagen air-cooled en- 
gine is also included in the racy Karmen 
Ghia in addition to the new fast-back 
V-W. No matter what your taste may be, 
with the aid of the friendly Cavalier Cars 
salesmen you will find the right V-W for 


Conklyn's Florist 

2046 Wilson Boulevard 
Arlington, Va. 

Kay Gauzza and Jim Lamberson dis- 
cuss their choice of the many center- 
pieces to be found at Conklyn's Florist. 
Very likely, Kay's prom corsage will be 
from Conklyn's, or perhaps Jim will re- 
member her birthday with a gift of their 
fresh flowers. 

In thoughts of sympathy or when you 
are unsure about a gift, Conklyn's will 
show tact and good taste. Also, their 
handy delivery service makes shopping 
even more pleasant. Remember Conk- 
lyn's for all your floral needs. 

Holley Realty 

5183 Lee Highway 
Arlington, Va. 
KE 8-5350 

Linda Mimms and Rick Beale smile in 
anticipation of the courteous service 
and ready help that Holley Realty gives 
all its clientele. Located at Lee Highway 
and George Mason Drive, Holley has 
served the community for seventeen 
years. A member of the multiple listing, 
service, it has a great variety of attrac- 
tive and convenient real estate for both 
residential and commercial purposes. 
No matter what the size of family or 
need, Holley Realty will provide swift 
and satisfactory advice and service. 



3144 Wilson Boulevard 
Arlington, Va. 

Honick's makes it their business to 
try to please all of their customers, but 
as Pat Loveless and Mac Estabrook are 
discovering, you can't please all of the 
people all of the time. 

Equipped with the handy combina- 
tion of a vast assortment of the latest 
styles, plus experienced and courteous 
service, you are sure to find whatever 
you want for yourself or that important 

Make a visit to Honick's and discover 
the true meaning of quality. 

Hurt's Cleaners 

3211 Wilson Boulevard 
Arlington, Va. 

Sue Williams casts an admiring 
glance at Russ Boiling's flawlessly 
pressed collar. As clean-cut kids, they 
know that a neat appearance is essen- 
tial to being well-dressed; and Hurt's 
cleaners is perfect for your cleaning 
problems. With their handy, drive-in 
facilities, you can be sure of fast, per- 
sonalized service designed for your 
convenience. Your cleaning will be re- 
turned to you looking better than it did 
the day you bought it. Strategically lo- 
cated near Clarendon Circle, Hurt's is 
available for all of your cleanables. 


International House 
of Pancakes 

935 North Stafford St. 
Arlington, Va. 

Who says pancakes are just for break- 
fast? Sue Gantt and Dave Logan are will- 
ing to argue that point with anyone. 
They've found the International House 
of Pancakes to be the perfect spot for 
after-school unwinding. If you don't feel 
quite up to one of their towering stacks 
of hotcakes, you can still drop by for a 
coke. However, it's hard to understand 
how anyone could resist a steaming 
plate of pancakes, topped with one of 
their six syrups. For a unique exper- 
ience, try the International House of 

-umgI. below* 

Kirby's Sales & Services 

2900 N. 10th Street 
Arlington, Va. 

Carole Reynolds and Bruce Niles 

Lady Hamilton, Inc. 

2405 Columbia Pike 
Arlington, Va. 

Carla Wright and Barbara Whetstone 


Camera Studies 
by George Deal 

LaMont Studios 

5167 Lee Highway 

Ke 6-7172 

Mo Hagel and Lee Area's senior class portraits are 
only two examples of LaMont Studio's superior work- 
manship. In last year's prize winning yearbook, LaMont 
took all the class portraits, comprising one-third of the 

pictures in the annual. LaMont Studios is acknowledged 
as one of the most reputable photographers in the 
Washington area. 


Lamplighter Beef 
House Restaurant 

3501 North Fairfax Drive 
Arlington, Va. 

Enveloped by the relaxing atmos- 
phere at the Lamplighter Beefhouse, 
Leni Veach and Roger Graham browse 
through its tempting menu. 

The Lamplighter Beefhouse is one 
place you can be proud to take a date 
on those special events, where you can 
be sure of superlative food and speedy 
service. Because of its convenient lo- 
cation, it is available for all your im- 
portant occasions. Visit the Lamplighter 
Beefhouse; they're waiting to please 



Northern Virginia 

Savings and Loan Association 
5350 Lee Highway Arlington, Va 


Bruce Haliburton and Sally Braun 


Parkington Optical 

5121 Lee Highway 
Arlington, Va. 

Winnie Owens and Warren Williams 

Pianos Incorporated 

4522 Lee Highway 
Arlington, Va. 

Bunnie Wolfe and Bill Matson 

Potomac Temporaries 

2440 Wilson Boulevard 
Arlington, Va. 

Seniors Jimsey Frye and Jane Frith 
find that making connections for good 
job advice is easy at Potomac Tempo- 
raries. A Potomac Temporaries repre- 
sentative will gladly help you place 
your specific talent whether it be typing, 
bookkeeping, shorthand, or business 
management. Summer and part time 
work as well as regular positions are 
available through the service. Conven- 
iently located in Clarendon, Potomac 
Temporaries willingly serves all of 
Northern Virginia. 


Stag Shop 

Arlington, Va. 

Roger Smith presents his choice of 
ties for Linda Trogden's approval. At the 
Stag Shop decisions are difficult to make 
because of the wide variety in quality 
men's clothing. Let their salesmen help 
you find what will be best for you 
among the nation's top brands, ranging 
in styles from dress suits to levis and 
weejuns. And girls, the Stag Shop is 
"the" place for your man's gift. 

Visit the conveniently located Park- 
ington store and discover the secret of 
well-dressed men — the Stag Shop! 

3PQ p^fcrPi ] 

Quality Shop 

3028 Wilson Boulevard 
Arlington, Va. 

Raibourn Optical 

5275 Lee Highway 
Arlington, Va. 

Mike Slade and Mickey Ellis 

Anne Ludlow and Bill Thompson 



Abell, Charles. 228 

Acree, Janice, 109, 228 

Adams, Douglas, 228 

Adams, John, 124, 180, 212, 214 

Adams, Larry, 147, 248 

Adams. William, 106, 107, 248 

Adler, Nancy, 97, 214 

Ahern, Jamas, 228 

Ahrons, Bruce, 164, 248 

Aicardi, Raul, 248 

Albertson, Alexa, 51, 214 

Albertson. Michael, 228 

Aleman, Jaime, 214 

Alexander, Thomas, 228 

Alford, Martha, 248 

Alfrey, Mary, 214 

Allen, Craig, 228 

Allen, Ruben, 86, 214 

Allen, Mable (Miss), 22 

Allen, Victoria, 214 

Alley, James, 171, 228 

Alley, Tim, 107, 147, 248 

Allgaier, Mary, 80, 82, 101, 102, 248 

Allston, Louise (Mrs), 24 

Almand. James, 76, 158, 248, 301 

Alpha Service Club, 87 

Altman, Ida, 152, 158, 163, 166, 248 

Alvarez, Antonio, 214 

Alvord, Sandra, 95, 248 

Alyea, Annette, 60, 214 

Amos, Martha, 82, 113, 129, 131, 248 

Anderson, Beula (Mrs.), 24 

Anderson, Bonnie, 113, 214. 228 

Anderson, Carol, 82, 104, 110, 228 

Anderson, David, 214 

Anderson, Faith, 214 

Anderson, Gil, 87, 154, 158, 162, 246, 

Anderson, Howard, 248 
Anderson, John, 115. 228 
Anderson, Judith, 228 
Anderson, Roy (Mr.), 24, 88 
Anderson, Linda, 101, 156, 158, 248 
Anderson. Thomas, 226, 228 
Andrea, Jan, 85, 92, 93, 228 
Anello, Diane, 129, 144, 207, 226, 228 
Anstine, Mary Ellen, 86, 131, 228 
Anthony, James, 214 
Antonoff. Fred, 228 
Appich, Thomas, 156, 157, 249 
Applegate, Matt, 228 
Ardura, Robert, 248 
Area, Art, 137, 212, 214 
Area, Lee, 72, 106, 126, 158, 161, 163, 

248. 306 
Armentrout, Charles, 214 
Armstrong, Harry, 249 
Armstrong, Mary, 75, 151, 163, 228 
Armstrong, Thomas (Mr.), 24 
Arnold, Charles, 214 
Arnold, Christine, 91, 128, 249 
Art Club, 88 

Arthur, C. Snowden (Mr.), 24, 141 
Artley, Robert, 228 
Arwood, Eva, 214 
Arwood, Fritts, 80 
Ashby, DeWitt, 87 
Ashley, Kathleen, 37, 128, 138, 228 
Athay, Robert, 137, 138, 214 
Atkins, Susan, 228 
Atwell, Linda, 228 
Aukland. Elva (Mrs.), 24 
Avery, Claritha, 228 
Avery. Dee. 92, 93, 102, 249 
Avery, Nancy, 80, 102, 249 
Avery, Susan, 80 
Ayers, J. W., 300 

Babbel, David, 249 

Babcock, Maria, 249 

Bacon, James, 135, 214 

Bahig, Farid, 109, 249 

Bailey, Richard, 174, 214 

Baker, David, 214 

Baker, Joan (Miss), 24 

Baker, Lenore, 158, 249 

Baker, Lynn Michelle, 228 

Baker, Robert, 228 

Baker, Roxton, 249 

Baldwin, James, 82, 84, 190, 249 

Bales, Robert, 106, 109, 111, 143 150, 

Ball, Linda, 125, 228 
Bancroft, Stephen, 228 
Bang, Claus, 249 
Bangiolo, Elder J. (Mr.), 24 
Barbee, Thomas, 214 
Barbosa, Darlene, 122, 214 
Barbour, Feme, 249 
Bark, Karen, 123, 124, 228 
Barnes, David, 137, 214 
Barnette, Frances, 110, 228 
Barnhart, David, 228 
Barrett, Charles, 214 
Barrett, Joyce, 95, 249 
Barrett, Sylvia, 228 
Barron, Rod, 132, 137, 214 
Barth, Meg, 91, 123, 129, 228 
Bartlett, Bruce, 190, 229 
Barton, Barry, 249 

Baseball, Junior Varsity, 198, 199 

Baseball. Varsity. 196, 197 

Baskerville, Diane, 214 

Basketball, Junior Varsity, 180, 181 

Basketball, Varsity, 176, 177, 178, 179 

Batten, Charles, 80, 116, 124, 214 

Bauckman, John. 133, 229 

Bauer, Tom, 249 

Bauer, Walter, 132, 137, 166, 214 

Baumle, Dorothy (Miss), 25, 83 

Baur, Scott, 250 

Bauserman, Dan, 106, 250 

Baxter, Robert (Mr.). 13, 25, 85, 86, 127 

Baxter, Thomas, 229 

Bayliss, Orne, 214 

Bayly, Virginia, 250 

Bazzarre, Terry, 108, 142, 156, 158, 250 

Beach, Linda, 95, 250 

Beache, Claudia, 120, 229 

Beale, Richard 106, 107, 147, 173, 250, 

Beall, Linda 214 

Beatle, Michele, 124, 125, 226, 229 
Beckner, Richard, 72, 126, 146, 152, 154, 

158, 166, 250 
Bell, Donald, 124, 142, 214 
Bell, Elizabeth, 131, 229 
Bender, Karen, 86, 113, 229 
Benedi, Alberto, 107, 109, 250 
Bennett, Michael, 95, 229 
Bennett, William, 95, 229 
Benson, Diane, 86 
Benson, Shirley, 250 
Bergeron, Judith, 148, 250 
Bergeron, Patricia, 229 
Bernard, Elizabeth 214 
Berrey, Bedford, 229 
Berumen, Yolanda, 229 
Bestic, Jeff, 63, 82, 84, 107, 126, 152, 

158. 250, 
Beta Service Club, 90, 91 
Bible Club, 89 
Bilek, Paul, 116, 150, 250 
Bilgere, Frank, 124, 214 
Billings, Walter, 126, 132, 147, 150, 250 
Bills, Howard, 62, 116, 250 
Binklev, Andrea, 82, 91, 250 
Binns. Judith, 123, 154, 158, 229 
Birckhead, Jean, 229 
Bisset, Sandra, 250 
Bissett, Suzanne, 73, 89, 101, 129, 149, 

150, 157, 158, 214 
Bittenburg, Karen, 87, 113, 131, 251 
Bittinger, John, 177, 214 
Black, Gary, 120, 135, 185, 214 
Blankenship, Dorothy, 148, 251 
Blevms, Rodney, 95 
Blewett, Richard, 166, 212, 214 
Blocker, Richard (Mr.), 21 
Bloesch, Hellen, 229 
Bloom, Stephen, 185, 214 
Bloomingburg, Wayne (Mr.), 25 
Blue and Gray, 70, 71 
Blum, Dotty, 80, 166, 214 
Boan, Timothy, 214 
Boger, Mary, 251 
Boiling, Russ, 120, 170, 177, 246, 251, 

Bond, David, 229 
Bondurant, Lynn, (Mr.), 25 
Bonn, Jerrold, 60, 116, 156, 158, 162, 

167, 251 
Book, Stanley (Mr.), 25, 67 
Booker, Florence (Miss), 25, 82 
Booker, Joyce, 86. 106, 122, 131, 214 
Boone, Pamela, 229 
Booth, Cvnthia, 91, 122, 129, 141, 212, 

Boothby, June, 110, 115, 142, 251 
Bourne, Gordon (Mr.), 25 
Borman, Rana, 214 
Bowden, Bronwyn, 214 
Bowden, Robert, 229 
Bowen, Charles, 229 
Bowen, Michael, 214 
Bowers, Joe. 229 
Bowles, Fred, 229 
Bowman, Janet, 251 
Boyce, Bruce, 229 
Boyer, Sharon, 214 
Boyer, Sheila, 251 

Brackman, Edith, 93, 97, 104, 142, 229 
Bradford, Carol, 110, 128, 229 
Bradley, Michael, 214 
Bradshaw, Ed, 152, 158, 251 
Bradshaw, Eleanor (Mrs.), 25 
Bradshaw, Jeannie, 86, 214 
Brady, Roderick, 111, 137, 229 
Bragg, Joanne, 126. 251 
Bragg, Winnifred, 229 
Brandon, Janet, 214 
Brandts, Mary, 71, 82, 151, 251 
Brandts, Terry, 70, 135, 229 
Brannan, Sheha, 71, 128, 129, 151, 157, 

246, 251, 302 
Bratton, Steven, 214 
Braun, Sally, 124, 251, 307 
Bray, Bonnie, 82, 123, 251 
Bray, Warren, 115 
Breeden, Larry, 229 
Bregenzer, Charles, 214 
Brent, Lee David, 229 
Brew, Arthur, 95, 251 
Brewer, Mary, 229 
Brewington, Sharon, 251 

Brier, Katherine, 86, 251 

Bngham, Carol, 122, 142, 214 

Bngham, David, 137, 158, 162, 167, 252 

Bntt, Deborah, 104, 252 

Brock, Linda, 252 

Brodsky, David, 146, 154, 158, 167, 229 

Brooks, Earlene, 229 

Brooks, Terry, 177, 229 

Brooks, William (Mr.), 25 

Brose, Carl (Col.) 26, 291 

Brown, Cynthia, 214 

Brown, Diana, 252 

Brown, Elliott, 106, 252 

Brown. Kathleen, 229 

Brown, Kenneth, 82, 229 

Brown, Kim, 129, 131, 252 

Brown, Mabra, 95, 230 

Brown, Reid, 230 

Brown, Sharon, 103, 230 

Brown, Shirley, 252 

Browri, Thomas, 95, 252 

Brownback, Ken, 174, 214 

Browne, James, 214 

Brugman, Arthur, 252 

Brumbaugh, John (Mr.), 26 

Bryant, Linda, 230 

Buck, Charles, 174, 214 

Buck, Peggy, 252 

Buck, Ruth (Mrs.), 26 

Buck, Susan (Miss), 26 

Buckhantz, Terri, 144, 230 

Bngham, David, 134 

Bullard, George, 106, 135, 252 

Bullock, Douglas, 230 

Bureman, Frank, 214 

Burgess, Linda, 252 

Burk, Susanne, 91, 99, 102, 252 

Burke, James, 230 

Burke, Patricia, 214 

Burkot, Sharon, 82, 97, 154, 158, 163, 

Burleson, Jean, 214 
Burleson, Jon, 230 
Burner, Betsy, 214 
Burner, Stephanie, 80, 122, 214 
Burnett, Barbara, 214 
Burnett, Gemma, 230 
Burnette, Wayne, 230 
Burns, Monica, 109, 215 
Burt, Randall, 215 
Burton, Kathleen, 215 
Busch, Martha, 253 
Eussey, Stan, 82 
Bustillo, Gloria, 109, 215 
Bustle. Brenda, 215 
Butchko, Bruce, 215 
Buttler, Diane, 85, 215 
Butler, Joyce, 215 
Butler, Michael, 215 
Butler, Sue, 85 

Cacciapagha, Frank, 107, 253 

Cacciapaglia, Mary, 230 

Cadle, Michael, 230 

Caffi's Florist, 301 

Cahill, Joyce Ann, 129 

Cahill, Robert, 215 

Cahill, Susan, 71, 91, 122, 141, 215 

Caldwell, Dianne, 75, 93, 120, 253 

Callahan, Daniel, 182, 230 

Callahan, Thomas, 253 

Callan. Diane, 102, 103, 253 

Cameron, Georgia, 46, 253 

Campbell, Judy, 253 

Campbell, Richard 215 

Campbell, Robert 124 

Cannefax, John 116, 230 

Canody, Deborah 215 

Canody, Louella 148, 253 

Carey, Brian 215 

Carey, Kevin 107, 111, 150, 253 

Carmichael, Brenda 85, 215 

Carmichael, Johnny 230 

Carmichael, Yvonne 88, 123, 230 

Carney, Naomi, 230 

Carnie, Liston, 65, 107, 111, 253 

Carpenter, Aaron, 174, 175, 215 

Carpenter, Elizabeth (Mrs.) 26 

Carpenter, Kirk 215 

Carnllo, Pedro 230 

Carroll, Charles 86, 215 

Carroll, Edward 253 

Carroll, Gregory 253 

Carroll, Joseph 174, 185, 215 

Carson, Katherine 230 

Carson. Thomas 253 

Carter, Thomas 107, 190, 253 

Caruana, Patricia 122, 144, 215 

Caruso, Paul 174, 215 

Carver, Dace 128, 144, 207, 213, 215 

Casey, Joyce 230 

Castelberg's Jewelers, 301 

Caste'.lands, Maria 230 

Castle, Diana 86, 215 

Casual Corner, 302 

Caudill, Charles 43, 67, 106, 126, 254 

Caulfield, Annabelle (Mrs.) 26 

Causey, G. Glenn (Mr.) 26, 180 

Causey, Mary (Mrs.) 26 

Cauthen, Barbara 150, 254 

Cavalier Cars, 302 

Cavallo, Guy (Mr.) 12, 27, 182 

Cavallo, Trudy 80, 100, 230 

Cecil, Cheryl 215 

Celorio, Louis 199, 254 

Chambers, Shellie 215 

Chambers, William 215 

Chapman, Charles 215 

Chapman, Joyce 230 

Chapman, Lindsay 141, 142 

Chapman, Lydia 1S7, 230 . 

Cheerleaders, Junior Varsity 9, 206, 207 

Cheerleaders, Varsity 208, 209 

Cheney, Chris 88, 136, 137, 254 

Chew, Dick 164, 254 

Chin, Chuck 254 

Chinn, Charlene 122, 149, 215 

Chinn, Clovia 44, 131, "149, 154, 254 

Chobot, Joanna 125, 215 

Chobot, Louis, 87, 230 

Choir 82, 83 

Chnsman, Karen 51, 91, 215 

Chnstesson, Michael 126, 215 

Christesson, Vallorie 230 

Christian, R. 215 

Christie, Thomas (Mr.) 27, 89 

Cicero, Joseph 215 

Clapp, Marc 152, 154, 158, 167, 254 

Clark, Bruce 215 

Clark, Cary 91, 215 

Clark, Catherine 123, 128, 230 

Clark, Kitty 82, 102, 103, 112, 113, 254 

Clark, Patricia 85, 230 

Clarke, Byron 115, 254 

Clarke, Hal 80, 215 

Clayton, Jim 254 

Cleary, William (Mr.) 27 

Clegg, Belinda 215 

Clevmger, Nancy 82, 128, 144, 230 

Clifton, Phillip 215 

Clifton, Walter 254 

Cline, Sue 132. 158. 163, 254 

Cloud, Sarah (Miss) 22 

Cloyed, Bonnie 144, 215 

Cloyed, Judy 132, 150, 255 

Clymer, Ann 123, 230 

Clymer, Bruce 80, 111, 255 

Cobert, Donna 148, 255 

Coffelt, Leslie 86, 230 

Coffman, Sandra 215 

Coggins, Roger (Mr.) 27 

Coggins, Vara 123, 230 

Cohen, David 87, 154, 157, 230 

Colburn, Patricia 80, 231 

Cole, Cynthia 85, 120, 215 

Cole, Roger (Mr.) 27, 170, 190 

Coleman, Diane 124. 125, 129, 255 

Coleman, Michael 215 

Coleman, Paula 113, 255 

Coleman, Richard 231 

Coleson, Mark 231 

Colflesh, Audrey 133, 255 

Colleoeman, Richard 215 

Collier, Alan 106, 255 

Collins, Janice 97, 131, 149, 255 

Collins, Johnnie 148 

Collins, Kathryn 133, 215 

Collins, Leslie 182 

Colosimo, Hazel 129, 144, 230 

Conant, James 86, 215 

Concert Band 78, 79 

Conklyn's Florist, 303 

Connor, Sharon 86, 215 

Connors, Christine 215 

Connors, Lawrence 154, 158, 255 

Cook, Kevin 215 

Cook, Michael 231 

Cooper, Julia 55, 255 

Cooper, Peggy 97, 101, 158, 163, 255 

Cope, Arlene 102, 108, 125, 149, 255 

Coppage, Pat 255 

Corbin, Betty 129, 231 

Cornett, Joyce 148, 256 

Corson, Paula 109. 132, 231 

Costantini, James 255 

Cotte. John 256 

Covell, Judith 215 

Courtney, Linda 256 

Cowan, Sheila (Mrs.) 27 

Coyne, Jerry 48, 107, 126, 156, 158, 256 

Cozort, Judy 256 

Crabtree, Mary 215 

Craddock, Phillip 80, 231 

Crampton, Phyllis 215 

Crapps, Patricia 85 

Crawford, Linda 104, 154. 158, 256 

Creel, Mavnard 231 

Crew 192, 193, 194, 195 

Crites, Laura (Mrs.) 27 

Crockett, Katheryne 113, 231 

Croom, Sharon 256 

Cropp, Linda 215 

Cross Country 186, '87 

Cross, Mary 215 

Crossed Sabres 74 75 

Crouch, Kenneth 215 

Crouse, Ann 82, 98, 152, 158, 164, 256 

Crouse, Ruth (Mrs.) 27 

Crow, Joy 215 

Crowder, John (Mr.) 28, 174 

Crowley, James 86, 124, 215 

Cruse, James 216 

Csicsery-Ronay, Stephen 80, 231 

Cudd, Judy 256 

Cuffe, Ronald 216 

Curtis, Jack 95, 231 

Czarmewski, Joanne 148, 256 



Dahmer, Angie 74, 134, 151, 152, 153, 

164, 256 
Daiker, Deborah 231 
Dale, Sissie 120, 135, 142, 158, 231 
Dal-ton, Elizabeth (Miss) 28 
Danfdrlh, Jonathan 82, 231 
Danforth, Peter 87, 246, 256 
Daniel, Joyce 85, 216 
Daniels, Catherine 93, 103, 120, 138, 

Darr, Debby 100, 152, 154, 158, 256 
Darr, Lloyd 216 
Davis, Bonnie 216 
Davis, Christine 82, 101, 131, 231 
Davis, Debby 82, 256 
Davis, James 256 
Davis, Janice 231 
Davis, Jesse 158, 231 
Davis, John 87, 216 
Davis, Katherine 86, 97, 135, 216 
Davis, Lawrence 216 
Davis, Raymond 216 
Dawson, Patricia 216 
Dawson, Sandra 93, 100, 102, 154, 158, 

162, 258 
Day, Norma 123, 231 
Deadwyler, John 15, 258 
Deady, Stephen 86, 216 
Dean, Sue 148, 258 
Deardorff, Lori 113, 258 
Debate Team 146 
Decker, Robert 182, 231 
Defelice, Dianne 97, 216 
Dehne, Timothy 216 
Dejongh, Margarita 104, 231 
Delanev, Terence 216 
Del Re, John 180, 216 
Delta Service Club 92, 93 
Demarr, Barry 124, 216 
Demarr, Glenn 231 
Denholm, Mike 231 
Denio, William 216 
Deniston, Linda 47, 258 
Derr, Tom 147, 258 
Derrickson, Robert 258 
Deskins, Clayton 231 
Deuterman, Richard 231 
Devall, James 216 
Diaz, Diago 107, 258 
Diaz, Lusia 216 
Diaz, Rosario 216 
Dickinson, Ruth 216 
Digges, Mike 231 
Diggle, Beverly 73, 136, 137, 258 
Dineen, Barry 174, 216 
Dinker, Carole 148, 258 
Dinkle, Angela' 216 
Distributive Education Club 94, 95 
Dixon, Diana 231 
Dixon, Mabel (Mrs.) 28 
Dobey, Ben 80, 82, 163, 164, 231 
Dcdd, William 216 
Dodson, June 258 
Doerr, Donna 71, 122, 216 
Dolan, Heloise 216 
Donahue, John (Mr.) 28 
Donnelly, Susan 86, 258 
Donohue, Mary 100, 259 
Dorset, Kathy 110, 259 
Dougherty, Teresa 216 
Douglass, Mary 231 
Dove, Carolyn 232 
Dove, Christopher 80, 257 
Dove, David 108, 258 
Dove, Patrick 216 
Drake, Beth (Miss) 22 
Drance, Lorraine 113, 216 
Dry, Leonard 216 
Dryer, Hilda (Mrs.) 28 
Dubler, Nancy 257 
Duckett, Janis 232 
Duncan, Evelyn (Mrs.) 28 
Dudley, Reid 106, 120, 257 
Dunwoody, Susan 12, 102, 103, 144, 

158, 257 
Dyer, Dana 232 
Dyer, Glenys 122, 216 

Eads, Betty (Mrs.) 28 

Easthng, David 87, 232 

Ebert, Charles 216 

Ebert, Ver.ida 95, 257 

Eckert, William 232 

Edmondson, Fred 232 

Edson, Lorebeth 216 

Edwards, Michael 216 

Edwards, Patricia 257 

Eghiazarian, Pauletle 134, 232 

Eldndge, Alice 85, 120, 121, 257 

Elens, Sally 67, 122,. 216 

Elliott, Donna 232 

Elliott, Larry 82, 34, 257 

Ellliott, Linda 232 

Elliott, Nancy 101, 129, 208, 227, 232 

Elliott, Patricia 257 

Ellis, Bonita 216 

Ellis, Deborah 232 

Ellis, George 216 

Ellis, Helen (Mrs.) 28 

Ellis, John 232 

Ellis, Linda 257 

Ellis, Mickey 110, 131, 257, 309 

Ellis, Richard 87 

Ellis, Robert 232 

Elos Honor Society 152, 153 

Emunan, Mary 48, 97, 101, 158, 257 

Engle, Edison 180, 216 

Englishman, John (Mr.) 29, 120 

Ennis, Charles 257 

Epperson, Tyrone 177 

Eiice, Eleanor 257 

Erickson, Richard 138, 232 

Escola, Diana 82, 134, 142, 257 

Escola, Gail 134, 216 

Esparza, Carlos 259 

Esparza, Renee 232 

Estabrook, Mac 74, 106, 107, 147, 151, 

158, 257, 304 
Estes, Roger 259 
Ettleman, Vicki 216 
Evans, Darilyn 141, 216 
Evans, Jackie 232 
Evans, Kenneth 259 
Evans, Wendy 216 
Everett, James 259 
Everly, Kenneth 216 

Faogins, Colvin 216 

Faggins, Deborah 85, 232 

Fairchild, Brett 82, 107, 150, 259 

Fairman, Jeremy 216 

Fall, Cynthia 84, 144, 145, 259 

Fansler, Kay 216 

Fantaski, James 232 

Farley, Lynda 216 

Farmer, Sharyn 259 

Farns, Nancy 82, 123, 154, 232 

Fasbender, Mary 102, 149, 259 

Fearson, Ray 216 

Fearson, Susan 232 

Feaster, Janice 85 

Feaster, Stephen 106, 111, 132, 259 

Fensterwald, Bernard 216 

Ferber, Dennis 216 

Fessler, Linda 232 

Fetzer, Denise 216 

Fiorio, John 213, 216 

Fisher, Barbara 91. 128, 141, 232 

Fisher, Peter 259 

Fisher, Robert 80 

Fitch, Gary 216 

Flavin, Patricia 216 

Flegeal, Frank 108, 232 

Flegeal, Sonia 156, 259 

Fleming, Bonnie 259 

Fleming, Jack 87, 126, 232 

Fleming, Jacgueline 232 

Fletcher, Karen 134, 149, 158, 246, 259 

Fogg, Louis 233 

Fog'.e, Edward 216 

Fontem, Carol 97, 152, 154, 157, 158, 

Football, Junior Varsity 174, 175 
Football, Varsity 170, 171, 172, 173 
Ford, William 174, 216 
Forde, Alan 156, 158, 162, 259 
Forman, Al 106, 182, 260 
Forness, Nolan 106, 107, 147, 173, 246, 

Foster, Nancy 82, 84, 260 
Foster, Vernon 95, 260 
Fox, James 217 
Fox, Mary 86, 217 
Fox, Michael 217 
Francois, Guy 217 
Frank, Carl 217 
Franklin, Quenton (Mr.) 29 
Franko, Linda 260 
Fredericks, Scott 107, 111, 260 
Freeman, William 233 
French, Benjamin (Mr.) 29 
French Club 96, 97 
French, Dean 106, 260 
French Honor Society 154, 155 
French, Judy 260 
French, Shirley 217 
Frey, Ronald 260 
Frith, Jane 104, 260, 308 
Frye, Jimsey 82, 84, 102, 113, 260, 308 
Frye, Linda 217 
Frye, Michael 84, 233 
Fuelling, Shirley (Mrs.) 29 
Fuentes, Jaime 260 
Fugler, Bartley 260 
Funkhouser, Peggy 233 
Funkhouser, Robin 217 
Furlow, Edward 261 

Future Homemakers of America 98, 99 
Future Teachers of America 100 

Gaarder, Eduardo 261 
Gaines, Barbara 217 
Galante, Angela 80, 82, 113, 261 
Gallager, Tom 86, 107,261 
Gallagher, Victoria 86, 261 
Gallivan, Frank 134, 185, 217 
Gallivan, Mary 217 
Galloway, Richard 141 
Gamma Service Club 101 
Gantt, Susan 261, 305 

Gardener, Betty 233 

Gardiner, John 95, 233 

Gardner, Barbara 80, 261 

Gardner, Ronald 124 

Gardner, Delbert 261 

Garland, Mary 80, 97, 122, 150, 167, 217 

Garnett, Marjorie 122, 217 

Garrett, Catherine 233 

Garrett, Susan 217 

Garrison, John 233 

Garrity, James 141, 217 

Gass, Stephanie 233 

Guazza, Catherine 82, 110, 246, 261, 303 

Gayman, Ronald 233 

Geber, Ruth 217 

Gebser, David 261 

Geiger, Glenn 73, 156, 261 

Genders, Sylvia 233 

Gentry, Linda 233 

George, Chris 261 

Georges, David 95, 106, 261 

Georgie, Helen 233 

German, Cindy 262 

German Club 108 

German Honor Society 156 

German, Lawrence 246, 262 

German, Raymond 233 

Getlein, Mary 133, 217 

Geweke, Lenore (Dr.) 29 

Giancarlo, Orsini 233 

Gibbs, Anne 217 

Gibbs, David (Mr.) 29 

Gibbs, James 107, 262 

Gibson, Gayle 87, 100, 122, 217 

Gibson, Robert 146, 226, 233 

Gilman, Jeanne (Miss) 29, 88 

Gieser, Gloria 87, 233 

Gilbert, Joan 80, 217 

Gilbert, Robert 182, 262 

Gill, Tom 177, 217 

Gillespie, Paulette 217 

Gilliam, Carolyn 217 

Gills, Robert 217 

Girls' Athletic Association 102, 103 

Girls' Choir 85 

Girls' Crew 104, 105 

Glakas, Thomas 233 

Glascoe, Frederick 182, 233 

Goddard, Sally 217 

Godfrey, Lynn 75, 91, 129, 156, 233 

Goff, Darlene 233 

Goff, Gwen 217 

Goff, Susan 262 

Go-Go Boys 106, 107 

Goings, John 262 

Goins, Sharon 87, 233 

Golden, Dennis 217 

Goldsmith, Denny 262 

Goldsmith, Steve 147, 262 

Gonzalez, Tammy 262 

Goodlett, Warren 87, 141, 226, 233 

Goodrich, Elizabeth 123, 233 

Goodwin, Franklin 217 

Gordon, Robert 217 

Gore, Janet 212, 217 

Gorman, George 106, 107, 135, 147, 

182, 262 
Gorman, Jack 124 
Gorsey, Lynn 91, 233 
Gossage, Dale 86, 217 
Gott, Carol 262 
Gouge, Julia 262 
Graebener, Robert 106, 262 
Graham, Karin 95 
Graham, Lawrence 217 
Graham, Roger 107, 147, 246, 262, 307 
Graham, Sharleen 122 
Graham, Steven 217 
Grandy, Steve 73, 217 
Grantham, Anne 217 
Grau, Delores 263 
Grau, Norma 233 
Grau, Robert 97, 217 
Gray, Carol 98, 217 
Gray, Dennis 158, 167, 233 
Gray, Kenneth 217 
Gray, Lee 263 
Green, Winfred 233 
Green, Winifred 233 
Greene, Deborah 86, 233 
Greene, Delby 86, 217 
Greene, Richard (Mr.) 148 
Greenlief, Carole 82, 123, 158, 233 
Greenwalt, Kathleen 217 
Gregory, Wilson 148 
Gretzer, Diane 263 
Grey, Deborah 52, 142, 263 
Griffin, Carol 217 

Griffin, Donna 4, 118, 119, 134, 246, 263 
Griffin, Grendolyn (Mrs.) 30 
Griffith, Kenneth 217 
Grimnitz, Harry 233 
Grinnell, Lisa 233 
Grogg, Theodore 217 
Groves, James 233 
Growden, Arthur 95 
Grube, Lawrence 217 
Gudwin, Barbara 233 
Guinn, Freda (Miss) 30 
Gunnell, Mark 217 
Gunnels, Frederick 234 
Gunnels, Patrick 185, 217 
Guthridge, John 234 
Guthrie, Lawrence 234 
Guthrie, Priscilla 263 
Gymnastics 190 


Haack, Louise (Mrs.) 30 

Hadid, Mohamed 57, 107, 109, 115, 263 

Hadid, Sona 263 

Hagan, Nancy 85, 217 

Hagel, Maureen 128, 134, 209, 263, 306 

Haines, Sandra 234 

Hale, Richard 234 

Hall, Allan 217 

Hall, Craig 107,131, 150, 263 

Hall, Debra 122, 167, 217 

Hall, James 217 

Hall, Jennifer 110, 131, 263 

Hall, John 88, 234 

Hall, Josephine 86, 263 

Hall, Sandra 86, 234 

Hall, Terry 234 

Hall, Thomas 95 

Hal!, Valerie 263 

Hall, William 234 

Halle, Linda 263 

Haliburton, Bruce 49, 246, 264, 307 

Halliburton, Sally 97, 110, 234 

Halpin, Mike 234 

Hamilton, Alida 234 

Hamilton, Lana 264 

Hamilton, Nancy 264 

Hamm, Rosemary 48, 264 

Hanback, Linda 264 

Hannebaum, Carolyn 120, 264 

Hansen, Chris 234 

Hansen, Douglas 217 

Hansen, Karen 49, 73, 264 

Hansen, Mary 122, 217 

Hanshaw, Jerry 217 

Hanshaw, Larry 217 

Hanson, Robert 264 

Harding, Nancy 120 

Harding, Paul (Mr.) 30 

Hargraves, Boyd (Mr.) 30, 95 

Hargrove, Eva 234 

Harley, Steven 218 

Harmon, Jonathan 137, 218 

Harmon, Margaret (Miss) 22 

Harcopas, John (Mr.) 30 

Harp, Ruth 87, 103, 129, 207, 234 

Harr, Catherine 218 

Harrington, Denise 218 

Harris, Josephine 148 

Harris, Lath 108, 141, 245 

Harrison, Reggie 172, 218 

Harrison, Sarah 82 

Hart, Robin 264 

Hart, Sallie 234 

Hart, Susan 96, 97, 154, 158, 264 

Hartman, Helen 234 

Hauch, Valerie 63, 78, 80, 137, 152, 156, 

158, 167, 264 
Haun, Gail 86, 218 
Hawley, Joyce 218 
Hawley, Wayne 95, 264 
Hawthorne, Holly 61, 128, 144, 234 
Hayeck, Claude 264 
Hayes, Danny 234 
Hayes, Earl 234 
Haynie, Thomas (Mr.) 21 
Head, Joyce 116, 218 
Hechavarria, Alina 218 
Hechavarria, Teresa 218 
Heflin, Debra 218 
Heflin, Glenn 95 
Heindl, Michael 265 
Hekhuis, Galen 162, 226, 234 
Hellyer, John 106, 143, 265 
Helm, Wayne 151, 264 
Helmick, Arthur 185, 234 
Helms, Jim 67 
Helton, Jesse 218 
Helwig, Marcia 218 
Henck, Kathryn 265 
Hendrick, Brian 265 
Hendrick, Linda 234 
Hendricks, Andrea 125, 218 
Hendrickson, Shirley 234 
Henn, Christiana 142, 234 
Hennigan, Edward 218 
Hennigan, Sharon 265 
Henning, Richard 67, 157, 158, 234 
Henry, John 182, 265 
Henry Marie 80, 82, 118, 119, 234 
Henry, Marilib 82, 87, 128, 159 
Herrington, Linda 82, 131, 159, 226, 234 
Herwig, Lisa 218 
Hester, Susy 75, 234 
Hickman, Pamela 86, 91, 218 
Hicks, Mary 234 
Higbee, Charles 87, 106, 265 
Higbee, John 265 
Higgins, Sandra 234 
Hilburn, Brian 174, 180, 218 
Hill, Anthony 234 
Hill, Daniel 218 
Hill, Helen 218 
Hill, John 234 
Hill, Karen 122, 133, 218 
Hill, Linda 115, 142, 265 
Hill, Mary 86, 218 
Hill, Pam 234 

Hill, Susan 77, 129, 144, 207, 213, 218 
Hill, Thomas 234 
Hill, Warren 265 
Hillegas, Donna 82, 123, 234 
Hiller, Lissa 218 



Hillerich. Terry 87, 111, 190 

Hillman, Brenda 218 

Hinson, Georgia 218 

Hippie, Fred 234 

Hippie, Thomas 218 

Hirschhorn, Lionel 124, 218 

Hitt, lohn 80, 234 

Hjortsberq, Gail 265 

Hoare, Clelia 218 

Hoare, Elizabeth 266 

Hochman, Ronald 137, 154, 159, 162, 

167, 235 
Hockman, Myril 86, 235 
Hoffman, Craig 266 
Holcomb, Mark 82, 266 
Holland, J. Keen 67, 115, 132, 143, 266 
Holley Realty 303 
Holmes, Susan 218 
Holshouser, Linda 82, 266 
Holsinger, Sharon 218 
Hoist, Glenn 218 
Hoist, John 70, 132, 137, 159, 162, 163, 

Holt, Adrienne 218 
Honick, Alan 212, 21S 
Honick's 304 
Honus, Robert 235 
Hood, Pat. 86, 93, 266 
Hooper, Ian 235 
Hord, Alice 91, 218 

Hord, Ann 70, 92, 93, 108, 128, 131, 235 
Horen, Chris 266 
Home, David 218 
Home, Peggy Jo 102, 164, 266 
Horsfall, Chan 224 
Horton, Jesse 142, 266 
Hottle, Martin 80, 235 
Hottle, Philip 266 
Houghton, Charles (Mr.) 30 
Houser, Mildred (Mrs.) 30 
Hovermill, James 235 
Hovermill, Steve 218 
Howard, Ann 86, 123, 235 
Howard, Dennis 86, 177, 218, 235 
Howard, Nancy 113, 235 
Howard, Theresa 218 
Howell, Holly 82, 91, 129, 156, 209, 

266, 301 
Howze, Katianne 93, 97, 266 
Hudnall, Almira 82, 113, 159, 267 
Hudson, Lee 63, 80, 82, 84, 107, 267 
Huey, Linda 227, 235 
Huey, Ruth 154, 159, 167, 235 
Huey, William 157, 180. 212, 218 
Huf, Judy 73, 88, 153 
Huff, Andrew 141, 235 
Hughes, Linda 218 
Hughes, Sarah 218 
Huie, Bill 107, 150, 267 
Hulse, Cy 218 
Human, Kenneth 185, 218 
Hunter, Howard (Mr.) 31 
Hunter, Kathy 70, 153, 267 
Hurst, Judith 131, 235 
Hurt Cleaners 304 
Hutchins, Al 62, 80, 162, 267 
Hutchinson, Cullen 218 
Huth, Bryan 182, 230 
Hyer, Jennifer 131 
Hyle, Adrienne 124, 125, 235 
Hyndman, Norman 142, 159, 235 
Hyndman, Paul 142, 267 

Iden, Gary 218 

Iliff", Theresa 235 

Ingles, Beverly 133, 267 

International Club 109 

International House of Pancakes 305 

Intramurals 205 

Irick, Dave 159, 235 

Ishmael, Martie 115, 267 

Ivey, Thomas 267 

Izaz, Khalid 235 

Izaz, Seema 267 

Izaz. Tariq 267 


Jack, Robert 80, 106, 147, 152, 159, 167, 

246, 267 
Jackson, Harold 235 

Jackson, Juanita 98, 103, 154, 235, 267 
Jackson, Orlando 235 
Jacobsen, Richard 82, 89, 143, 235 
Jacobsen, Roberta 82, 89, 143, 267 
Jaeschke, Christoph 218 
Jahandari, Fiouz 235 
Jarrelles, Clarence 218 
Jarvis, Raymond 235 
Jaivis, Thomas 86, 218 
Jenkins, Samuel 82 
Jennings, Mary 110, 235 
Jerome, Jay 107, 109, 111 115, 135, 142, 

150, 268 
Jimeson, Robyn 268 
Jimeson, Shelley 129, 207, 226, 235 
Johansen, O. U. (Mr.) 20 
Johnson, Carol 80, 82, 124, 125, 152, 

159, 163, 268 

Johnson, Christine 123, 129, 154, 159, 

226, 235 
Johnson, Dale 268 
Johnson, Doris 98, 125, 149, 268 
Johnson, Helen 115, 268 
Johnson, James 235 
Johnson, Joyce 268 
Johnson, Karen 148, 268 
Johnson, Kathy 88, 235 
Johnson, Kim 106, 268 
Johnson, Marilyn 125, 128, 218 
Johnson, Patricia 132, 143, 235 
Johnson, Sharon 118, 119, 134, 235 
Johnson, Thomas 268 
Johnson, Wendy 116, 218 
Jones, Bernadine 86, 268 
Jones, Betsy 268 
Jones, Cathy 218 
Jones, Charles (Mr.) 132 
Jones, Douglas 235 
Jones, Florence 235 
Jones, James 137, 218 
Jones, Jill 268 
Jones, John 218 
Jones, Lydia 116, 218 
Jones, Lynwood 185, 218 
Jones, Richard 218 
Jones, Thomas 141, 185, 190, 218 
Jordan, Lynne 85, 152, 154, 155, 157 

159, 164, 268 
Joyce, Chris 8, 73, 165, 269 
June, Carolyn 86, 218, 235 
June, James 185, 218 
Justis, Frances (Mrs.) 31, 95 

Kaddatz, John 126, 235 

Kalapos, Jacquelyn 58, 218 

Kaluta, Jean 164, 270 

Kane, John 177, 218 

Kane, Keith 235 

Kane, Teresa 86, 101, 219 

Kappa Service Club 110 

Karas, Jeannie 110, 131, 269 

Karas, Martha 51, 110, 131, 219 

Karhohs, Jeffery 219 

Kaster, Craig 236 

Keagy, Brenda 148, 269 

Keels, Thomas 182, 236 

Keller, Robert 82, 106, 126, 269 

Kelley, David 219 

Kelley, James (Mr.) 31 

Kelley, Linda 148, 269 

Kellum, John 236 

Kelly, Laura 144, 269 

Kelly, Miles 124, 212, 219 

Kelly, Patricia 219 

Kennedy, Karen 236 

Kent, Carol 53, 236 

Kerndt, David 219 

Kerns, Carolyn 120, 133, 144, 269 

Kessinger, James 156, 159, 162, 167, 269 

Key Club 111 

Keyettes 112, 113 

Keys, Joyce 236 

Kibler, Robert 124, 180, 181, 219 

Kihm, Gregory 219 

Kilby, Linda 133, 134, 219 

Kiley, Kristine 269 

Kimball, David 236 

King, Delores 149, 163, 269 

King, George 269 

King, Jacqueline 87, 128, 138, 141, 236 

King, Patrick 138, 236 

Kingman, Nancy 129, 269 

Kingsolver, David 219 

Kinkaid, Dennis 80, 159, 162, 190, 226, 

Kirby, Cynthia 82, 144, 236 
Kirby, Janice 236 
Kirby's Sales and Services 305 
Kirchman, Kay 104, 108, 142, 269 
Kirkpatrick, Val 80, 236 
Kirkpatrick, Ray 219 
Kissinger, Mark 269 
Kjeldgaard, Joanne 115, 150, 219 
Kleber, Mark 107, 269 
Kling, William 219 
Klose, Hans-Peter (Mr.) 21, 57 
Knarr, Kathryn 148, 270 
Knowles, Constance 118, 119, 135, 141, 

154, 155, 159, 162, 166, 167, 270 
Koerner, Andrea 118, 119, 270 
Kohlhaas, John 219 
Kohlhaas, Linda 167, 236 
Kohlhaas, Rosemarie 270 
Kolb, Walter 89, 132, 150, 270 
Korczowski, Simon (Mr.) 31 
Kraft, Michael 143 
Kray, Suzanne 97 

Kreachbaum, Janet 88, 122, 131, 278 
Kresse, Sidney 236 
Kriebel, Mary 218 
Kroesen, Frederick 236 
Kroft, Mike 270 
Krop, Lawrance 95, 270 
Krop, Romayne 219 
Krotzer, Kent 219 

Kruse, Carolyn 48, 97, 100, 101, 270 
Kruse, Thomas 86, 88, 132, 137, 270 
Kulick, Irene (Mrs.) 31 
Kulifay-Nagg, Katalina 270 

Kumar, Ashok 219 

Kumar, Nirmal 219 

Kumar, Vijay 236 

Kump, Jack 219 

Kuznicki, Marilea 118, 119, 120 

Kyles, Michael 236 

Lady Hamilton 305 

Lahait, Lynne 110, 131, 271 

Lahr, Bonita 219 

Laird, Gail 236 

Laird, Ronald 219 

Lam, Letitia (Miss), 31 

Lamberson, Jim 77, 106, 126, 147, 247, 

271, 303 
Lamberson, Mary 110, 219 
LaMont Studios 306 
LaMotte, Kay 97, 100 
LaMotte, Michele 97, 101, 106, 159, 271 
Lamplighter Beeihouse 307 
Landis, Doreen 236 
Lane, Bob 89, 146, 236 
Lane, Sandra 116, 271 
Langelle, Linda 88, 120, 219 
Lanham, Carolyn 75, 129, 134, 271 
Lanier, Charles 180, 219 
LaPlante, Margaret 236 
LaPlante, Mary 271 
Laprade, Janet 87, 116, 219 
Latin Honor Society 157 
Latshaw, Jan 82, 118, 119 
Laughery, Deborah 98, 110, 122, 219 
Law Club 114, 115 
Lawlor, Jean (Miss) 3i 
Lawrence, Glen 236 
Lawson, Jonathan 214, 219 
Lawson, Julia 110, 236 
Lawson, Marjorie 236 
Leach, Virginia 116, 146, 219 
Leatherwood, Mike 236 
LeCompte, Barbara 86, 219 
Lee, Gloria 99, 133, 236 
Lee, Janet (Mrs.) 32 
Lee, Larry 236 
Lee'.and, Diane 271 
Leeper, Devon 87, 219 
Leichtman, Harry 138, 236 
Le<gh, Sally 271. 
Lemany, Carole 219 
Leme, Robert 271 
Lempicki, Francis 236 
Lompicki, Stephen 219 
Lennox, Mariannne 219 
Lesshafft, Carlotta 143, 271 
Levin, Morris (Mr.) 132, 177, 178 
Levine, Joann (Mrs.) 32 
Levy, Ian 152, 154, 159, 271 
Lewallen, Robert 115, 150, 271 
Lewis, Donnald (Mr.) 22 
Lewis, Elizabeth 271 
Lewis, Nancy 82, 84, 113, 271 
Lewis, Virginia 148, 272 
Library Club 1 16 
Light, Rickie 185, 219 
Lilly, Raymond 95, 272 
Lim, Dennis 219 
Lindsay, Edward 95, 236 
Lindsy, Marilyn 219 
Linse, Robert (Mr.) 32 
Lipsky, Stuart 132, 272 
Livingston, Amo 147, 182, 272 
Loder, Betsy 149, 272 
Loftin, Julia 272 
Loftin, William 219 
Logan, David 59, 75, 107, 126, 147, 150 

170, 177, 179, 272, 305 
Logan, James 180, 219 
Long, E. Howard (Mr.) 32 
Long, Mildred 272 
Long, Patrick 219 
Long, Paula 144, 219 
Long, Richard 272 
Long, William 124 
Lose, Andi 74, 128, 134, 151, 159, 272, 

Lose, James 236 
Loud, Edward 159, 272 
Loustalot, Andre 87, 109, 114, 115, 132, 

142, 147, 272 
Love, Diana 85, 133 
Love, Marqaret 219 
Love, Patricia 82, 125, 236 
Lovegrove, William 138, 226 
Loveless, Pat 129, 131, 144, 208, 273, 304 
Lucas, Betsy 236 
Lucido, Deborah 86, 219 
Ludlow, Anne 128, 144, 209, 273, 309 
Ludwick, Betty Lou (Mrs.) 32 
Lycas, Rebecca 245 
Lynam, Marsha 236 
Lynch, Michelle 273 


Mace, Roy 124, 185, 219 
Mac Isaac, Linda 71, 236 
Macrae, Gordon 50, 89, 107, 111, 132, 

143, 146, 246, 273 
Madrigals 84 
Maestri, Joseph 236 
Magann, Gary 237 
Magee, Tom 182, 237 

Maginnis, David 219 

Magnuson, John 109, 137 

Mahan, Robert 246, 273 

Mahayni, Nidal 82, 84, 106, 273 

Mahayni, Riad 82, 124, 237 

Majorettes 118, 119 

Malhoyt, Lester 273 

Malik, Khalid 237 

Mallia, Samuel (Mr.) 32 

Manly, Nicole 88, 219 

Manninq, Nancy 93, 97, 237 

Manov, Evelyn 108, 120, 142, 159, 273 

Mancv, Susan 108, 142, 273 

Manzo, James 174, 219 

Marcey, Debbie 86 

Marcey, Shirley 148 

Mare, Mary (Mrs.) 22 

Marfori, Richardo 185, 219 

Mannoble, Paul 133, 219 

Marker, Donna 110, 128, 131, 237 

Marshall, Ellen 101, 128, 167, 237 

Marshall, Jenny 237 

Marth, Paul 77, 82, 89 

Martin, Ann 92, 93, 154, 273 

Martin, Bill 219 

Martin, Charles 219 

Martin, Jane 86, 219 

Martin, Martha 237 

Martin, Michael 50, 111, 237 

Martin, Rick 75, 107, 147, 159, 176, 

177, 273 
Martin, Ruth (Miss) 32 
Martin, William 77 
Martinez, James 220 
Marvin, Grace 142, 154, 156, 159, 237 
Marzani, Joseph 220 
Mason, Ronny 138, 191, 273 
Mason, Russell 56, 274 
Masters, Robert 86, 95 
Mathieu, Anqela 274 
Mathieu, Euqenio 274 
Matson, Bill 274, 308 
Matthews, Doris (Mrs.) 21 
Matts, Kenneth 171, 173, 247, 274, 300 
Maurer, Cherry 88, 144, 226, 237 
May, Carolyn 86, 237 
May, Doris 122, 220 
May, Pamela 237 
Maybury, Michael 274 
Maycock, Aleda 129, 135, 142, 237 
Maver, Gayle 237 
Mayhew, Chesley 150, 274 
Mays, Blanche (Miss) 33 
Maza, Cecilia 220 
McAdams, Charles 274 
McAdams, Constance 220 
McAdams, Eleanor 237 
McAdams, Marilyn 237 
McAlpine, Douqlas 237 
McAnear, Ruby 91, 141, 220 
McAuliffe, Dennis 51, 74, 157 
McCaffrey, Marilene 220 
McCaffrey, Sharon 237 
McCarthy, Jane 92, 93, 237 
McCarthy, Bonnie 237 
McCausland, Dennis 107, 111, 274 
McConnell, Nancy 220 
McCoy, Georqe 134, 220 
McCracken, Mitchell 237 
McDermott, Michael 82 
McDonouqh, Kathleen 220 
McDaniel, Sherry 237 
McEachern, Jano 237 
McFalls, Deborah 220 
McGaffic, David 62, 274 
McGuire, Kathleen 237 
McGurrin, Mary 88, 110, 220 
Mcllveen, Joan 220 
Mclnturff, David 182 
Mclnturif, Ronnie 12, 23 
Mclntyre, Jean 148, 274 
McKenzie, Georqia 125, 237 
McKenzie, Wanda 101, 120, 274 
McKeown, Edward 177, 237 
McKinney, Luwanda 125, 226, 237 
McKniqht, Philip 237 
McLauqhlin, Linda 80, 220 
McLeroy, Alice 86, 120, 237 
McMahon, Janet 141, 264, 274 
McManus, Maureen 133, 237 
McMenimun, Suzanne 88, 237 
McMillan, John 106, 274 
McNabb, Mary 237 
McNeice, William 220 
McQuiddy, Kevin 237 
McWhirt, Jimmie 274 
McWhorter, Vicki 118, 119, 274 
Meadors, Pamela 82, 143, 274 
Meadors, Wendy 86, 89, 220 
Meares, Deborah 274 
Melia, Frances 148, 272 
Melia, Margaret 275 
Meller, Bruce 237 
Melnicoff, Paul 220 
Melson, John 137, 237 
Melvin, Jane 152, 159, 164, 167, 275 
Mendola, Teresa 275 
Merriman, Richard 66, 107, 114, 115, 

Meyerson, Stuart 80, 82, 106, 120, 126, 

Michael, Larry 111, 220 
Midgett, Chris 12, 159, 182, 247, 275 
Midgett, John 182, 220 
Miles, Carol 144, 238 
Miller, Alice 238 
Miller, Anita 220 



Miller, Danny 80, 220 

Miller, Heather 113, 238 

Miller, James 238 

Miller, Nat 275 

Miller, Richard 275 

Mills, David 182, 238 

Mimms, Dean 220 

Mimms, Linda 77, 91, 128, 159, 163, 

209, 247, 275, 303 
Minno, Michael 220 
Mitchell, Ward 220 
Mixed Chorus 86 
Modern Dance Club 117 
Moist, Blair 220 
Moist, Marshall 275 
Mokszanowske, Kathy 275 
Monahan, Pat 275 
Monday, Margie 238 
Money, Tom 275 
Monroe, Jeanne 118, 119, 276 
Montgomery, Jet 238 
Montgomery, Noland 220 
Montgomery, Patrice 93, 238 
Mooney, Kathy 104, 129, 276 
Moore, Doris (Mrs.) 33 
Moore, George 182, 238 
Moore, Kathleen 85 
Moore, Ray 238 
Moore, Robert 124, 220 
Moore, Susan 101, 142, 238 
Mootz, Karen 82, 113, 164, 276 
Morales, Dagmar 238 
Morey, Lindy 276 
Morgan, Pamela 86, 220 
Morris, Linda 276 
Morrison, Lavillon 77, 91, 128, 159, 276, 

Morrow, Charles 182, 238 
Morrow, Tyrone 276 
Moseley, David 220 
Mossburg, Wesley 276 
Mossejoy 141, 238 
Mounted Generals 120, 121 
Moy, David 220 
Moye, Ruby 89, 129, 238 
Muckenhaupt, Nancy 98 
Mueller, Joanne 91, 276 
Mueller, Judy 159, 276 
Mullinix, Elin 82 
Mullins, LeNona (Miss) 33 
Munden, Gordon 220 
Munley, Donald 220 
Mun'.ey, Larry 95, 238 
Murray, Karen 144, 238 
Murray, Sharon 238 
Muschamp, George 87, 220 
Muse, Tamra 238 
Musgrove, Christine 238 
Myer, Jennifer 108, 142, 220 
Myers, Elizabeth 238 
Myers, James 238 
Myers, Janet 82, 148, 276 
Myers, Susan 212, 220 
Myers, William 238 


Nackenoff, Carol 80, 82, 91, 113, 152, 

154, 160, 276 
Nails, James 220 
Namerdy, David 238 
Namerdy, Eddie 238 
Nash, David 220 
Nash, James 185, 220 
Nash, Tulie 156, 238, 266 
Nash, Lynda 138, 276 
National Beta Club 122, 123 
National. Honor. Society 158, 159, 160, 

Natrella, Michael, 80, 220 
Naughton, Thomas 276 
Neal, Ann 88, 277 
Neal, Sherrv 88, 220 
Nealy, Carleton 82, 107, 277 
Neam, Amelia 86, 125, 220 
Nelson, Dorothy (Miss) 33 
Nelson, Philip 180, 220 
Netting, Orin 238 

Neubauer, Barbara 82, 91, 97, 160, 277 
Neuman, Glenn 80, 141, 147, 277 
Neuman, Michael 67, 115, 132, 160, 277 
Neuman, Steve 220 
Nevitt, Karin 277 
Nevitt, Portia 95, 277 
Newberry, Brigette 133, 220 
Newberry, Monica 70, 100, 151, 156, 

160, 277 
Newman, Debby 129, 206, 239 
Newton, Valerie 148, 277 
Newton, William 95, 277 
Nickle, Philip 65, 87, 143, 277 
Nickols, Pat 220 
Niland, Carolyn 207, 226, 239 
Niles, Bruce 77, 126, 147, 160, 277, 305 
Nixon, Ellen 120, 239 
Nobel, Weston (Mr.) 62 
Nohava, Charles 277 
Northern Virginia Savings and Loan 

Norton, Eric 80, 239 
Norwood, Albert (Mr.) 33 
Nu Service Club 124, 125 
Nye, Gregory 239 
Nye, Sandra 148, 277 
Nystrom, Eric 220 

O'Bannon, Obie, 180, 220 

O'Brien, James, 220 

Ockert, Dave 277 

Oddone, Lisa, 277 

Odeen, Elizabeth (Mrs.), 33 

Odeen, Cheryl, 212, 221 

Odend'hal, Patty, 138, 239 

O'Donnell, Karen, 77, 125, 160, 163, 239 

O'Grady, Brenda, 71, 116, 128, 212, 221 

OGrady, Brian, 106, 111, 147, 182, 278 

Ohlsson, Neil, 82, 126, 182, 226, 239 

Olcott, Stephanie, 239 

Oldham, Leita, 239 

Oliver, Crystal, 239 

Oliver, Kathleen, 101, 239 

Olsen, Stephen, 239 

Olson, Barbara, 134, 221 

Olson, Eric, 278 

Olson, James, 185, 221 

Omega Service Club, 126, 127 

O'Neal, Laymar, 174, 221 

O'Neill, Brad, 137, 157, 160, 162, 190 

O'Neill, Eileen, 93, 98 
O'Neill, Garry, 132, 278 
O'Neill, John, 62, 63, 111, 239 
Orchestra, 80, 81 
Ormsbee, Joan, 92, 93, 278 
Orndorff, Donald, 87, 239 
Orndorff, Sharon, 86, 100, 221 
Orth, Mary, 115, 150, 278 
Ostapoff, Tatjana, 80, 81, 163, 239 
Osterling, James, 221 
Ostrowski, Maureen, 278 
Otis, Gene, 107, 147, 278 
Otto, Jonnie, 147, 278 
Otto, Martha, 110, 221 
Ours, Cynthia, 148, 278 
Outdoor Track, 202, 203, 204 
Overholt, Regina, 89, 120, 221 
Owens, Winifred, 45, 102, 103, 141, 

278, 308 

Pacheco, Ana, 80, 109, 134, 221 
Packard, Frances, 129, 131, 144, 209, 

Page, Geoffrey, 141, 221 
Page, Patricia, 131, 239 
Palmer, Karen, 149, 221 
Palmer, Patricia, 278 
Palmer, Steve, 221 
Pannell, Clete, 160, 167, 279 
Papich, Louise, 221 
Paras, Bruno (Mr.), 34, 56 
Parent, Terry, 51, 221 
Parham, Earl, 174, 175, 221 
Parham, Jerline, 148, 279 
Parker, Virginia, 45, 239 
Parkington Optical Company, 308 
Parmelee, Chris, 160, 239 
Parr, Carlotta, 82, 110 
Parr, Janice, 86, 221 
Parr, Nancy, 239 
Parrish, Linda, 46, 279 
Parsons, John, 146, 239 
Pasquale, Kathie, 221 
Paterick, Alice, 67, 80, 82, 84, 110, 276 
Pa'terson, Diane, 239 
Paul, Armenie, 221 
Paul, Carol, 221 
Paul, Joseph, 149, 279 
Paul, Robert, 221 
Payne, Gary, 115, 279 
Payne, Douglas, 86, 221 
Pearce, Betty, 86, 110, 221 
Pearson, Daniel, 221 
Pearson, Tighe, 279 
Peckham, Marie (Mrs.), 22 
Peet, Gary, 167, 226, 239 
Pelham, Sherry, 82, 98, 103, 239 
Pellen, Linda, 86, 221 
Peltier, Michael, 239 
Penman, 72, 73 
Pennington, Dennis, 239 
Pennington, Mary, 221 
Pep Club, 128, 129 
Perrow, James, 221 
Perrow, John, 279 

Persons, Charlotte, 152, 160, 163, 279 
Peters, Sieven, 221 
Peterson, Harold, 239 
Peterson, Ronald, 279 
Peterick, Gary, 221 
Petrosky, Patricia, 279 
Pfeiffer, Fred (Mr.), 34 
Pflieger, Susan, 279 
Phillips, Karen, 80, 82, 279 
Phillips, Richard, 221 
Pianos Inc., 308 
Pickering, Dianne, 78, 80, 102, 106, 

108, 280 
Pierce, Donald, 124, 175, 221 
Pigg, Barbara, 82, 91, 154, 160, 280 
Pirkey, Fred, 88, 221 
Pirkey, Larry, 138, 239 
Plunkett, Karen, 280 
Pociask, Joe, 280 
Pociask, Marty, 45, 280 
Poggenpohl, Eric, 75, 226, 239 

Poland, Janet, 239 

Pond, Dana (Mr.), 34 

Ponis, Roberta (Mrs.), 34 

Poole, Janet, 221 

Poole, Terry, 221 

Popa, John, 221 

Posey, Gay, 239 

Potomac Temporaries, 308 

Potter, Lee, 239 

Pouliot, Pat, 70, 123, 160, 226, 239 

Poush, Kent, 82, 84, 146, 160, 182, 280 

Powell, Linda, 280 

Power, Jerry (Mr.), 34 

Prater, Mary, 239 

Preciado, Camille, 239 

Preuit, Robin, 221 

Price, Dave, 82, 107, 147, 221, 246, 280 

Price, Jack, 221 

Price, John, 239 

Price, Nancy, 120, 280 

Prill, Stan, 239 

Pro and Con Club, 132 

Prohaska, Vicky, 82, 113, 123, 280 

Psychology Club, 130, 131 

Puebla, Lupe, 280 

Puebla, Miriam, 280 

Puglisi, Ronald, 95 

Puglisi, Sherry, 122, 221 

Puryear, Mary, 101, 239 

Pyles, Fredelen, 44, 240 

Quaintance, Carol, 120, 240 
Quality Shop, 309 
Quick, Gerry, 182, 240 
Quick, Kathleen, 125, 141, 221 
Quill and Scroll Honor Society, 151 

Racine, Michael, 221 

Radovanovie, Gorana, 240 

Raibourn Optical, 309 

Raish, Stephen, 82 

Raleigh, Elizabeth, 152, 154, 160, 280 

Rantz, Elizabeth, 70, 144, 154, 160, 280, 

Rasmussen, Louise F. (Mrs.), 23 
Rasmussen, Paul, 221 
Ray, Gregory. 190, 240 
Ray, Kaaren, 82, 101, 240 
Ray, Kathryn, 92, 93, 128, 240 
Ray, Mary, 86, 101, 212, 221 
Read, Bonnie, 115, 131, 151, 280 
Red Cross Club, 131 
Redman, Barbara, 221 
Redman, Matt, 246, 281 
Redman, Roger, 221 
Reid, Claudia, 221 
Reid, John, 221 
Reid, Kathy, 28! 
Reiman, Mike, 138, 190, 240 
Reinwald, Barbara (Miss), 34, 52 
Rejuney, Ed, 61, 72, 82, 152, 154, 160, 

164, 165, 167, 281 
Renner, John, 221 
Rescue Squad, 134 
Reyes, Allen, 115, 132, 142, 281 
Reymer. Frank, 221 
Reyner, Anna, 88, 125, 222 
Reynolds, Carole, 82, 130, 160, 164, 

247, 281, 305 
Rhoden, Iris, 222 
Rhodes, Richard, 222 
Rhodes, Sandra, 82, 123, 131, 141, 281 
Rice, Rodney, 107, 281 
Rice, Vicky, 135, 137, 141, 154, 160, 

167, 240 
Rich, Dotty, 80, 222 
Rich, Fran, 106, 126, 147, 281 
Richardson, Ralph, 222, 281 
Richmond, Artie, 82, 87, 126, 147, 186, 

Richter, Sherry, 86, 281 
Ricks, Joyce, 240 
Ridgely, David, 222 
Rille, 200 

Riley, Edna (Mrs.), 34 
Rinker, Alan, 62, 80, 222 
Ritchie, Linda, 240 
Ritenour, Sharon, 86, 240 
Rittue, Jacqueline, 222 
Riuero, Arturo, 281 
Rivera, Lydia, 240 
Riviello, Geanie (Mrs.), 23 
Rizzie, Dan, 222 
Roach, Anthony, 95, 240 
Roberts, Dan, 64, 87, 107, 111, 281 
Roberts, David, 222 
Roberts, Joan, 240 
Robey, Linda, 91, 128, 240 
Robinson, Connie, 120, 222 
Robinson, Nancy, 93, 129, 208, 246 
Robinson, Regan, 75, 91, 212, 222 
Robinson, Wanda, 281 
Robinson, William, 240 
Robison, Michael, 185, 140 
Rodas, Eimer, 240 
Roeder, Donna, 101, 240 
Roeder, James, 111, 137, 240 
Rogers, Randall, 124, 222 
Rolfe, Rhea, 80, 152, 154, 161, 164, 282 
Rolston, John, 80, 190, 222 

Rorabaugh, Henry, 282 

Rose, Brenda, 222 

Rose, Richard, 240 

Rose, Roger, 282 

Rosette, Richard, 240 

Ross, Elizabeth, 152, 161 

Ross, Grace, 222 

Ross, Helen, 141, 123, 240 

Ro'rery, Harry, 222 

Rothhouse, Jay (Mrs.), 34 

Rottet, John, 240 

Rovin, Lawrence, 137, 146, 161, 240 

Rowland, Dianne, 282 

Rowland, Linda, 222 

Roy, Valerie, 86, 93, 133, 240 

Royce, Mary, 86, 240 

Ruckman, William, 240 

Rue, Linda, 86, 110, 222 

Ruffner, Nathanil, 240 

Ruiz, Jeannette, 97, 133, 222 

Ruiz, Milton, 106, 282 

Rumbaugh, Jeffrey, 222 

Rush, Susan, 123, 240 

Russell, Douglas, 222 

Russell, Linda, 222 

Russell, Sue, 222 

Russell, Thomas, 56, 57, 116, 146, 161, 

167, 282 
Russell, Thomas, 154, 240 
Russillo, Mary, 129, 134, 282 
Russo, Jack, 86, 222 
Ryan, Angela, 97, 154, 161, 167, 282 
Ryan, Timothy, 282 

Sabatell, Brenda, 241 

Saginor, David, 222 

Sailing and Boating Club, 135 

Saito, Noriko, 82, 161, 241 

Salisbury, David, 282 

Samaha, Joan, 129, 222 

Samaha, Semon, 282 

Sanchez, Joseph, 109 

Sanders, Deborah, 122, 222 

Sanders, Mary, 241 

Sanford, Sandra, 86, 125, 222 

Sansalone, Francio, 282 

Sara, Charles, 65, 138, 182, 241 

Saunders, Betty, 86, 241 

Saunders, James, 241 

Saunders, James, 222 

Saunders, Mary, 50 

Savage, Jane, 161, 241 

Savastano, George, 282 

Sawyer, Peggy, 74, 151, 154, 161, 241, 

Scarborough, Jane, 222 
Schaar, Missy, 75, 222 
Schaeffer, Francis, 282 
Schaeffer, John, 82 
Schaeffer, William, 86, 124, 222 
Scheele, Richard, 177, 179, 283, 301 
Scherger, Pam, 283 
Schlegel, Ursula, 241 
Schlegel, Wiltrud, 108, 241 
Scholes, Delia, 123, 161, 163, 167, 241 
Schclin, Blain, 222 
Schoomaker, Frances (Mrs.), 35 
Schulman, Philip, 283 
Schwartz, Andrew, 241, 226 
Schwartz, Michael, 107, 222 
Schwelien, Michael, 120, 126, 283 
Science Club, 136, 137 
Science Honor Society, 162 
Scott, Betty, 222 
Scott, Clayton, 241 
Scott, Sharon, 283 
Scruggs, Robert, 283 
Scuba Club, 138 
Scudder, Vicki, 116, 120, 222 
Seay, Nicholas, 154, 161, 167, 241 
Sefton, Gayle, 98, 122, 222 
Seidel, Robert, 35 
Sellers, Darrow, 142, 150, 283 
Sellars, Richard, 142, 241 
Semha, Renee, 97 
Semones, Kathy, 283 
Senechal, John, 82, 142, 222 
Senechal, Pete, 87, 142, 167, 283 
Shaeffer, Bill, 185 
Shaeffer, Francesca, 241 
Shaffer, James, 80, 241 
Shaffer, Joan, 133, 241 
Shapiro, Susan, 74, 151, 161, 283 
Sharff, Paula, 129, 144, 207, 222 
Sharpe, Cranville, 212, 222 
Shattuck, Nancy, 51, 122, 131, 222 
Shawen, Russell, 222 
Shepard, Patricia, 85, 97, 222 
Sheppard, Donna, 283 
Sheppard, Linda, 150, 182, 283 
Sheppard, William, 241 
Sherrill, Hazel (Miss), 35 
Sherwood, James, 182 
Sherwood, Michael, 283 
Shifflett, Margaret, 222 
Shipman, Christine, 222 
Shoff, Carl, 241 
Showers, Donna, 115, 283 
Shreeves, Ruby (Miss), 35 
Shultz, George, 212, 222 
Shultz, Marsha, 110, 129, 131, 284 
Shurtliff, June (Mrs.), 35 



Shwaiko, Lynn, 241 
Sieber, Sheryl, 241 
Sievers, Jean, 116, 283 
Sigma Service Club, 139 

Sills, Norris, 174, 222 

Simmons, Fred, 241 

Simmons, Janet, 64, 91, 129, 284 

Simpson, Helen, 91, 129, 131, 156, 246, 

Sims, Sandra, 241 
Singer, Barbara, 97, 110, 241 
Sisko, Robert, 241 
Sissler, Suzanne, 284 
Ski Club, 142 
Skouge, Mary (Mrs.), 35 
Slade, Michael, 113, 171, 172, 176, 177, 

284, 309 
Slettvet, Richard, 161, 284 
Slye, Syd, 128, 134, 207, 222 
Smedegard, James, 106, 284 
Smith, Chris, 80, 97, 131, 146, 284 
Smith, Deborah, 241 
Smith, Eddie, 46, 80, 116, 284 
Smith, Elizabeth, 222 
Smith, Ingrid (Mrs.), 35 
Smith, Jeffery, 222 
Smith, Judy, 241 
Smith, Kaila, 144, 213, 222 
Smith, Kristine, 125, 222 
Smith, Linda, 284 
Smith, Linda, 241 
Smith, Marvin, 222 
Smith, Meredith, 82, 162, 241 
Smith, Patricia, 241 
Smith, Ralph, 241 
Smith, Roberta, 122, 167, 222 
Smith, Roger, 284, 309 
Smith, Sheila, 95 
Smith, Shirley, 133, 241, 245 
Smith, Wendi, 284 
Sneddon, Lee, 60, 115, 226, 241 
Snider, R. B., 44, 80, 153, 240 
Snyder, Curt, 75, 107, 114, 115, 284 
Soccer, 188, 189 
Soho, Bonnie, 242 
Sonosky, Karen (Miss), 35 
Sound Service Club, 116 
Sowers, Elizabeth, 113, 242 
Spanish Honor Society, 163 
Spauls, John, 167, 223 
Speake, Susan, 17, 82, 84, 113, 161, 

246, 284 
Speice, Alice, 116, 131, 223 
Spriggs, Beatrice, 95 
Spriggs, Curtis, 174, 223 
Spriggs, Jerome, 242 
Spring, Nancy, 91, 133, 242 
Springer. Don (Mr.), 36, 60 
Stag Shop, 309 
Stancill, Ralph, 242 
Standish, Myles, 87, 242 
Stann, Chris, 125, 128, 242 
Stanton, Mark, 116, 124, 174, 223 
Stanton, Mary, 85 
Stanton, Michael, 242 
Stanton, Mike, 223 
Stapleton, Daniel, 242 
Stark, Jill, 125, 223 
Stark, Sue, 242 
Starkey, Elizabeth, 148, 284 
Sterner, Robert, 223 
Stephens, Sharon, 284 
Stevens, Jack, 242 
Stevenson, Edwin, 182, 242 
Stewart, Anna, 149, 285 
Stewart, David, 72, 143, 152, 155, 161, 

164, 285 
Stewart, Deborah, 123, 223 
Stewart, Janet, 80, 91, 128, 285 
Stewart, John, 95, 242 
Stewart, Patricia, 82, 123, 242 
Stewart, Robert, 106, 126, 147, 155, 

161, 285 
Stewart, Thomas, 86, 285 
Stewart, Tommie, 223 
Stirling, Pat, 242 
Stock, Bodo, 223 
Stockard, Janet, 152, 208 
Stocked, Margaret, 95, 285 
Stocking, Barbara, 110, 129, 141, 157, 

Stocking, Donna, 110, 285 
Stocking, Joan, 141, 223 
Stone, David, 106, 115, 285 
Stone, Elizabeth, 223 
Stone, Nora, 86, 286 
Stone, James, 185 
Storie, Lynn, 65, 82, 124, 129, 139, 161, 

Stoss, Francine, 65, 82, 84, 122, 123, 

161, 162, 286 
Stoudt, Allen, 190, 223 
Stowers, Donna, 101, 102, 163, 286 
Stratton, Deborah, 285 
Strube, David, 17, 76, 126, 161, 182, 

Strunk, Larry, 138, 242 
Stuart, Carolyn, 131, 155, 161, 242 
Stuber, Bill, 242 

Studer, Kathi, 87, 153, 155, 161, 285 
Sublett, Robert, 223 
Sublett, William, 223 
Summitt, Lucy, 148, 285 

Surber, Thomas, 73, 161, 285, 302 
Sutton, Marian, 242 
Sutton, Susan, 242 
Sutton, Thomas, 223 
Svendsen, Barbara, 87, 128 
Swain, John, 66, 75, 285 
Swarthout, Robert, 180, 223 
Swartz, Chris, 242 
Swearingen, Mary, 242 
Sweeney, Barbara, 285 
Sweigart, Frank, 116, 223 
Sweigart, Robert, 223 
Swicegood, Roberta, 223 
Swim Club, 140, 141 
Sydlowski, Debra, 86, 212 
Sykes, Linda, 148, 285 
Szabo, Peter, 223 
Szlenker, Charles, 223 
Szlenker, John, 285 

Tallent, Glynn, 223 

Talley, Chris, 163, 286 

Tama, Mary, 116, 223 

Tangerose, Suzanne, 123, 128, 242 

Tanner, Stephen, 286 

Tassa, Gerald, 242 

Tate, Richard, 223 

Tau Service Club, 144, 145 

Tawes, James, 115, 286 

Taylor, Edwina, 223 

Taylor, Evelyn (Mrs.), 23 

Taylor, Linda, 223 

Taylor, Michael, 223 

Tennage Republicans, 143 

Tennis, 201 

Tennyson, Lee, 286 

Terry, Phyllis, 85, 223 

Terry, Ruth, 85, 223 

Testerman, Mary, 223 

Thaxter, Richard, 163, 182, 226, 242 

Theodore, Terry, 223 

Theofilos, Mary, 122, 223 

Theofilos, Nicholas, 242 

Thespian Honor Society, 164, 165 

Thiebaud, Kenneth, (Col.), 36, 60 

Thomas, Margaret (Mrs.), 36 

Thomas, John, 223 

Thomas, Noreen, 223 

Thomasson, Lee, 124, 223 

Thompson, Brenda, 286 

Thompson, Park, 147, 286 

Thompson, Robert, 223 

Thompson, Sheila, 287 

Thompson, William, 56, 106, 126, 147, 

161, 286, 309 
Thomson, Suzanne, 87, 286 
Thorman, Jan, 155, 157, 161, 167, 243 
Thurman, Douglas, 108, 150, 243 
Tienken, Judy, 286 
Tikos Math Honor Society 166, 167 
Tillinghast, Daryl, 286 
Tillson, Albert, 132, 286 
Timotheou, Andrea, 242 
Tmgen, Dorothy, 243 
Tippens, Jay, 287 
Tisdale, Chris, 287 
Todd, Bere, 106, 120, 126, 246, 287 
Todd, Karen, 113 
Toler, Kent, 124 

Tolhurst, Jeannette (Mrs.), 36, 64 
Tomhn, Gretchen, 287 
Tomlinson, Edward, 161, 162, 190, 287 
Tomlinson, Jane, 104, 108, 142, 243 
Tompas, Antoinette, 87, 287 
Torregrossa, Antoin, 223 
Tougias, Nancy, 86, 243 
Townsend, James (Mr.), 36, 165 
Townsend, Jamis, 212, 223 
Trabulsi, James, 243 
Tracey, Douglas, 82, 243 
Trainum, Michael, 82, 147, 247, 287 
Travis, Robert, 87, 243 
Tribe, Patricia, 86, 91, 141, 223 
Trogdon, Linda, 153, 155, 157, 161, 167, 

287, 303 
Tropea, Ronald, 223 
Trumbo, Darlene, 243 
Tucker, Donald, 57, 106, 287 
Tucker, Joe, 287 
Tucker, Marilyn, 120 
Tucker, Robert, 223 
Tull, Christopher, 243 
Tully, Anita, 223 
Turner, Gloria, 223 
Turner, James, 223 
Tyler, John, 177, 243 
Tyler, Sharon, 287 


Uhrman, David, 223 
Umbel, David, 223 
Umstott, Martha, 122, 212, 223 
Underwood, Danita, 104 
Unmack, David, 223 
Updike, Loretta, 223 
Unludag, Mufit, 223 
Uy, Mel, 223 

Vailati, Veronica, 120, 223 

Valentine, Jayma, 85, 134, 224 

VanBrocklin, John, 224 

VanCleei, Scott, 80, 190, 243 

VanDoren, Paul, 138, 243 

VanEvera, Joe, 287 

VanEvera, Mary, 243 

VanHorn, Sylvia, 243 

Vankan, Edwin, 243 

VanSkiver, Sally, 87, 137, 224 

Vargas, Julio, 287 

Varsity Letter men's Club, 147 

Vavra, Elaine, 93, 98, 120, 243 

Vawters, Jacquelyn, 224 

Veach, Eleni, 87, 97, 129, 287, 307 

Vice, Miller (Mrs.), 36 

Vincent, Michael, 126, 155, 161, 167, 

Vitols, Vilnis, 177, 243 
Vliet, Arthur, 86, 243 
Vocational Ofiice Training Club, 148 
VonLobstein, Barry, 287 
VonSabler, Viktor, 42, 108, 115, 156, 

Vukasin, Natalija, 224 


Wachtel, Thomas, 59, 288 

Waddell, Harold, 224 

Wade, Kenneth, 243 

Wagner, Dennis, 182, 288 

Wagner, Edith, 243 

Wagner, Ellen, 97, 101, 155, 161, 167, 

Wagner, Paul, 174, 243 
Wagoner, Cheryl, 86, 288 
Wahal, Sushma, 288 
Waikart, Bill, 95, 288 
Waite, George, 224 
Walker, Alan, 224 
Walker, Charles, 243 
Walker, Jack (Mr.), 37, 174 
Walker, Marty, 71, 129, 134, 288, 302 
Wall, Linda, 15, 16, 82, 124, 125, 129, 

Wallace, Michael, 142, 288 
Wallace, Nancy, 134, 224 
Wallen, Gary, 51, 82, 288 
Waller, Mary, 224 
Wellington, Vicki, 93, 212, 224 
Walsh, Amy, 86, 288 
Walsh, Timothy, 111, 243 
Walton, Douglas, 224 
Wands, Katherme, 243 
Warren, John, 190, 243 
Waters, Frances (Mrs.), 37 
Waters, Robert, 243 
Watkins, Elizabeth, 46, 288 
Watkins, Robert, 180, 224 
Watson, Michele, 72, 134, 155, 243 
Watson, Russell, 87, 224 
Weaver, Diane, 80, 97, 132, 153, 155, 

161, 288 
Weaver, Susan, 82, 133, 243 
Weaver, William, 224 
Weaver, William, 62 
Webb, Boyd (Mr.), 21 
Webb, David, 289 
Webb, John, 244 
Webb, Tony, 224 

Webbere, Sandra, 93, 135, 142, 244 
Websr, Katherine, 110, 244 
Weeks, Charlotte (Miss), 37 
Wegner, Paul, 185, 224 
Wegner, William, 289 
Weisiger, Ann, 110, 128, 138, 244 
Welcome Club, 149 
Welden, Thomas, 289 
Welhaf, Nancy, 244 
Wells, James, 244 
Wells, Susan, 122, 142, 224 
Wels, Pamela, 289 
Welsn, Cynthia, 148, 289 
Wendelin, David, 80, 289 
West, Greta, 122, 224 
West, Mary (Mrs.), 37, 157 
West', Michael, 73, 107, 126, 147, 161, 

West, Polly, 144, 156, 157, 161, 167, 

West, Ralph, 86, 289 
Westcott, William, 182, 244 
Westenberger, Fred, 244 
Westhaver, Karen, 244 
Whalen, Mary, 244 
Wharam, Ranklin, 224 
Wheeler, Gary, 185, 224 
Wheram, Frank, 213 
Whetstone, Barbara, 82, 110, 246, 289, 

Whikehart, Drew, 244 
Whipple, Marilyn, 120, 224 
White, Chris, 134, 137 
White, Esther, 113, 289 
White, James, 224 
White, Margaret, 85, 224 
Whitt, Glenn, 244 
Whitten, Mary, 61, 80, 101, 123, 244 

Wick, Janice, 123, 131, 244 

Wickersham, Faye (Mrs.), 37 

Wiken, Arent, 136, 137, 143, 150, 244 

Wilber, William, 86, 126, 212, 224 

Wilkins, Donald, 244 

Wilkins, Dorothy, 289 

Wilkins, Linda, 122, 224 

Wilkins, Thomas, 224 

Wilkinson, Eric, 80 

Wilkinson, Charles, 244 

Wilkinson, Jane, 244 

Wilkinson, Michael, 244 

Willard, John, 244 

Williams, Alan, 180, 224 

Williams, Audrey, 244 

Williams, Gerald, 56 

Williams, Gerald, 289 

Williams, Patricia, 86 

Williams, Sue, 91, 129, 131, 208, 289, 

Williams, Sydney, 86, 244 
Williams, Warren, 106, 289, 308 
Williamson, David, 147, 182, 289 
Williamson, John, 109, 224 
Willingham, Allen, 224 
Willingham, Lucia, 224 
Wilner, Wendy, 244 
Wilson, Adele, 212, 224 
Wilson, Brenda, 86, 122 
Wilson, Carolyn, 82, 125, 244 
Wilson, John, 289 
Wilson, Lester (Mr.), 22 
Wilson, Mark, 290 
Wilson, Mary, 91, 290 
Wilson, Seth, 180, 224 
Winklemann, Douglas, 244 
Winstead, Joseph, 290 
Winter, Thomas, 244 
Winter Track, 191 
Wisdom, Hardy (Mr.), 37 
Wise, Gloria, 244 
Witkeqe, David, 153, 226, 244 
Wittmeier, Laurie, 104, 245 
WLNS, 150 
Wohe, Mary, 113 
Wohlford, Mary, 224 
Wolfe, Bunny, 70, 290, 308 
Wolfe, Mary, 224 
Wolfe, Thomas, 224 
Wolfe, William, 224 
Wood, Patsy, 245 
Wood, Sandra, 290 
Woodbury.Barbara, 86, 122, 224 
Woodbury, Jefferson, 245 
Woodbury, Parris, 174, 185, 224 
Woodfield, Gary, 82, 245 
Woodrow, Brian, 106, 108, 246, 290 
Woods, Stephen, 224 
Woodside, David, 190, 290 
Woodson, Gwynneth, 85, 98, 128, 224 
Woodward, Henry, 245 
Woodward, Tim, 290 
Worth, John, 245 

Wortham, Dale, 106, 161, 167, 290 
Wrestling, Junior Varsity, 185 
Wrestling, Varsity, 182, 183, 184 
Wright, Robert, 56, 107, 126, 147, 150 

Wright, Carla, 129, 226, 290, 305 
Wright, Darlene, 128, 245 
Wright, Galen, 290 
Wright, Holly, 290 
Wright, John, 245 
Wright, Regina, 224 
Wright, Wayne, 245 
Wyatt, Tim (Mr.), 37, 87 
Wynn, Dave, 71, 226, 245 

Yeager, Barbara, 86, 87, 122, 137, 224 

Yeonas, Lynn, 245 

Youman, Robert, 87, 290 

Young, John, 245 

Young, Sally, 224 

Young, Sharon, 245 

Youngblood, John (Mr.), 21 

Yount, Greg, 82 

Yount, Lynnette, 125, 224 

Yurchak, Marlene, 104 

Zell, Gregory, 185, 224 
Zepeda, Rebecca, 148, 290 
Zepeda, Roman, 180, 224 
Zimmer, Beatrice, 245 
Zimmerman, John, 224, 245 
Zimmerman, Muriel (Mrs.), 37 
Zimmerman, Terry, 224 
Zunzer, Joanne, 213, 224 
Zunzer, Taci, 144, 245 
Zylman, Jon, 224 


Adam Clayton Powell speaks at a special press conference 
on the island of Bimini off the Florida coast, his first 
meeting with reporters since he was baned from taking 
his seat in Congress. Wide World Photos. 

U/AU" ft &>£"/... I90i-i96<* 


The Crucifix, a painting of Christ by the 13th Century- 
artist Cimabue, is a tragic memorial to the Florence flood. 
The waters also brought severe damage to many price- 
less renaissance art objects. Wide World Photos. 

The war continues. A soldier moves cautiously across a 
native-built bridge; the 327th Infantry penetrates a jungle 
thicket near Dak To on part of the search and destroy 
operation "Beauregard." Defense Dept. Photo. 

Charred remains of the Apollo I capsule attest to the fire 
in which three astronauts lost their lives. NASA. 

Washington - Lee High School Library 

Arlington, Virginia